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Ex-Husband of Wendy Williams Seeking Past Due Alimony

Circumstances can change dramatically relatively quickly after a divorce is finalized. A major or even life-changing event can occur that makes it difficult for an ex-spouse to comply with the terms of their order. This can lead to additional litigation to determine if divorce arrangements should be enforced or modified.  As a popular talk-show host,… Read More »

New York Legislature Might Repeal Law Making Adultery a Crime

Over the centuries, thousands of laws have been put on the books in New York State, reflecting the priorities of the time they were passed. While some of these strictures remain highly relevant, others no longer fit the culture. With so much other business to attend to, legislators frequently don’t make the effort to repeal… Read More »

Quick Golden Bachelor Divorce Shows Even Older Couples Can Decide They’re Better off Single

No one is too old to fall in love. Likewise, no one is too old to realize shortly after getting married that they’ve made a mistake and would be happier being single again. Even in situations where one spouse bested other suitors for their partner’s hand in marriage, sometimes the relationship just does not work…. Read More »

Telltale Signs that it Might Be Time for a Divorce

While some spouses decide to seek a divorce right after a dramatic confrontation, usually husbands and wives gradually reach the conclusion that they will be happier if their marriage ends. Often, people spend years going through the motions because they don’t want to take the first step or hope against hope that their relationship will… Read More »

Dealing with Uncomfortable Questions About Your Divorce

Even when you’re convinced that getting a divorce is the right choice, it can be difficult to face inquiries from people about your situation. Some questions asked of divorcing spouses are well-meaning but awkward while others are pretty rude. As the people in your life learn that your marriage is ending, you might want develop… Read More »

Is Divorce Contagious Within a Group of Friends or Family Members?

At one time or another, you might have felt that “everyone” around you was getting divorced. Though that might not have been literally true, most of us experience a period of time when an unusual number of friends or family members seem to be ending their marriages at the same time. Is it just a… Read More »

Combining a Divorce with a Career Change

  Divorce is a major life transition that can seem overwhelming. The same can be said about a career change. With that in mind, you might be hesitant to find a new line of work at the same time as you’re ending your marriage, but there are ways that you can successfully combine the two… Read More »

Momoa and Bonet Reach Divorce Settlement One Day After Filing

Long, drawn-out divorces usually make a tough situation worse for everyone involved. Lengthy litigation can be particularly difficult for spouses who have minor children or whose divorce is receiving a lot of attention from outsiders. Fortunately, spouses often have the ability to shorten the marriage dissolution process significantly. One celebrity couple recently showed how even… Read More »

Tips on Purchasing a New Home While You’re Going Through Your Divorce

For many, divorce is not just the end of a marital relationship, but also a departure from the home where they lived for many years. Some divorcing spouses who do not receive possession of the marital home choose to rent an apartment or house while they go through this major transition. However, it often makes… Read More »

Appellate Division Rules That Property Division in a Same-Sex Divorce Can Cover Assets Acquired Prior to the Marriage Equality Law

Though it took until 2011 for New York State to recognize same-sex marriages, many LGBT couples lived together in committed relationships long before that. Some of these couples chose to marry in religious ceremonies or other types of proceedings despite the fact that their union was not yet granted legal status. A recent divorce case… Read More »