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I was very pleased with my Attorney Alyssa. She explained everything to me in ways that I completely understood. I felt heard and felt very confident in my decision to use her immediately.Doreen is an amazing Paralegal and really helped me out with all the paperwork and would call me often to keep me updated.I am extremely happy that I listened to my friend who suggested I use them and would recommend them to any of my friends and family as well. - C.M.

I could not have found better representation anywhere else. Doreen Bolognese and Wilton Widman have been so considerate and easy to talk to. Mr. Widman has been a wonderful attorney and mentor. - E.D.

Great firm that really cares about the results. Brandon Druek is a great asset to anyone with a divorce issue. - C.M.

Alyssa & Doreen were always a pleasure to work with & successfully settled a complicated matter in a very straight forward way. I HIGHLY recommend Alyssa for any and all family matter legal needs! - L.M.

I had the pleasure of working with both Brandon Druek and Emil Onolfi for my divorce proceeding . Both were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and empathetic throughout the entire process . Their attention to detail , quality time spent , and meticulous preparation of the documents enabled the process to be seamless from start to finish . They looked out for my best interest and ensured I was protected the entire time . . I would highly recommend working with these gentlemen , as you will be in the best hands . I also worked with Doreen And she was of wonderful assistance too . Highly recommend this law office. - J.T.

Doreen is terrific. Everyone was help helpful. - M.A.

I needed someone to explain my options to me in plain English. I was getting thrown out of my own house, and i was asked to pay more than I actually make. To make matters worse, I was denied access to my children. The court was against me, and so is my supposed "free lawyer". Nothing in this world, is free , and I quickly find out that you get what you pay for. And then hired at $425 an hour Shark who only ate my money. i fired her and hired Bryan Salamone and mr. Salamone's rates were very reasonable, and they cared, and most spacifically they honestly told me where my case was going. he was always right throughout. . he never let me look like a fool. I always knew what I was talking about. When I was in court he was always prepared I highly recommend the Firm. - C.C.

Wish I was referred to firm 7 years ago. Time and aggravation would have been saved. Very impressed by Janice and Bryan whom both listened and understood what I wanted to accomplish and that became the task at hand. Their focus on my needs, wants and desires was impeccable. - M.Z.

Mr. Widman was always attentive in regards to my case. He was confident and gave great advice with different alternatives. His knowledge and concern for my case were great to experience during a hard time. I would recommend Mr. Widman. - D.C.

I truly cannot say enough good things about my experience with the divorce lawyers at Bryan Salamone and Associates. This has been an experience that I truly never thought I would ever go through, but working with Wilton Widman and Doreen made it easy and less stressful. Mr. Widman took his time explaining everything in full detail and answered my questions quickly. I never had to worry about hearing back from my lawyer because the response time is unbelievable. This was extremely comforting especially when it was about my children. For someone who was going through a divorce having a lawyer who was conscious of your money is not something you will find in every lawyer. This firm is all about their clients. My husband and I decided that the divorce was a mistake and we were giving up too easily and Mr. Widman and Doreen were by my side with everything I needed and did the best for me. This firm is truly the firm you want on your side. I’m beyond grateful that I had the best by my side without going broke. Mr. Widman and Doreen are extremely professional and provide solutions for every situation you throw at them. For a woman who was extremely confused and scared Mr. Widman and Doreen provided so much comfort with their knowledge, understanding, and being all for their client that it made a terrible situation bearable and less stressful. If anyone is thinking about a divorce or going through it I highly recommend this group. If you have Mr. Widman and Doreen you will truly have the best support team behind you. I am beyond thankful for them and truly can’t thank them enough! - B.B.

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Alyssa was amazing, the moment we met I knew she would be the right attorney for me. She cares about her clients , has amazing communication and I always felt heard. My concerns were always addressed and she always put 100 percent into everything. I do not regret for a single second my choice to use this firm to represent me. The service provided has been above and beyond. I highly recommend Alyssa and will always continue to recommend her. Very confident, very thorough and truly an amazing attorney. - L.A.

Without the help of the entire Bryan L. Salamone Law firm, I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have had. Alyssa Marie Regina, Esq. and Doreen Bolognese paralegal took on an extremely difficult case and encountered issues that no one expected and few had ever seen. She worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. She has stood by every one of my requests and guided me through the entire lengthy process. Though we faced challenges, Alyssa Marie Regina, Esq. did not falter. Alyssa's thorough research provided us the pathway we needed to achieve our goals. I will only recommend Bryan L. Salamone as I have never been nor have I ever seen anyone treated better. I am proud to be a Bryan L. Salamone client and will continue to retain them for all family legal matters that may arise as I know I am in the best hands Especially with Alyssa Marie Regina, Esq. and Doreen Bolognese, Paralegal. Thank you. - D.L.

Brandon and Heather are both very knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely easy to work with. I would recommend working with them to anyone that I know! - J.D.

I used this firm for a child support agreement that I was unable to accomplish on my own, my lawyer was Jeffrey D Herbst, he was very professional attentive, and always responded to my emails in a timely manner, I never felt as I was a bother. I am very satisfied with my outcome and would definitely recommend anyone to them. - A.M.

