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Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion Triggers Fears About Same-Sex Marriage

Many same-sex married couples and LGBTQ advocacy groups have questioned whether the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade might be used to threaten their legal status. In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, the court ruled that there is no right to abortion under the Constitution, giving states the power to ban the medical procedure… Read More »

How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

The use or misuse of social media can greatly impact a divorce. Messages or other content posted online can be used as evidence in the divorce case and increase tensions between the parties. In most cases, divorcing parties should either avoid or minimize their social media presence at least while their marriage dissolution action is… Read More »

Going Through a Divorce when You Have a Child with Special Needs

Divorcing when there is a special needs child involved can be very complicated. Young people with serious disability or medical condition often require extraordinary levels of care and accommodation. Going through the marriage dissolution process is never easy, but if you are responsible for a special needs son or daughter, reaching an appropriate resolution can… Read More »

What is an Amicable Divorce?

Many divorces are characterized by hatred and vitriol. In the worst cases, spouses will get caught up in the fight and focus on winning petty battles rather than achieving a fair resolution that allows everyone to move forward. Sometimes, parents even try to undermine or poison the relationship between their children and the other spouse… Read More »

Depp-Heard Trial Highlights Link Between Defamation and Divorce

A spouse who is unhappy with their marriage might complain about their spouse to friends and family. Emotions might lead to exaggerations and even outright falsehoods. Even when a husband or wife just vents to one person, loose lips and social media could make a harmful misrepresentation spread like wildfire among the couple’s community. In… Read More »

More than Half of Survey Respondents Might Consider Divorce Because of Debt

In movies and TV shows, marriages often break up because of adulterous affairs exposed in the most dramatic way possible. However, many real-life divorces can be traced to missed credit card payments and repossessed vehicles. A lost job, failed business, medical emergency or unhealthy habit could threaten a family’s ability to make basic needs. These… Read More »

Long Island Dominates Google Search Data for New York Divorce

A wave of divorces following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions has spread throughout New York State. Anxieties about the pandemic itself, extra time together for married couples who find they aren’t as compatible as they thought, and money woes associated with the pandemic might have frayed marital bonds. It’s also possible that some spouses already… Read More »

What Children Do Not Want After a Divorce

Divorce is never easy on children, but how parents behave can make the breakup easier, or much harder, on sons and daughters. There are many things that children don’t want during the divorce process, such as arguments in their presence and drastic changes in parenting styles. You don’t need to tolerate an irretrievably broken marriage,… Read More »

Financial Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce

Keeping it together emotionally during a divorce is a serious challenge, but you can’t let all of the other distractions lead you into financial mistakes. Bad money decisions during divorce could harm you long after the ink on your divorce is dry. Here are some common mistakes to avoid as you enter the New York… Read More »

The Impact of Parents’ Finances on Custody Issues

In child custody cases, the parent who makes less money than the other might believe they are at a disadvantage. When evaluating what is in a young person’s best interests, a judge could favor the parent who has a fancier home in a better neighborhood. However, it’s important to remember that New York custody decisions… Read More »