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Divorcing After Decades: The Complexities of Ending a Long-Term Marriage

The longer a marriage lasts, the greater potential there is for a complex divorce. Over time, personal lives and finances become increasingly intertwined. Consequently, breaking things apart in an equitable manner can be much harder if you’re splitting after a few decades rather than a few years. Even in situations where children are grown, disputes… Read More »

Is a Sleep Divorce a Precursor to the Real Thing?

From scientific surveys to viral TikTok videos, public discussion regarding “sleep divorces” has exploded over the past couple of years. In these arrangements, couples opt to sleep in different rooms despite the fact that they remain happily married. Many spouses who have taken this step say that they are finally getting the rest they need… Read More »

Dividing Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) in a Divorce

In a divorce, assets acquired by either party while they were wed typically become part of the marital estate that must be divided between the parties. Often, questions over who gets the house or car are the most difficult part of the marriage dissolution process. If you’re going through a divorce, you should remember that… Read More »

Married, but Separated, Under the Same Roof: Protecting Your Rights in a de Blasio-type Setup

Despite being out of office for more than two years, former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio got a great deal of attention when he announced his separation from Chirlane McCray, his wife of 29 years. Though breakups among the famous are common, the terms of the de Blasio-McCray split differ from those of… Read More »

Can Inflation Affect Your Alimony Award? 

Alimony, known as maintenance under New York law, is designed to give people who relied on their spouse’s income the chance to meet their financial needs as they transition to single life. Courts consider several factors during an alimony determination, including the paying party’s ability to provide spousal support and the recipient’s needs. Of course,… Read More »

Publisher Claims Ex-Wife Took His Fortune and His Frequent Flyer Miles

When former Simon & Schuster CEO Richard Snyder died in June, he was hailed as a titan of the publishing industry who left the company with annual revenues 50 times higher than they were when he took over. The New Yorker even once referred to Snyder as a “warrior-king.” Unfortunately, his final years were wracked… Read More »

Husband Busted for Hiding $500K in Crypto During New York Divorce

Regardless of fluctuations in the overall market, many Americans have substantial assets invested in blockchain coins and other forms of cryptocurrency. This means that spouses going through a divorce and their attorneys must review whether any cryptocurrency is part of the divisible marital estate. Unlike other types of assets, crypto can be difficult to locate,… Read More »

Protecting Your Retirement is Critical in a “Gray Divorce”

Often referred to as “gray divorce,” a great deal of attention has been given to the phenomenon where couples choose to end a long-term marriage, typically after their children are grown and no longer live in the family home. A Census Department report says that more than one-third of Americans who get divorced are 55… Read More »

Reasons You Might Want a Postnuptial Agreement

Negotiating a prenuptial agreement has become an increasingly common part of the pre-wedding process. More than ever, both parties go into a marriage with substantial financial assets that they want to preserve in the event of a divorce. And while prospective spouses never plan to break up, the stigma associated with divorce has lessened over… Read More »

New York Designer Jailed in Texas for Failing to Pay $390K in Child Support

From the outside, Fred Castleberry’s story might seem like the embodiment of the American Dream. He went from a being a divorced Texas wedding photographer to a fashion industry star, living in Park Slope, working for designers such as Ralph Lauren and making television appearances. Eventually, he started his own company, F.E. Castleberry, where he… Read More »