Family Law Attorneys for Child Support Modifications in New York

Helping parents adjust to substantial economic changes

Your divorce decree is meant to be a final order, but the courts realize that it’s impossible to decide certain ancillary issues once and for all time. If your child support order has proven to be insufficient for the children’s needs or onerous to the obligor parent, you can ask the court to revisit the issue after three years. Or, if you experience a substantial change in circumstances, such as a change in one of the parent’s earnings of more than 15 percent, you can return to court and relitigate the issue. At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we help parents petition for change, oppose motions for modifications, or negotiate new child support agreements.

What amounts to a substantial change in circumstances?

What is accepted as a substantial change varies from case to case and from judge to judge. Examples that justify a modification in support might include:

  • The obligor parent suffers a financial reversal — The noncustodial parent loses employment or has a business fail. The parent’s ability to meet child support obligations is impaired.
  • The recipient spouse suffers a financial reversal — New York child support is based on both parents’ income. If one is unable to earn, especially if it’s due to a long-term illness, the court may order the other to pick up the slack, at least for a limited period, so the children do not suffer.
  • The children incur additional costs — Growing children acquire new interests and the court may order a parent who has means to pay for additional expenses for activities such as music lessons, sports travel teams and other enrichment activities. On the other hand, a child can develop special needs, through sickness or an accident, and so incur additional costs for care.

Cost-effective negotiations of new child support orders

It is not always necessary to litigate a modification of child support. When parties can thoroughly document their finances, the numbers speak for themselves. As experienced divorce attorneys, we can predict fairly accurately what the court will order. We help our clients by entering into principled negotiations with their ex-spouses to reach a new child support agreement, saving on time and the costs of going to court.

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