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Handling thousands of divorces in the last two decades it has become apparent to us that is more common for women to displace themselves to stay with their husbands than their husband to stay with their new bride and her family in the inception of marriage. We are seeing this mostly in our area in… Read More »

What Really Happens After You Decide to Divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage can be a long, emotional process. Some spouses think for years about leaving their husband or wife before finally contacting an attorney and initiating legal action. For many people, the process of choosing whether to divorce can be so burdensome that they don’t spend a lot of time… Read More »

Sneaky Tactics that Some Spouses Use During a Divorce

Even if spouses shared many happy years together, the prospect of a divorce can trigger various types of secretive, dishonest behavior. Without the guidance of a qualified attorney, you might not be aware of your spouse’s sneaky tactics until it is too late to counter them. This could lead to unfair divorce terms relating to… Read More »

What is Stonewalling in a Marriage or Divorce?

It can be incredibly frustrating when someone refuses to engage with us as we try to communicate with them. In a marriage or divorce, this type of stonewalling can be intolerable or even dangerous. There are ups and downs in any relationship. Not every situation where a husband or wife doesn’t want to talk can… Read More »

What is Gaslighting in a Marriage or Divorce?

Spouses in troubled marriages have used a variety of tactics to inflict emotional and psychological harm on each other. In some cases, pain from the relationship leads people to behave badly. Other times, a husband or wife might use cruel tactics in order to gain an advantage during a pending or prospective divorce case. Regardless… Read More »

New York’s Top Court Rules Against Divorce Forum Shopping

Over the years, some New Yorkers who have a second home within the state have chosen to file for divorce away from their primary residence because they believe it will give them a legal advantage. Bringing the case in the Hamptons or Adirondacks might also present financial or transportation challenges that make their ex more… Read More »

Divorcing Spouses Often Require Skillful Guidance to Move on Successfully

Though divorce can be rough, most people are comforted by the fact that they can make a fresh start. However, if you don’t take careful steps with the assistance of a qualified divorce lawyer, this might not be the case. Some spouses wind up struggling with the effects of their divorce long after the ink… Read More »

What Are the Financial Distinctions Between Separation and Divorce?

Some couples opt for separation instead of divorce for a variety of reasons. Along with religious principles and the hope of reconciliation, many couples stay married due to money-related concerns, such as the ability to access a spouse’s insurance coverage and Social Security benefits. If you’re considering legal separation as opposed to divorce, it’s important… Read More »

Divorcing Your “Starter Spouse”

Some observers believe that a rise in the divorce rate can be partly attributed to the “starter spouse” trend that has been noticed among Americans in their 20s and 30s. Celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian are examples of younger adults who married someone, waited to have children and went their separate ways… Read More »

Signs that Your Ex Might be Engaging in Parental Alienation

Divorce is hard on children in normal circumstances, but situations where one parent tries to turn their child against their former spouse are exceptionally dangerous. Without prompt, effective action, a parent might find that their relationship with their son or daughter is damaged beyond repair. This type of manipulation is serious enough that forensic psychiatrist… Read More »