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What Children Do Not Want After a Divorce

Divorce is never easy on children, but how parents behave can make the breakup easier, or much harder, on sons and daughters. There are many things that children don’t want during the divorce process, such as arguments in their presence and drastic changes in parenting styles. You don’t need to tolerate an irretrievably broken marriage,… Read More »

Financial Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce

Keeping it together emotionally during a divorce is a serious challenge, but you can’t let all of the other distractions lead you into financial mistakes. Bad money decisions during divorce could harm you long after the ink on your divorce is dry. Here are some common mistakes to avoid as you enter the New York… Read More »

The Impact of Parents’ Finances on Custody Issues

In child custody cases, the parent who makes less money than the other might believe they are at a disadvantage. When evaluating what is in a young person’s best interests, a judge could favor the parent who has a fancier home in a better neighborhood. However, it’s important to remember that New York custody decisions… Read More »

What is Post-Separation Abuse?

Choosing to leave a marriage that is no longer working is an important step forward, but problems often continue past the separation, and sometimes they get worse. Post-separation abuse is a common phenomenon, and it involves much more than physical violence. An abusive spouse might try to cause financial or psychological harm in order to… Read More »

Money Moves You Might Want to Make if You’re Anticipating Divorce

In addition to being a major emotional event, divorce is also a significant financial event. As the marital estate is divided, both spouses face a series of expenses, which could include the cost of a new home or vehicle. Regardless of whether you’re going through a high net worth divorce or just want to make… Read More »

Dividing Cryptocurrency in a Divorce

A bitter divorce could include arguments over parenting time, property and money. And now, with an estimated 20 million Americans owning cryptocurrency, finding and dividing these digital assets is proving to be another contentious issue during many divorces. The decentralized nature of “crypto” and the lack of relevant regulation might appeal to some people looking… Read More »

Four Ways to Be the Best Co-Parent You Can Be

Divorce changes everything. Not just for you and your ex, but for your children, too. Suddenly they’re splitting their time between two households, not seeing their parents together in the same place anymore and attempting to process a new way of life. As a parent, you might no longer get along with your ex, but… Read More »

Four Tips for Reducing Costs During Divorce

Some divorces wind up as lengthy and bitter courtroom battles, and when they do things can quickly get expensive. Our firm is known for protecting clients through aggressive litigation in court whenever needed, but we’re committed to putting our clients in the best possible position, emotionally and financially. This means finding the most cost-efficient way… Read More »

NY Extends Child Support to Adults with Developmental Disabilities

New York parents with developmentally disabled sons and daughters now have the right to petition courts for child support payments until the child is 26, thanks to a law passed in the fall of 2021. Prior to passage of the new law, child support ended when a son or daughter reached the age of 18… Read More »

5 Mistakes to Avoid in a High-Asset Divorce

Wealthy spouses headed for divorce often fear losing the lifestyle and standard of living to which they’ve become accustomed. The thought of emerging from divorce with diminished financial standing can lead a spouse to take actions that actually stand in the way of achieving favorable property settlements. Here are some of the most common mistakes… Read More »