Long Island’s Largest Family Law Firm Handles Divorce Your Way

Attorneys serving Nassau and Suffolk counties help divorcing spouses achieve positive resolutions

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. welcomes clients who demand excellence. If you’re seeking a swift, inexpensive divorce from a cooperative spouse, we can ease you comfortably into the express lane. Our experience winning strong results in highly contested marriage dissolution cases encourages meaningful negotiations and serves as insurance for our clients if a fair settlement cannot be reached. Regardless of the forum, we approach matters of property and child custody by focusing on our clients’ well-being during the divorce process and long after the marriage has been dissolved. Located in the heart of Long Island, our Melville firm features seasoned attorneys who thrive on helping clients achieve their goals.

An accomplished law firm that has the resources to meet your divorce needs

After 25 years of practice, we've earned a reputation for delivering effective solutions to simple and complex family law matters. For clients seeking a simple divorce solution, we answer all your questions about how to file for divorce and how much a divorce costs. If you’re wondering how to get a low-cost divorce or a fast divorce, we can give you reliable advice on strategic planning. There are various methods of settling a divorce out of court, including mediation, that can help you move forward promptly and with less hassle. Should you and your spouse agree on key issues, we carefully guide you through the uncontested divorce process, making sure that you understand how long an uncontested divorce takes and how much it might costCouples without children generally have an easier time dissolving their marriage, but when spouses cooperate, we can expedite any divorce, delivering positive results in limited time and at a low cost.

Despite your best efforts, a straightforward marriage dissolution process might not be possible. If a complex divorce is necessary to obtain a fair outcome, we are accomplished trial lawyers who can protect your interests in litigation concerning difficult child custody and property issues. If you are concerned about your children’s future, we can explain the pros and cons of full versus shared custody, advise you on what you might need to show in order to gain full custody and explain how custody influences child support obligations. We can even represent you in matters related to Child Protective Services.

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