What Does the Pandemic Mean for Couples? Fewer Marriages, More Divorces

What Does the Pandemic Mean for Couples? Fewer Marriages, More Divorces?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced married and unmarried couples alike to reexamine their relationships, spurring an increase in divorces and a drastic falloff in weddings.

Unmarried couples seem to be questioning the wisdom or desirability of tying the knot. Marriage rates in the United States, which had been on the decline since the 1980s, plunged more steeply when the pandemic hit in 2020, as couples postponed their wedding dates by months, years or indefinitely. At the same time, the pressure of day-to-day life in close proximity to each other may have put a sharper focus on couples’ incompatibility.

Married couples are facing problems that, in normal times, could have easily been swept under the rug as part of the daily grind. With nothing but time for confrontation and communication, many spouses decided to make a tough call, and throughout the pandemic, the phones of divorce lawyers have been ringing off the hook.

Even as the demand for divorce is booming, the recently reopened divorce courts are experiencing massive backlogs and lengthy delays. Furthermore, already-divorced couples are revisiting the courts to seek modifications of alimony, child support and child custody, due to shifts in finances and conflicts about parenting during the pandemic.

Married individuals are consulting with lawyers to discuss how to best proceed. Divorce can be quite expensive, and not every couple who wants one is able to afford it right away. Preparing thoroughly can resolve often-contentious issues like child custody and protecting a business. Divorce attorneys can help clients take realistic stock of their priorities and find creative solutions to disputes through negotiation.

The added pressures on the divorce process brought on by COVID-19 has led divorcing couples to consider settlement negotiations and litigation alternatives, such as collaborative divorce and mediation, to work out their differences outside of court. With the aid of a skilled divorce attorney, these methods can result in significant savings of time and money.

The pandemic has helped some couples communicate better and preserve their relationships. But if you are not among those lucky few, our trusted and accomplished divorce law firm is here to help. At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. in Melville, New York, we pursue the most favorable outcomes for divorcing and separating spouses. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys, call 1.631.479.3839 or contact us online.

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