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Proven trial lawyers aggressively manage tough NY divorce cases

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. welcomes clients who demand excellence. Located in Melville, NY, in the heart of Long Island, our firm features seasoned litigators who thrive on helping clients through high-conflict divorces. After 18 years of practice, we've earned a reputation for delivering effective solutions to complex family law matters. Our deep staff of attorneys is known for their:

"Our attorneys are dedicated to just one thing — aggressively fighting to gain our clients the best possible result. If you are thinking of divorce, call us. Your initial consultation is free."
— Bryan L. Salamone, Esq.

  • Aggressive attitude — This is New York, after all. That means we not only have to match, but we must outperform some of the hardest charging attorneys in the country. And that's just what we do.
  • Sense of urgency — You've made your decision and now you want to get on with your life. As your attorneys, we're not going to let opposing counsel drag out the process. We play the "full court press," delivering optimal results in a timely manner.
  • Personal investment — We provide a high level of personal attention during which we truly get to know you. Because we care and because we're ultra-competitive, we take your case personally.
  • Skilled litigation — Our attorneys are in court on almost a daily basis. We enjoy trying cases because we're good at it. And we're good at it because we enjoy it.
  • Authoritative advice — Founding attorney Bryan L. Salamone has tried so many high-profile divorce cases that he's become a sought-after authority on divorce in New York media. If major press outlets ask for our opinions and advice, shouldn't you?

If you believe that you and your family deserve top-quality representation, hire Salamone & Associates.

Exceeding your expectations in New York no-fault divorce

When New York State adopted no-fault divorce in October 2010, it meant that petitioning spouses no longer had to accuse respondent spouses of destructive behavior that wrecked the marriage. That was good news. However, other provisions of the law inadvertently created stumbling blocks requiring the services of an aggressive divorce attorney.

The attorney fee and interim support provisions require the spouse with the most money to pay the other spouse's attorney fees and temporary alimony until the divorce is final. In the best of circumstances, a no-fault divorce may settle in six months. But, the law can encourage the recipient spouse to drag out the process, burdening the paying spouse with hefty, unnecessary costs. Divorce attorneys at Salamone & Associates share our clients' sense of urgency and are prepared to achieve speedy settlements.

Newsworthy divorces, noteworthy legal advice

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. has handled numerous, newsworthy Long Island divorce, custody and family law cases, representing celebrities and public figures. Our cases have been featured in New York newspapers and on television news channels, such as:

  • Newsday
  • NY Daily News
  • New York Post
  • Village Voice
  • Channel 2 CBS news
  • Channel 4 NBC news
  • Channel 5 FOX news
  • Channel 12 & 55 cable news

The firm's founder, Bryan L. Salamone, has commented on numerous Long Island divorce and custody matters in the media and is a recognized authority on divorce law.

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