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Changes in Your Life Can Prompt Changes to Your Divorce Agreement

A divorce ends the legal union between spouses, but in many cases, the relationship between the parties continues and evolves. This is especially true when the couple shares children. Though spouses and their lawyers make a significant effort to reach a divorce agreement that everyone believes to be fair, life changes that occur after the… Read More »

Divorcing a Spouse with Borderline Personality Disorder

Many of the symptoms associated with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are capable of causing trouble in a marriage and heated conflict during a divorce. Some people afflicted with this illness have extreme fears regarding abandonment and might engage in deceptive or manipulative behavior to get they want. In certain cases, BPD sufferers change their minds… Read More »

How Is Deferred Compensation Addressed in a New York Divorce?

  Executives and other employees frequently opt to defer some of their salary for a variety of reasons. Typically, a prime motivation is to reduce current tax liability while reaping the benefits later in life when one’s overall income is lower. This is often a wise financial decision, but it can complicate the division of… Read More »

Divorce Registries Gaining Popularity

Americans are well accustomed to providing emotional and tangible support when someone close to them goes through a major life transition. Sometimes the occasion is joyous, as loved ones gather together to shower someone with gifts in anticipation of a wedding or the birth of a child. In other instances, relatives and friends deliver comfort… Read More »

Battles Over Expensive Swiss Watches Becoming a Trend in Divorce Cases

In many divorces, the question of who receives ownership of the family home is the toughest part of dividing marital property. Disputes over cars, investments, retirement benefits and business shares are also common. However, some high net worth couples devote the same sort of effort to battles over expensive watches. Fine timepieces made by Swiss… Read More »

Billionaire Accused of Sneaking Assets Out of U.S. Prior to Divorce

Some people seek a completely new start when they divorce their spouse. There are many different ways to do this. One billionaire moved halfway around the world when his marriage ended, but his wife suspects that he didn’t make that major life change for emotional reasons. As the founder of Zoho, a business software company,… Read More »

Divorcing Parents Should Be on the Same Page When Communicating with Their Kids

Most parents want to do anything they can to support their children during and after a divorce. Optimally, spouses put aside whatever disagreements exist between them to develop a parenting plan that truly reflects the best interests of the children they share. Unfortunately, good intentions sometimes aren’t enough to establish a supportive environment. Like all… Read More »

Rap Legend Says Her Prenuptial Agreement Led to a Smooth Divorce

Rumors about her divorce led renowned rapper MC Lyte to speak out on Instagram about the end of her marriage to John Wyche and why she’s thankful she signed a prenuptial agreement. Though prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are common among the rich and famous, few other celebrities have been as open about the significant, practical… Read More »

Model Emily Ratajkowski Toasts the Positive Aspects of Divorce

Most media portrayals treat the end of a celebrity’s marriage as a tragic event. Friends and strangers alike offer condolences as if the spouses have been stricken with some terrible disease. As someone who has been through a divorce herself, however, superstar model Emily Ratajkowski understands that ending a marriage that no longer works can… Read More »

Stockbroker Files $7 Million Defamation Suit Against Estranged Wife

Some divorces get very ugly. Heated emotions during a breakup can lead spouses to level serious charges at each other. Whether the allegations are true or not, harsh words frequently make the marriage dissolution process much more time-consuming and difficult. However, things can get even worse when someone looks to harm their soon-to-be ex by… Read More »