Long Island Divorce Attorneys

The attorneys at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. are entirely devoted to helping clients through divorce and family law issues. They are equally skilled in aggressive settlement negotiation and litigation to fight for the client's rights in court. From a simple no-fault divorce to a complex dissolution involving a complicated custody battle, extensive property valuation, or finding hidden assets, the firm's 11 attorneys stand ready to offer:

  • Aggressive representation — We share your urgency and press opposing parties for swift, fair resolutions
  • Personal attention — Our attorneys make a personal investment in your success
  • Skilled litigation — Our attorneys have the tools to win at trial and on appeal
  • Authoritative advice — If major media outlets ask our opinion, shouldn't you?
  • Free consultation — So you can choose your attorney carefully
  • Very reasonable rates — You don't have to pay more to get the best!

Our team effort ensures personal attention and frequent communication

Bryan L. Salamone's Long Island law firm has helped thousands of divorce, child custody, child support and family law clients. As a client, you are assigned a team of attorneys, paralegals, and others, as needed, to ensure your case is always handled, your deadlines met, and your phone calls answered. Your calls are always returned the same day.

Bryan L. Salamone
Bryan L. Salamone, Esq.Bryan L. Salamone, Esq. has successfully represented thousands of clients in matrimonial and family law cases. He is a seasoned trial attorney who is well-known for his aggressive courtroom style. Mr. Salamone was voted best on Long Island.

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