Doorbell Cameras Are Catching Cheating Spouses

Doorbell Camera That Can See Who Comes To a Home

Doorbell cameras are more popular than ever. Part of the reason is that this technology has become very inexpensive. However, if a cheating spouse or someone else is caught doing something they should not be doing on a doorstep, it could be very costly. In a very short time, reviewing footage from systems such as Ring, Nest and Blink has become a key part of litigating divorce cases and other legal matters.

Some of the ways in which the prevalence of doorbell cameras have changed divorce law practice include:

  • Catching cheaters — When a divorce involves allegations of marital infidelity, video from a Ring camera or a similar device might be a strong indication that someone is having an affair. Of course, a situation that looks bad on screen could be misleading. In one case, an attorney for a husband claimed that the shot of him kissing the family’s nanny was an innocent greeting that was not indicative of a romantic relationship.
  • Verifying information — Contested alimony, child support and property division matters are often decided based on the income of each spouse. It is not uncommon for someone to state that they are jobless or broke in order to obtain a better result on a financial issue. If you suspect that your husband or wife is making money when they say they are not, video footage from their neighborhood could provide the evidence you need.
  • Making surveillance more affordable — In complex divorces where spouses have lost trust in each other, some attorneys have recommended surveillance to gain an accurate portrayal of what the other spouse is doing. Traditionally, this required the hiring of a private investigator who might require thousands of dollars for just a few days’ work. With so many doorbell cameras populating American streets, parties might be able to get the information they need at a fraction of the cost.

As technology has transformed our world, your attorney should be aware of the options that might be available to strengthen your case in a contentious divorce. A clip from a doorbell camera, an EZ-Pass record or social media post could be the key to achieving a favorable legal resolution.

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