These Tips Can Help Make for a More Successful Second Marriage

These Tips Can Help Make for a More Successful Second Marriage

The statistics don’t lie: second and subsequent marriages are far more likely to end in divorce than first marriages. So what can people marrying for the second time do to minimize the likelihood of another divorce?

The following are a few tips from relationship experts:

  • Take it slow: Too many second marriages fail because people rush into the marriage without taking time to spend some time alone and then truly get to know their new partner. Take plenty of time to clearly identify what it is you want out of a partner.
  • Set your expectations realistically: It’s common for people in second marriages to have unrealistic expectations or views of their partner as a person who is truly “the one” who will make up for their failed marriage the first time around. You must be realistic with your expectations of any relationship.
  • Be willing to compromise: It’s easier as we get older to feel as though compromising is actually giving up what we want — or giving control of our lives to another person. In reality, no matter how old you are, compromise is a cornerstone of a strong relationship. You cannot hope to succeed in your second marriage if you do not compromise.
  • Be upfront about your baggage: Your partner should know about all the baggage you are bringing into the new relationship, and there should be realistic expectations related to how you will be able to overcome this baggage together. If both of you are coming from failed first marriages, this is especially important.
  • Don’t let your past marriage dictate your new one: When disagreements or arguments occur, it’s all too easy to react based on things that happened in your previous relationship. Instead, you must react based on present circumstances. Doing otherwise is unfair to your current partner.

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