The Many Myths Surrounding Divorce

Divorce ranks high on the list of difficult life events. Families are torn apart and are forced to build new futures for themselves. But out of the turmoil, life can begin anew. Parties can grow and thrive once again without the toxic environment of a bad marriage.

We understand the difficulties that you are facing in your divorce. Our family law attorneys have helped many people like you through the myths and realities of divorce. These include the following:

  • We should have a child, then we will not get divorced. No one should ever have a child to save a marriage. The last thing a faltering marriage needs is the added stress of a child.
  • I have children and should stay married for their sake instead of getting divorced. Constant arguing and bickering is bad for children and they may be far better off after divorce. A stable and loving environment without all the drama and hatred that can arise in a loveless marriage is better for children.
  • I will never find anyone again. The fact is that most people do find someone else after a divorce.
  • I will lose my property if I divorce. Your separate property remains yours after a divorce.
  • If we had not lived together prior to our marriage, we would not be getting a divorce. Current thinking is that cohabitation before marrying does not lead to divorce in most cases.

The reality is that divorce is never easy. But with the right legal guidance — from Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. — you can weather the storm.

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