What is an Order of Protection?

An order of protection, often known colloquially as a restraining order, is a type of legal document that protects you and your property from another person. In the realm of family law, orders of protection are often issued toward ex-spouses who are or have been abusive or who refuse to stay out of the lives of their ex and children after the divorce. 

Orders of protection can have a broad range of stipulations. For example, the subject may be prohibited from calling, emailing or otherwise contacting a person, entering a person’s home, selling marital property, purchasing a firearm and more. 

There are a several types of protective orders. These include: 

  • Emergency orders of protection. This protective order immediately goes into effect and is typically used in situations of domestic violence or when there is an immediate threat to a person’s safety. Police officers can get judges to issue these orders at any time. However, they typically only last for a few days, just long enough to give the person in need of protection the chance to file for a more permanent order of protection.
  • Temporary restraining order. This short-term protective order generally lasts less than a month. Most people use it to give them some time to apply for a permanent restraining order.
  • Permanent restraining order. This is the most common type of protective order. It could last for months or years, and can be renewed or extended as many times as necessary if there is still the danger of harassment or abuse. 

If you need protection from a dangerous situation after a relationship ends, work with a dedicated family law attorney at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates for assistance with securing protection orders.

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