Who is Most Likely to Get Divorced in America?


The idea that half of all marriages end in divorce is a complete myth, as you may know. The truth is that the divorce rate peaked in the 1970s and has been declining steadily ever since. However, according to some recent research published in the Washington Post, there are certain groups and demographics that tend to have much higher divorce rates than others.

The following is some insight from this study into who is most likely to get divorced or married more than once in the United States.

  • Education: People who have received at least a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university are significantly less likely to get divorced than people who have a high school education or less. People who have post-baccalaureate education split the difference, with women more likely to get divorced than women with bachelor’s degrees, but men with advanced degrees less likely to get divorced than men with bachelor’s degrees.
  • Race or origin: The study took a close look at which races were most likely to get divorced at least once. Native Americans had the highest divorce rate (45 percent for men, 44 for women), followed by African Americans (42 percent for men and women), Caucasians (38 percent women, 36 percent men), Hispanic (30 percent women, 27 percent men) and Asian (18 percent women, 16 percent men).
  • Employment status: People who are employed (38 percent women, 32 percent men) are less likely than people who are unemployed (44 percent each) to have gone through a divorce or had more than one marriage.

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