The Tragedy of Custody Battles: Three-Year Old Dies When Thrown From Building

Attorneys, court personnel and those who have gone through divorce understand the sometimes terribly acrimony and fear felt by parents during the divorce process. A tragedy in December revealed the instability of one father distraught over a conflicted custody matter. 

A native of the Ukraine, Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, lived in Brooklyn and worked as a systems analyst for TIAA-CREF. Just days before Christmas, Mr. Kanarikov was enjoying a visit with his son, 3-year-old Kirill. The visit was the first the father had seen his son in some time because of the custody case between Mr. Kanarikov and his estranged wife, Svetlana. 

When he was due to turn his child over to his wife at a nearby police precinct, Mr. Kanarikov did not arrive. Instead, Mr. Kanarikov took his son, dressed in Christmas pajamas, to the roof of South Park Tower. Police say the father threw the boy off the 52-story building, then jumped himself. The boy landed on a sixth floor ledge; Mr. Kanarikov landed on the roof of a four-story building nearby. Mr. Kanarikov died instantly, and his boy was alive when found but died soon after despite the efforts of rescuers. Mr. Kanarikov left no note.This case amplifies the message that children can be defenseless victims of their parents' psychological instability during divorce. In some cases, limiting the parenting time and custodial freedoms of parents is essential to the safety of children and others involved. 

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