When is This Divorce Going to Be Over?!?!

When is This Divorce Going to Be Over

Over the last two decades I have handled hundreds of cases that have come to me from other law firms. Predominantly, these clients transferred to my firm because they are frustrated and do not know exactly where they are in the divorce process and why it's not resolving. We have copyrighted a published work which details the seven steps to a divorce, and we call it "The Smarter Divorce©". Our seven-step process tells our clients, at all times, what step they are on in this difficult time. They will know whether they are on step two when they're on step five when they are offered a settlement or when they are thinking about making reasonable or unreasonable demands.

Lawyers are paid by the hour. Our firm serves clients and our copyrighted “The Smarter Divorce©” guide moves clients through the divorce process quicker; with less expense; and with full knowledge of where they are in the process. Do not be mistaken, The Smarter Divorce© process is well-suited for the most complex financial or custody trials. No case and no fact pattern is too big or too small for The Smarter Divorce© and if you do not know where you are in your divorce, you may be well served by The Smarter Divorce© process.

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