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NYC Court Opens the Door to Establishing Family Law Rights for Polyamorous Partners 

Chang es in society and culture are typically followed by responsive changes in the law. This occurred, for example, when New York and other states legalized same-sex marriage. Eventually, in 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court made marriage equality the law of the land. Now, a ruling from a New York City court has raised questions… Read More »

Wait, Cohabitate, Negotiate: The Millennial Approach to Marriage

The oldest Millennials are now older than 40 years old, and even the youngest members of this generation have entered their late twenties. With these Americans now well into the typical marrying years, we have a good idea regarding their approach to the institution of marriage. Trends in millennial marriage reflect other societal changes and… Read More »

Homogamy Nation: High-earning Individuals Frequently Marry Each Other

Technology and travel have broadened people’s horizons over the past few decades, but when it comes to marriage, most people still opt for someone very similar to themselves. Changes in American life over the past few decades have increased the frequency of marriages between high-earning individuals. Sometimes referred to as “homogamy,” the phenomenon of people… Read More »

How Do You Get an Order of Protection During the Pandemic?

Domestic violence incidents rose earlier in the pandemic as stay-at-home orders went into effect and people were closely confined. Today, while COVID-19 restrictions on movement are hopefully on the decline, domestic abuse remains a problem and victims need to be protected. If a family member or a current or former intimate partner is abusing or… Read More »

What You Should Know if You Want to Use a Surrogate in New York

For many years, New York was behind the times when it came to recognizing the nontraditional ways in which people have children. The practice of paid surrogacy was banned. But on February 15, 2021, landmark legislation went into effect that allows couples and individuals to have a child by a surrogate they legally hire for… Read More »

How Divorce Can Impact Children’s School Performance

For as difficult as the divorce process can be emotionally for the people going through it, it can be just as difficult for children, who do not have the emotional maturity to fully understand why it’s happening and how it will affect their lives moving forward. It’s not uncommon for the emotional trauma of divorce… Read More »

More Divorces Than Usual Happening During This Holiday Season

Divorce courts generally quiet down over the holidays before a boom early in the new year. This year, however, is shaping up to be the busiest holiday season ever for many divorce lawyers and courts across the country. Most legal experts attribute this to the ongoing stress and anxiety placed on relationships during the COVID-19… Read More »

Why You Need to Be Fully Aware of Your Spouse’s Financial Position

Although much of American life and culture is dominated by the almighty dollar, money often remains a taboo conversation topic. People get uncomfortable if the subject gets brought up, and it turns out that this hesitance to talk about money even extends to spouses. Only 60 percent of women and 52 percent of men inform… Read More »

What Happens When You Get Divorced and the House Is Not in Both Your Names?

In most divorces, marital property is held in the name of one or both spouses. This often makes property division a relatively straightforward albeit sometimes contentious process. In recent years, however, a growing number of New York divorces involve property — specifically marital homes — that are held in the name of third parties. How… Read More »

Your Ex’s Family Has Money. Will You Still Need to Pay Alimony?

A common question that comes up in family law practice is what happens when someone who comes from a modest background “marries into money” and then gets divorced. Specifically, if one spouse comes from a rich family, does that mean that he or she will never be entitled to alimony payments? While your soon-to-be ex’s… Read More »