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Attorneys at the Long Island law office of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. are adept at crafting prenuptial, postnuptial, separation and divorce settlement agreements to protect our clients’ rights. These legally binding documents define how property division, spousal support and parenting concerns to be handled in the event of termination of the marriage. We make certain that these agreements are precisely drafted, compliant with the laws of New York and capable of withstanding legal challenge.

Skilled attorneys prepare a variety of marital agreements

The most common and well-known marital agreement is the prenuptial agreement. Once used only by the wealthy, prenups have now become quite common among many couples planning to marry. They may be designed to ensure, in the event of divorce, such issues as:

  • Protection of the rights of children from previous marriages
  • Preventing one spouse from sharing in certain assets of the other spouse
  • Limiting the alimony to which either spouse is entitled
  • Distributing an estate according to the parties' wishes

Our skilled lawyers are prepared to analyze your needs and to draft a prenuptial agreement that will accomplish your objectives to the extent permitted by law.

Couples who are already married can enter a postnuptial agreement. It allows the spouses to settle potential financial and parenting issues in advance. However, unlike a prenup, a postnuptial agreement must disclose the financial assets of each spouse. An attempt to hide assets can result in a court refusing to enforce the agreement in that spouse’s favor. We understand the legal intricacies and know how to draft an effective postnuptial agreement that is enforceable between you and your spouse.

A married couple may also agree to a legal separation, in which the spouses live apart but remain married. A separation agreement must address all relevant issues, such as marital property division, alimony, child custody, visitation and child support. Couples seeking legal separation often have an incentive to agree on such matters because, if they can’t, they will need to file a court action and let a judge decide. If you and your spouse are amenable to working out your differences, we can negotiate and draft a separation agreement for you. The agreement can also serve as a blueprint for a later divorce.

A divorce settlement agreement may be executed at any stage of a divorce — even before the parties file. Prior marital agreements may make it easier to reach a consensus on important issues, but the solutions will need to be made part of the divorce judgment. The court will need to approve the agreement and might reject child custody arrangements that do not appear to be in the children’s best interests. If you and your spouse are willing to settle your divorce, we will negotiate and draft an agreement that carries out your mutual wishes.

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Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. is experienced in designing marital agreements that protect our clients’ financial and parenting interests during and after marriage. Contact us online for a free initial consultation and learn how we can structure the kind of marital agreement that is right for you. If your case is urgent, do not email. Call us immediately at 1.631.479.3839.