The Need to Let Go: When Divorce Becomes a Lifestyle

She was a registered nurse and now runs a coupon website. They divorced, and he currently works as a waiter. It should be a short story, but it is not.

Jon and Kate Gosselin have created headlines for the last several years — first as the well-intentioned parents of twins and sextuplets, then as rising television personalities on their own reality television show about their life with eight children. Along the way the paychecks got larger and the strain on their marriage became greater.

In 2009, their decision to split was announced on their television show, and it was followed by divorce and acrimonious claims and accusations that kept the couple in the spotlight. In August 2013, Kate filed a lawsuit in federal court against her ex-husband, making the following claims:

  • Jon illegally obtained emails and other information from Kate by hacking into her computer.
  • A hard drive was stolen from Kate that was used by Jon in the writing of a book about her.
  • The book, cowritten by Jon, was retrieved from publication due to questions concerning the information it contained. 

Kate seeks monetary damages due to damage to her reputation. In his response, Jon denies and explains the allegations.

The couple has repeatedly tangled over accusations in the years following their divorce. While Jon states he currently lives without the Internet and television, Kate continues to work to remain relevant in media circles.

It takes two people to marry, but only one to make an unpleasant divorce. And in some cases, both parties keep disputes running long after their divorce is granted.

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