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Avoid These Common Mistakes with Your Divorce Settlement

Most divorce cases do not go to trial. Instead, they are entirely settled at the negotiation table. The settlement process gives you a lot more control over the outcome of your divorce. While this has some clear benefits, it also means there is much more room for error. Below are a few common mistakes you… Read More »

Who is Entitled to the Wedding Rings After a Divorce?

Even after a divorce, wedding rings can still carry deep meaning for you and your former spouse. In fact, there could be some question as to who is entitled to the rings after a divorce. In addition, if you were only married for a short time, the engagement and wedding rings may have some significant… Read More »

Tips for Selling Your Home After a Divorce

If neither spouse wishes to remain in the family home after a divorce is finalized, or if neither spouse is financially able to buy the other out, you may put the property on the market. Before the sale can proceed, you will must pay off the mortgage, equity lines and brokers’ fees, along with applicable… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions on Paying a Child’s Tuition After Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce and have children who are either attending or preparing to enter college, you might wonder how you will handle tuition and other college-related expenses in your post-divorce life. The following are answers to a few of the most common questions we receive on this issue: Q: Are divorced parents… Read More »

Why You Might Consider a Lump Sum Payment Instead of Periodic Alimony

There’s a chance you could be awarded alimony as a part of your divorce settlement. In this arrangement, you may have a choice between getting an upfront lump sum payment periodic payments spread out over time, especially if that alimony arrangement will be a short-term one. Although most people have periodic alimony arrangements, there are… Read More »

Assets You Might Forget to Consider in Your Divorce

As you work through your divorce settlement, it’s understandable if most of your focus gets placed on child support and custody arrangements, alimony and major assets like houses, cars and retirement accounts. However, as you negotiate your settlement, make sure you are considering all your assets. There are a few that often go unconsidered in… Read More »

Factors that Could Lead to an Invalid Prenup

Although U.S. divorce rates have been in decline in the new millennium, many people still find it advisable or beneficial to create prenuptial agreements that protect their interests and assets in case a divorce happens. It’s true that prenups can be useful agreements to protect people from the harmful fallout of a divorce. However, certain… Read More »

Important Things to Know About Taxes After Divorce

One of the most important tasks to complete when going through a divorce is planning for your financial future. A part of this is determining your tax outlook after the divorce is finalized. Paying taxes is always at least somewhat complicated, but a divorce can make matters even more difficult. However, with the help of… Read More »

A Look at Divorce Statistics by Generation

U.S. divorce rates have risen and fallen over the past several decades. During that time, each generation has had its own approach to divorce. The divorce rate peaked during the late 1970s and early 1980s, but ever since it has been on a steady decline. However, the number of new marriages that fail is still… Read More »

How the Discovery Phase Works in a Divorce

During a divorce, both spouses must be completely open and honest about the assets they own — and the value of those assets. However, trust issues are common for people going through a divorce, and some may have a hard time being certain they are truly getting a fair share of the settlement. This is… Read More »