Tips for Emailing an Ex During/After Divorce

Tips for Emailing an Ex During/After Divorce

It can be emotionally draining to communicate with your ex during (and after) your divorce. Most attorneys will recommend in particularly contentious relationships that you stick to written messages, like emails, so you can be more deliberate and careful with your word choices.

Here are some tips for more effective and less confrontational email communication with your ex.

  • Stick to the point: Keep your emails brief and limit the number of issues you bring up. The longer the email drags on the less likely it is your spouse will read it in full, which could result in more problems popping up in your divorce.
  • Set up simple answers: If you have questions for your ex, try to set them up in a way that will allow possible yes or no answers, or at least very short answers if a yes or no situation isn’t possible. Your ex might want to communicate as little as possible, and allowing for these short, simple answers can make communication more efficient in such a case.
  • Don’t bring in other people: Don’t CC anyone else on the emails other than maybe your attorney in some circumstances. Bringing in other people will make drama more likely to happen, as you’ll be airing your dirty laundry for people outside of your relationship to see.
  • Be professional: Assume the email will be taken in the worst way possible, and adjust your language accordingly. Be as neutral and professional as you can, and always try to end on a positive note, even if it pains you to do so.
  • Don’t use email for emergencies: If an issue requires an immediate response, you should use a medium other than email for the communication. Otherwise, you should give at least 24 to 72 hours to allow your spouse to respond.

For more information about effective email communication with an ex during or after a divorce, contact an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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