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The Most Common Warning Signs Pointing to Divorce

Over the years, social scientists have done a significant amount of research into the factors that are most likely to end a marriage. While it’s impossible to say for sure whether a couple will end up divorced or not, there are certainly some traits of a relationship that could raise red flags. The following are… Read More »

Does Your Divorce Lawyer Care?

Too often, lawyers see divorce as a cut-and-dry legal matter with an outcome defined by each spouse’s gains and losses. But divorce, like marriage, isn’t just about signing a piece of paper and changing your tax filing status. It’s between two people with real emotions, wants, needs and concerns. A divorce attorney who is just… Read More »

Finances Can Be a Predictor of Divorce

It likely comes as no surprise that a couple’s financial situation can have a large influence on strains in the relationship that could lead to divorce. According to a survey by SunTrust Bank, money is the leading cause of stress in relationships, with 35 percent of people surveyed naming finances as their chief source of… Read More »

What Do States with the Lowest Divorce Rates Have in Common?

The divorce rate in the United States continues its steady decline, thanks in large part to the Millennial generation, which is getting married later and divorcing in much smaller numbers than its predecessors (especially the Baby Boomers). According the 2017 American Community Survey, the states that have the lowest divorce rates are Hawaii, Illinois, New… Read More »

Taking Up a New Hobby Can Be Great for Your Health Post-Divorce

One of the most common pieces of advice people receive after they’ve gone through a divorce is to use their newly found freedom and free time to get involved in new hobbies. This might seem a bit trite or overly simplistic, but it’s true — both your mental and physical health can benefit from trying… Read More »

Common Post-Divorce Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Your divorce is finalized, and you are officially a single person. Now what? There are plenty of opportunities for you to try new things and explore life as a single person. But just because the legal processes of negotiating and settling your divorce are over does not mean you’re completely in the clear with regard… Read More »

Tips to Help You Reinvent Yourself After a Divorce

Once you have finalized your divorce, it’s time for you to focus on moving forward into your new life. The adjustment can be very difficult for some people — going from living as husband and wife to living as a single person makes for a significant lifestyle change. What steps can you take to move… Read More »

Are You Responsible for Your Partner’s Debts in a Divorce?

Marital debt is a significant factor in any divorce. Debts, like assets, are subject to division as part of the divorce process. But to what extent will you be responsible for your partner’s debts? Marital versus separate debt Before your debts can be divided, they must be categorized as marital or separate, similar to your… Read More »

What Effect Does Infidelity Have on Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce because of adultery, you might be wondering what effect your spouse’s infidelity can have on your divorce. New York is one of a few states that still uses fault-based grounds that can affect a case in various ways, with one of those grounds being adultery. The following are… Read More »

What You Should Know About Dating During a Divorce

One question people commonly have while going through a divorce is whether or not it’s okay for them to begin dating. The simplest answer is that you should wait until your divorce is final, but realistically, this doesn’t always happen. If you do meet someone during your divorce process, it’s important for you to exercise… Read More »