What States Have the Highest Divorce Rate?

Is the divorce rate on the decline? Given the nature of the current economy, are more couples finding it easier to stay together than pay for multiple residences? Actually, in New York State, the divorce rate is on the rise. However, many attorneys attribute the increase to the passing of the no-fault divorce law.

Prior to the passing of this law, couples in New York had to separate for one year before being able to divorce. Now, under the no-fault divorce law, couples can terminate their marriage within six months after deciding their union has irretrievably broken down. However, New York does not have the highest divorce rate―not by a long shot.

Below is a list of states that have the highest rate of divorce in the country:

  • OklahomaOklahoma ranks in at number one. According to the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative, 32 percent of every marriage in the state ends in divorce.
  • ArkansasMany attribute the high rate of divorce in the state of Arkansas to the incredibly high poverty rate.
  • AlaskaWhile Alaska has an impressive median household income, it is ranked number three on the list of states with the highest rate of divorce.
  • AlabamaThe high rate of divorce in Alabama can be attributed to the fact that the state still has common-law marriage. This means that if a couple lives together and consummates their marriage, they may be considered legally married and must therefore file for a divorce if they wish to separate.

If you live in New York and face the unfortunate dissolution of your marriage, you need tough, compassionate legal representation.

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