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Judge Orders Father to Vacate the Premises Following the Disclosure of Late-Night Religious Rituals

Parents who are going through a divorce, or living under a custody order after their relationship has ended, must be cognizant of how their behavior might affect their parental rights. Even actions that a father or mother believes to be justified could have negative consequences when brought to the attention of a judge. This is… Read More »

Appellate Division Rules That Property Division in a Same-Sex Divorce Can Cover Assets Acquired Prior to the Marriage Equality Law

Though it took until 2011 for New York State to recognize same-sex marriages, many LGBT couples lived together in committed relationships long before that. Some of these couples chose to marry in religious ceremonies or other types of proceedings despite the fact that their union was not yet granted legal status. A recent divorce case… Read More »

The Effect of a Divorce on Tricare, Military and Veteran’s Benefits

Americans owe so much to those who serve or have served in our armed forces. As part of our nation’s obligation to these heroes, military personnel and veterans are entitled to various benefits, some of which extend to their spouses. Many of these spouses who rely on the Tricare health program and other benefits associated… Read More »

After Acknowledging Paternity, Al Pacino and His Girlfriend Reach an Agreement on Custody and Child Support

The romantic relationship between legendary actor Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah has attracted media attention for several reasons, including the 54-year gap in their ages. A few months after the couple announced in June 2023 that they had welcomed a baby son named Roman, Alfallah petitioned a New York court for an order setting forth… Read More »

Can a Child’s 529 College Account be Divided Among Divorcing Parents?

Given the exorbitant cost of higher education, many parents start investing into a 529 plan years before tuition payments are required. Should they get divorced, parents might believe that this college fund will be unaffected because both still are committed to financing their child’s education and the assets in the 529 belong to their son… Read More »

New York Family Court Problems Present Another Reason to Seek Settlement

Most New Yorkers who have tried to litigate a Family Court case over the previous few years have faced serious delays and other administrative hassles that have made an already difficult situation much worse. Closures prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, budget cuts and a shortage of judges have court employees, legislators and activists calling for… Read More »

More Divorced Parents Opting for ‘Bird-Nesting’ Arrangements

Many divorces stall over the question of which spouse should get the marital home. If parties with minor children cannot reach a settlement, a judge is often more likely to award the marital home to the spouse who receives primary physical custody. This allows young people to stay in the same school and maintain a… Read More »

Divorce Coach Says Don’t Beat Yourself Up, Focus on the Big Picture

Ending a marriage can be such an overwhelming experience that many spouses are turning to divorce coaches who can help guide them through the non-legal aspects of their breakup. An experienced adviser can provide encouragement, emotional support and useful suggestions as someone makes the transition from married to single life. As an experienced divorce coach,… Read More »

Parental Alienation Is Real but Can Be Hard to Prove

Introduced by Richard Gardner in the 1980s, Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the name for a condition where a child turns against one of their parents. This is often associated with a divorce and involves much more than standard backtalk or impudent behavior. Rather, a child who is said to be afflicted with PAS engages… Read More »

Long Island Judge Says Child Support Stipulation Does Not Cover Sorority Rush Costs

Unlike many other states, New York authorizes courts to include responsibility for higher education costs in a child support order. This might make sense to parents of students in or approaching college, where annual expenses for tuition, room, board and books can come close to $100,000 at some schools. Beyond those basics, there are other… Read More »