Billionaire Could Face Monthly Child Support Payments of $1 Million

In what could become one of the biggest divorce settlements ever, multibillionaire hedge fund owner Ken Griffin could be responsible for making monthly child support payments of approximately $1 million. The huge amount of money includes funding for private jet trips and lavish vacations, according to information from the court documents filed in Illinois.

Griffin originally filed for divorce from his wife Anne in 2014 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. They had been married for 11 years and have three children (ages two, four and seven).

Illinois law dictates that children of parents who are divorced are entitled to continue living the same lifestyle they had during the marriage, and Anne Griffin took full advantage of that stipulation. Some of her reported monthly costs for raising the children include $14,000 for food, $2,000 for stationery, $300,000 for the use of a private jet owned by the family and $160,000 for vacations. Additionally, her attorney is asking a judge to declare her prenuptial agreement void, claiming that she only signed it under duress.

Ken Griffin has protested these figures, saying that he already pays for all of the expenses that the family has and that his wife is using the children as a way to continue funding her own lavish lifestyle.

Also included in the marital property: five homes, two private jets, a full household staff and round-the-clock security detail for their children. With the amount of money at stake, it could be a landmark case for divorce.

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