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Is Reunification Therapy an Effective Antidote to Parental Alienation?

Fathers and mothers who have been the victims of parental alienation often feel frustrated in their attempts to restore their relationships with their children. When your co-parent has been filling your child’s head with negative, untrue comments about you, there might not be any easy answers. When you desperately try to reverse the damage that… Read More »

How Couples Can Argue Without Ending Up Divorced

Every marriage has its rough points, and all couples have disagreements least occasionally. It is how couples work their way through those arguments that determine the long-term health and viability of a relationship. Ultimately, spouses who frequently argue in unhealthy ways tend to get divorced at higher rates. How can couples argue without it leading… Read More »

These Tips Can Help Make for a More Successful Second Marriage

The statistics don’t lie: second and subsequent marriages are far more likely to end in divorce than first marriages. So what can people marrying for the second time do to minimize the likelihood of another divorce? The following are a few tips from relationship experts: Take it slow: Too many second marriages fail because people… Read More »

Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together: Work Out With Your Partner

In the last 20 years I have noticed trends in divorce cases as well as “red flags” that have led happily married couples to become unhappy, and ultimately move towards divorce. One of these trends, or behaviors, is fitness and exercise routines that are not shared in common between married couples. It stands to logic… Read More »

Internet in the Bedroom

For over twenty years the internet has been blamed for breaking up marriages. Why not bring the internet into the bedroom? The United Kingdom publication “The Register”, reported on November 15, 2002 that over 80% of divorce lawyers in an annual conference in Chicago said the internet has played a significant role in the divorces… Read More »