Divorce: A Change of Heart

Of all the causes of divorce, a change of heart is the most common. For one New York businessman, a change of heart means the end of a marriage and a career.

New York hedge fund manager Adam Sender is well known in the art world for his dedication to collecting contemporary art. According to an article in the New York Times, Mr. Sender owns approximately 800 pieces by 139 artists.

Along with a passion for art, over the past 16 years, Mr. Sender built a successful business, Exis Capital Management Fund. In that time, Mr. Sender married his wife of 11 years, Lenore, and built a family.

In May, and for the next 18 months, Mr. Sender has entrusted Sotheby’s to sell the greater part of his art collection. While he intends to keep some pieces, he also plans to make donations to several museum collections. Mr. Sender has filed for divorce and shuttered his business.

Of his life changes, Mr. Sender noted, “I grew up Jewish, but more and more I find myself embracing a Buddhist philosophy.” 

While only 45 years of age, the changes wrought by Mr. Sender suggest some of the turns of life of the Baby Boom generation that include:

  • Review of life purpose and direction
  • Reflection on personal and family relationships
  • Willingness to let go of what is not working and move toward what does

With increased longevity and better health, many middle and older age Americans seek changes that enable them to live out their lives as they wish. The transitions of midlife often take individuals — and families — in opposite directions.

Stated Mr. Sender, “I’m closing this chapter of my life. Hopefully, another will open.” Like many, a change of heart moves Mr. Sender out of a marriage into a not-yet-clear future.

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