What Should I Bring When Meeting With a Divorce Lawyer for the First Time?

As you consider potential attorneys to represent you in your divorce, you’ll sit down with each candidate for an initial consultation. These meetings are very important, as they give you an idea of the way an attorney works, what he or she thinks of your case and how qualified he or she is to handle it. In a consultation, the lawyer is interviewing you as well, and deciding whether to take your case based on the way you present yourself as a potential client, so it is crucial that you arrive prepared.

Here are some things you should bring to an initial consultation with a divorce attorney:

  • Your story — Be able to summarize your background, your reason(s) for divorcing and the issues you anticipate to arise in your divorce
  • Your wishes — Try to go in with a preliminary idea of what you want the outcome of your divorce to be in terms of child custody, property and other issues
  • Your financial details — Bring a packet of important documents that describe your financial circumstances. You should include income tax returns for the previous several years, pay stubs or proof of income for you and your spouse (if possible), evidence/inventory of all real estate and other valuable property, statements for all bank, investment and retirement accounts and a copy of your and your spouse’s estate plans or other relevant contracts.
  • A copy of your prenuptial agreement, if one exists.
  • Questions — A list of any questions or concerns you have for your attorney regarding your divorce or divorce in general.

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