Tips for Introducing a New Partner to Your Children

Tips for Introducing a New Partner to Your Children

At some point after your divorce you may find yourself ready to begin dating once again. But when you have kids, this prospect can be a bit dicey. What do you tell your children about your relationship, and more importantly, when and how do you finally make the introduction?

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind.

  • Make sure the time is right: Kids need plenty of time to adjust to their new life after your divorce. You absolutely cannot rush bringing in a new partner into their lives. This means if you’re dating someone casually, you need to wait until it becomes a very serious relationship before you even consider making the adjustment.
  • Expect resentment: It is completely normal for children to harbor some resentment about a new partner. They could view them as a rival for your affection. They might also look at it as you trying to replace their other parent. Don’t expect your children to have the same warm feelings for your partner that you do right off the bat.
  • Make sure it’s a good fit: Even if you have great chemistry with your new partner, you have your entire family to think about. Is this someone who can actually be a good fit with your family?
  • Reassure your children: Make sure your children know how much you love them, and that they will always be your top priority. Spend plenty of time with them to show them this—don’t just tell them.
  • Get them involved: When the time comes to finally make the introduction, get your kids involved with planning how they’ll meet them and if there are any activities they’d like to do. Consider making the introduction in a neutral location rather than your home, so they’re not encroaching on your children’s turf.

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