What to Know About Hiring a Private Investigator for Your Divorce

What to Know About Hiring a Private Investigator for Your Divorce

Sometimes, a severe lack of trust between two people can make the discovery process in a divorce much more difficult than it otherwise needs to be. The use of a private investigator can help discover missing assets or identify risky or dangerous behavior that could impact the decisions made in your divorce.

Before you decide to hire a private investigator, first speak with your attorney. Legal counsel will be able to tell you whether an investigator will actually help your case and make recommendations about the professional to hire, if necessary.

How a private investigator can be beneficial

Below are just a few ways you can benefit from a private investigator:

  • Impact on settlements: Although private investigators cannot guarantee you’ll get a specific award in your case, their work can have an impact on your settlement. If you are able to prove the actions of your spouse caused your relationship’s demise or that your spouse recklessly wasted marital funds, you could come away with a better divorce settlement.
  • Proof of actions: Private investigators offer you hard proof of your spouse’s actions that you might not otherwise get. They use state-approved methods for analyzing a person’s actions and spending habits.
  • Location of missing assets: Private investigators can help you find missing assets, determine whether your spouse purposefully reduced his or her income or locate untraceable cash payments made instead of standard paychecks.

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