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The Effects of the 2020 Political Climate on Divorce

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. There is, of course, the global pandemic that has touched everyone’s lives in some way, but there have also been plenty of other items in the news that have caused division and resentment among people—even among married partners. To put it mildly, the political climate in 2020… Read More »

Tax Returns: Know What You Are and Are Not Signing

In marriages where one spouse handles most of the finances, the other spouse may have only a surface-level understanding (or no understanding at all) of where the money is going, how the taxes are getting paid and how the couple’s financial life is arranged. This makes the financially naive spouse vulnerable if the one who… Read More »

Virtual Litigation in Divorces and Family Court

Divorce and Family Court are very personal. Family Court involves, most often, child support and/or custody. During the pandemic, court functions were mostly suspended and appearances in court for non-criminal matters were canceled or did not occur for months. The court system has started to use Microsoft Teams. This is done through IOS, usually an… Read More »

What to Know About Pretrial Motions in Divorce

In many divorces, you will need to make some temporary decisions to put in place while the divorce is pending. If you and your spouse agree on all the primary issues, you don’t have to worry about any pretrial motions. But if you don’t agree and will need to take an immediate (and temporary) action… Read More »

Be On Guard for the Health Risks Associated With Divorce

Divorce is an extremely stressful process, and any time you go through such a stressful experience it can take a toll on your body and mind. Therefore, it’s important you are aware of the health risks (physical and mental) associated with divorce so you can take appropriate action if you start to notice their symptoms…. Read More »

Don’t Use Business Assets for Personal Purposes

If you own a business and find yourself in divorce court, expect your company’s assets and debts to become a focal point of the case. The flow of cash through the business, whether in the form of revenue, loans or anything else, will be put under the microscope by your spouse’s lawyer and by the… Read More »

Valentine’s Day Divorce Special

According to legend, Valentine’s Day is named for a priest who was beheaded around 270 A.D. for helping Christian couples get married in defiance of a ban imposed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. The 14th Century poet Geoffrey Chaucer made the first mention of Valentine’s Day as a day devoted to lovers, and the… Read More »

The Most Common Mistakes Made By Divorcing Couples Over 50

Divorce rates for people over 50 (and especially people over 60) have been skyrocketing over the last decade. While younger people are getting divorced at lower rates than ever, it’s Baby Boomers and Gen Xers entering their gray years who are still setting record paces for divorces. The divorce process for a person over 50… Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions to Consider if You’re Divorcing or Newly Divorced

Your New Year’s Resolutions might look a bit different this year if you’re going through a divorce or are just coming out of a divorce. If you’re looking for some resolution ideas for the coming year, here are a few specifically geared toward people who have recently gone through a divorce. Forgive and forget: It… Read More »

How Hindu Women’s Property Rights Are Protected in a New York Divorce

Women who entered a Hindu marriage in India and who now live in New York can obtain a divorce here that gives favorable treatment to their property rights— including the unique Hindu right known as Streedhan. In New York divorces, the law of equitable distribution applies. This system, which requires courts to weigh a number… Read More »