Tips for Communicating with Your Spouse During Divorce

Tips for Communicating with Your Spouse During Divorce

It’s understandable if you would prefer to completely avoid your spouse while you are going through your divorce. However, there will be some situations in which at least a little communication is necessary.

The following are some tips to help you make communication as effective and painless as possible.

  • Time your communication right: Avoid speaking with your spouse if you’re highly upset about something. This is a recipe for disaster, as you’re already in an emotionally compromised state and speaking to your spouse could set you off even more. Wait until you’ve calmed down and are in a state of mind in which you can be measured and objective.
  • Don’t worry about trivial matters: You do not need to worry about responding to every bit of communication you get from your spouse, especially if it is trivial, abusive or harassing. Instead, make sure you have established parameters for your communications and let your spouse know you will only respond to issues of significance and will do so at your earliest convenience.
  • Get off social media: It is best to completely avoid social media while your divorce is pending. If you must continue using social media, make sure you avoid posting anything about your divorce or your relationship with your spouse. Consider removing your spouse as a friend or follower or block him or her altogether to avoid communication on those platforms.
  • Have clear boundaries: Have rules in place about preferred means of communication. This may include times at which you will respond and the topics to which you will respond.
  • Work with an attorney: If matters degrade between you and your spouse and communication becomes impossible, work with an attorney to have him or her handle necessary communication with your spouse’s legal counsel.

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