Tips for Telling Your Partner You Want a Divorce

Tips for Telling Your Partner You Want a Divorce

There’s no escaping the emotional turbulence brought forth during the divorce process. However, there are strategies you can employ to make the process go smoother for all parties involved, and that begins from the time you tell your partner you want to get a divorce.

Below are some tips for having this difficult discussion with your partner.

  • Choose the right time: The conversation should come at a time when you think your partner is emotionally capable of having it. Do not attempt to have the discussion if your partner is already stressed out or emotional. You want to choose a moment when the impact of your decision will not cause as much damage.
  • Choose the right location: Location is almost as important as timing. You should have the discussion in a private place, not out at a restaurant or anywhere else in public. You should also make sure it’s quiet and clear of distractions. If you have the discussion in your home, make sure your children aren’t around. If you’re going through couple’s therapy, the therapist’s office might be a good spot to have the discussion.
  • Do not get into specifics: The time is not right in this early discussion to discuss the details of how you’ll divide parenting time or your assets. This is specifically a conversation about getting divorced and why you’ve made this decision.
  • Do not assign blame: You’ll only make matters worse if you attempt to pin the divorce on your spouse, or assign blame in any way. This means you must be very careful about the language you choose. You should not leave any hope that your marriage can be saved, but you should also avoid being antagonistic in your word choice.
  • Emphasize the mutual benefits: If you have both been unhappy in the relationship, make sure you acknowledge this fact, and emphasize that the divorce will benefit you both in the long run.

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