Using a Divorce Coach to Set and Achieve Goals

Using a Divorce Coach to Set and Achieve Goals

Whether you are the one who wanted to get divorced or you were blindsided by divorce papers from your spouse, you are facing a time filled with intense emotions. Strong feelings can lead you to make decisions that aren’t necessarily the best and can cloud the picture of what post-divorce life will be like. A divorce coach’s advice and guidance can be an invaluable asset during this process.

A divorce coach is not your attorney and does not provide legal advice. Nor is a divorce coach a therapist. This is a notable distinction. Therapists focus on your history, trying to help you understand why your life turned out a certain way or why something happened to you. In this sense, they focus on the past. Divorce coaches, on the other hand, are focused on the present and future. They help you define your priorities and set goals for the life you want to build after your marriage.

You can think of a divorce coach as a mentor, but one with specialized training. Typically, people have sessions with divorce coaches without their attorneys present. Your attorney will be working on legal issues while you’re with your divorce coach getting advice on how to handle a difficult spouse, to explain divorce to children and to deal with other issues you may be experiencing.

As Long Island divorce attorneys, we don’t hesitate to recommend divorce coaching to clients who we believe could benefit from it. Clients who use divorce coaches often experience the following:

  • Acknowledging and overcoming buried feelings of anger, fear and pain caused by the impending divorce
  • Ability to release negative feelings and begin healing
  • Ability to focus on rational, long-term decision-making
  • A sense of empowerment over their futures thanks to clear-minded goalsetting

Successful divorce coaching leaves you in a better place all around. This includes enhancing your ability to work with your attorney, who will need your full participation once the process of divorce begins. Having preset goals and keeping a clear head will greatly help both you and your lawyer.

If you are getting divorced and want to know more about divorce coaching, we would be happy to speak with you and connect you with a proven coach on Long Island. To speak with a lawyer, please call Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. at 1.631.479.3839 or contact us online. Your initial consultation is free.

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