Tips for Dating After Divorce

Your divorce is finally over and the possibility of meeting someone new actually sounds appealing. How do you navigate the journey back into a social life? 

Our firm provides strong, experienced legal representation to clients moving from marriage to being single again. We understand the emotional roadblocks our clients face in remembering who they are, doing what is right for their children and considering life with a new partner. 

If you are making your move from married to single, consider these tips on dating after divorce: 

  • Time: Give yourself time to breathe after you split up. If your divorce was bitter, think about counseling to help you recognize emotional barriers that could be counterproductive in an intimate relationship. 
  • Children: If you have children and significant parenting time, the needs and maturity of your family are important to consider. The lives of all children are disturbed upon divorce and part of finding balance is understanding that parents are not getting back together. Slowly introducing the idea of dating is important. If you do meet a special someone, be slow and cautious about the relationship before introducing your new partner to your children. 
  • Transition: The time after a divorce is about transition. Understanding new information, handling life on your own and establishing your own parenting style is essential groundwork to creating a stable life ahead. The first or the tenth person you date may be part of that transition. Take a chance to emotionally stretch and remember the pleasures of life with good human beings. 

A poor marriage is the loneliest place in the world. After divorce in New York, take your time to build the relationships—and the future—that works for you. 

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