Where to Turn to for Support When Facing Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce, you may be facing the most intensely stressful period of your entire life. You may be worried about everything you need to sort out, how you will manage your finances and how your children will handle it all — among other concerns. By leaning on your support systems, however, you can make this entire process a little easier and reduce the amount of stress you experience.

Each person’s support system is different, but there are a few common components. You may find yourself turning to the following:

  • Family members: This may include your parents, siblings, grandparents and other relatives, but not your children. If you have a positive relationship with your family, you should be able to talk to them when you’re feeling down or stressed out.
  • Friends: If you have friends who have been divorced or have dealt with relationship problems in the past, they will likely understand what you’re going through and help you realize that there’s an end in sight.
  • Support groups: There are numerous support groups out there that help people dealing with serious life changes, such as divorce. They may allow you to meet new friends and gain the emotional support you need during a vulnerable time in your life.
  • Therapist or coach: If you are dealing with serious mental or emotional issues related to your divorce, you may consider seeking professional help. There are therapists and life coaches who specialize in assisting individuals with divorce-related challenges.
  • Activities you enjoy: Your support system may go beyond other people and include activities like working out, taking long walks, getting a massage or just taking an evening to relax and watch a movie. Whatever it is you want to do, taking some time for yourself can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

As you move through the divorce process, be sure to work with a knowledgeable attorney who keeps you informed at all times. Speak with a Nassau County divorce lawyer at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates today.

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