The Smarter Divorce Helps Clients Move Forward Confidently

The Smarter Divorce Helps Clients Move Forward Confidently

For over 25 years, my legal practice — the largest divorce firm on Long Island — has handled thousands of divorces. In that time, I’ve obtained strong results for clients through a variety of methods, including traditional litigation, uncontested divorce, mediation and collaborative divorce. But even though several options exist for ending a marriage, none has completely addressed the needs and concerns that clients have brought to me — until now.

The Smarter Divorce is a seven-step system I’ve developed based on my over 25 years of experience representing New Yorkers in divorce cases. My hope is that it will provide divorcing spouses with the information, control and legal support they need to manage the dissolution process successfully, whether it is concluded in or out of court. To understand how it works, it’s important to understand common, but harmful, beliefs and misconceptions that clients have when they step into my office.

Seven barriers to an effective divorce process

While it’s true that each divorce is unique, most clients seeking to end their marriage share the same concerns. They also, however, share a misunderstanding of how the process works, which leads to these common scenarios:

  • Everybody wants an uncontested divorce, though few understand how one works.
  • People who initially seek an uncontested divorce usually wind up with a contested proceeding.
  • Though mediation sounds appealing, without an enforcement mechanism, it’s often fruitless.
  • Clients want someone to listen to their story, but most of what they discuss has no bearing on their case.
  • Most divorcing spouses don’t understand that judges look at a few narrow factors to make their decisions rather than the full relationship history.
  • Usually, “staying out of court” is a goal, but no framework exists for these types of discussions, and cases can drag on forever without achieving significant progress.
  • Regardless of how frequent and thorough their communications with their attorney might be, people often feel they don’t have sufficient information about, or control over, their case.

The Smarter Divorce seeks to help clients avoid these scenarios by giving them the information they need to make correct decisions.

Seven steps that keep divorce proceedings on the right track

By using the system my firm has created, you can assert your rights effectively while avoiding unnecessary conflict. Moreover, you’ll benefit from lessons learned over many years as you proceed toward a positive resolution following this framework:

  1. Information Exchange
  2. Legal Assessment
  3. Settlement Discussion
  4. Requesting a Judge
  5. Updated Analysis
  6. Guided Settlement Meeting
  7. Settlement Execution or Trial

For over 25 years, I’ve seen clients endure unnecessary costs and heartache because they didn’t possess a true understanding of mediation or uncontested divorce until it was too late. With this program, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to end your marriage in a healthy, positive manner.

Learn more about The Smarter Divorce

If your marriage is ending or even if you just have questions about how a divorce may proceed, the team at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. welcomes the opportunity to expand on these principles and explain how they apply to your situation. Please call 1.631.479.3839 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. My website page on this subject also includes additional details.

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