Changing Your Divorce and Family Law Attorney on Long Island

Making the transition to improve your chances in New York Family Court

Because of their discontent with the pace of proceedings, a passive strategy or simply a failure to communicate, parties often decide to change attorneys in the middle of a divorce. Courts do not hold this against parties who shake up their representation. On the contrary, when a case has reached an impasse, courts usually welcome the new attorney's insights, initiative and arguments. For more than 25 years, attorneys from Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. have been able to step into ongoing divorce and family law cases and introduce a sense of urgency that leads to a swift and successful settlement.

If you're unhappy now, wait 'til your divorce is final!

You've got too much riding on your attorney's performance to wait around hoping for better results. If your case is not going your way, if you and your counselor are not clicking or if something just feels amiss, you have the right to change your attorney. If you decide to take that step, please consider Salamone & Associates. We estimate that in any given year, roughly 15 percent of our clients come from other attorneys who have not made them happy. If your attorney is not returning your calls, you're welcome to call us.

Our policy: return all calls the same day

The number one complaint clients have against their attorneys is that they can't get them on the phone, and they don't return phone calls. In that regard, our policy is zero tolerance. So, if you try calling an attorney at Salamone & Associates, and he or she does not return your calls, that attorney will be fired. We have the staff and the resources to attend to your personal needs and to prosecute or defend your matter to your satisfaction. We are aggressive, and we have the experience to handle your matter. We can certainly handle the simple task of returning your call.

How easy is it to change divorce attorneys?

If you would like to change to our firm, simply come to our office, and we will do the following:

  • Contact your prior attorney
  • Get the balance of any unearned fees from your prior attorney sent to you
  • Have your file delivered to us

Paying a second retainer is a major obstacle for some clients who want to make the switch. We accommodate our clients by accepting a low, minimum retainer. And, we try to obtain the refund of any unearned payments you've made to your prior attorney. We even get your case file directly from your prior attorney so you do not have to speak to that attorney again. We contact the court and the adversary. There is nothing for you to do but come to our office and sign the Consent to Change Attorney form. We make it a smooth transition for all. Prior attorneys are rarely upset about a client's decision to make a change. It is business. It is a personal choice.

Make the switch for aggressive representation in your Long Island divorce

If an attorney is not making you happy, if the attorney is not returning your calls or if you are not being given the attention you deserve, change to Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. now. Contact us online or call us at 1.631.479.3839.