What Types of Documents Do I Likely Need to Bring to My First Meeting with My Divorce Attorney?

Your divorce lawyer is there to help you through the divorce process. To assist you, your attorney needs to obtain a full picture of your situation. Why you want a divorce, what you expect out of one, and a snapshot of your financial situation are key to helping your lawyer understand how best to advise you on moving forward with your divorce. Before you meet with your lawyer, ask yourself some questions and examine your situation.

Your first meeting with your attorney will serve to flesh out your situation. Your lawyer will ask questions to obtain an understanding of your case. You need to express your intentions and answer honestly.

You should bring the following with you to help your lawyer understand and prepare your case:

  • Your contact information, including home and work addresses and phone numbers
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Pay stubs
  • Loan information, including any car loans
  • Tax returns
  • Information on mortgages
  • Any prenuptial agreement
  • Bank account numbers and statements
  • Adoption decrees, if any children are adopted
  • Credit card statements
  • Deeds of properties
  • Pension information
  • Trust information
  • A list of extremely valuable assets, such as art or jewelry

Your lawyer may request you bring other documentation, depending on your circumstances. Gathering this information and providing it to your attorney saves time in preparing your case and is a cost-effective measure.

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