What Can I Do To Get Over My Divorce?

Getting a divorce can leave you emotionally wrung out. Even a divorce that is conducted with little dissension can cause the parties to question their judgment and be filled with remorse. Sadness, grief, anger, and depression are common. One important thing to remember is that many others have experienced exactly what you are feeling.

Some ways to cope with a recent divorce include the following:

  • Face your feelings. A divorce is a death and your relationship is over. It is fine to grieve over the loss of your relationship. The worst thing you can do is to keep these feelings inside. Find someone you trust who will give you the room you need to let out all the sadness, anger and other emotions. Your friends will be an asset to you and will enable you to put the pain in proper perspective.
  • Seek out the counsel and guidance of a professional. While you can reach out to psychiatrists and psychologists, there are other cost-effective ways to find the help you need. Local clergy and municipal or non-profit support groups can provide the assistance you need.
  • Remember to move forward. Do not spend significant amounts of time going over what went wrong or what could have been done differently. Allow yourself a few minutes of mulling time a day and then focus on the present and what you need to do to have a full life.

Remember, your divorce may be final, but you may be able to modify the terms of your decree if your situation changes. A divorce lawyer can advise you on modification of your decree.

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