Who’s Your Divorce Lawyer?

Who's Your Divorce Lawyer?

For over 25 years I've been practicing divorce in Long Island and it amazes me that grown men and women hand moderately complex cases to attorneys who are less accomplished than the client. Owners of small businesses hire attorneys who have no real experience in business; finances; real estate and the long-term effects of the divorce process and a judgment of divorce. It amazes me that successful people hire moderately successful lawyers to deal with their assets. If you have more knowledge as to finances, business, and real estate then your divorce lawyer, you may be in a significant disadvantage. If your spouse's attorney has more business sense, financial knowledge and real estate expertise than your divorce lawyer, you may not be well served during divorce. It has always been common sense to me to seek out a professional who is at the top of his or her game and leading the field. There are many middle-class families who for whatever reason, are seeking something else would you not believe that they can hire the lawyer who is leading the field. This causes me frustration as our firm has more full-time divorce lawyers than any other firm in our County and our rates are under $345 an hour. Furthermore, our firm has resolved thousands of divorces that dealt with small and large businesses; financial issues, and property issues. Clearly, if your business is more successful than your attorneys, you may wish to change attorneys. Especially if your attorney is charging more, per hour, with less experience than our firm. No-fault divorce has eliminated much of the divorce lawyer's ability to litigate about divorce, itself. Divorces are not no-fault, so there is litigation only about children, support, and property. The divorce is already resolved. Therefore, divorce lawyers are best used with respect to those issues alone and support is a statutory formula so the division of assets, for those who have assets, becomes extremely important. That being said, it is important to hire a law firm that has vast experience with assets and understands property, finances, financial vehicles, and investments. We have handled very complex cases and we offer free consultations and a reasonable rate.

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