From my initial consultation with Mr. Salamone through to the final judgement, the entire process was handled professionally by the team there. Special shout out to Doreen Bolognese who kept me informed every step of the way. - L.N.

Thank you to Alyssa Regina, Esq, and Doreen Bolognese for always being available to answer any questions I had, and going the extra mile to ensure my case was handled successfully. I highly recommend Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. - P.G.

I was completely satisfied and grateful for the way in which my attorney Emil Onolfi and one of their top notch paralegal's Doreen Bolognese handled my case. Great team!!! Doreen is extremely helpful and is a great asset to the firm. I strongly recommend this law firm. My attorney was constantly in touch and available, making sure I had whatever guidance I needed during a very difficult time. I would highly recommend Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. - M.B.

I would like to share the magnificent job done on my divorce proceedings conducted by attorney Jeffrey D. Herbst from Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. His continuous efforts and understanding of the trauma when experiencing these delicate matters, was most comforting and painless. I must say that Jeffrey D. Herbst is a polished Attorney and he is on top of his profession. Well done!!! I also like to thank his staff and his assistant Doria Nappi for role in the matter. Thank you. - J.W.

Janice was easy to work with and communicated efficiently. - K.P.

It has been wonderful working with Jeff and Doria. They are extremely professional, respectful and responsive. I couldn’t have asked for a better team on my side. - C.A.

Thank you to the firm, especially Alyssa Regina Esq, for her dedication and professionalism from beginning to end. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns, very respectful, thorough, and easy to talk to throughout the process. I am very pleased with the positive outcome and highly recommend her. - N.K.

Brandon Druek is a knowledgeable attorney! - J.G.

Heather McGee - thank you so much for all your help through my divorce process. You have been so helpful and so thorough in dealing with my case. I know it was a lot of reading but I truly appreciated your attention to detail every step of the way. I can't thank you enough for everything. You and Bryan were fantastic! - M.C.

Brandon Druek from Bryan L. Salamone & Associates did a great job on my case and would highly recommend him and his firm for any marital issues. He stayed on top of everything and was very fair and considerate throughout the whole process. Thank you for all your help. - G.S.

Mr Whitman was very helpful and knowledgeable with all of our questions. He also made some suggestions that were also very appreciated. - J.C.

Jeff Herbst was instrumental in guiding me through a three year long complicated divorce. Mr. Herbst was confident, professional and personable. He responded to my emails immediately and took his time to explain the status of the case and the process step by step. He was extremely patient and answered all my questions thoroughly and eased my mind during an extremely stressful time. I would highly recommend the Bryan L. Salamone firm. Thank you, Jeff!! - M.H.

Very knowledgeable and patient during one of the hardest times in my life. He's right, in less than a year, you'll feel better than you did before. - P.A.

Would highly recommend. Janice was wonderful to work with and helped to make this an easy process. Great communication and service all around. - V.M.

I’ve had a very positive experience with Wil Widman, Esq. He is honest, professional, caring and very responsive when it comes to providing status updates and answering my questions. Thank you for your services, I fully recommend. - B.D.

Wil Widman I cannot thank you enough for always taking the time to listen and understand me. You have guided me and continually go above and beyond my expectations. You are one of the good guys. Thank you for being honest and straightforward, even if it is sometimes things I don't want to hear. I will continue to recommend you to friends knowing they will be in good hands. - W.C.

Mr. Widman was a pleasure to work with. He was friendly and handled the rest of my case extremely well. I'm happy with my results and would recommend him to others. - K.O.

To the entire team I am beyond grateful. From the minute I walked into the office I knew that I was in good hands. Very easy to talk too. They listened with kind ears. Child custody cases are hard enough. Having Jeffrey Herbst as my lawyer was beyond lovely. His team including Doria always stayed in contact with me and let me know exactly when things were going on. I hope to never need a lawyer again but if I do I do know where I'm going. Thank you Bryan L Salamone and Associates!!! - C.

Dealing with Ms. Doreen Bolognese was an absolute pleasure. She is an absolute professional which reflects great credit upon herself and company. I loved working with her. - M.G.

I had a great experience with Bryan L. Salamone and associates. Jeffrey Herbst represented me for my uncontested divorce. He was honest and professional and everything was taken care of a lot quicker than I expected. Herbst and the office was very great at responding to phone calls and answering any questions that I had. Thank you for your services I would definitely recommend. - M.C.

I highly recommend B. Salamone and associates for any divorce needs . They are simply the best . I worked with several different people in the firm . Bryan offered a free consultation and was knowledgeable and professional. He guided me in the right direction of uncontested divorce for my situation. He did not pressure me or overcharge me . He was kind and empathetic . Over the course of writing my stipulation, I worked with Branden Durek, EJ Omalfi and most recently Doreen Bolognese . All were amazing and professional. Doreen is kind, professional, and efficient. She assisted in answering my questions and explaining what to Expect now that the divorce is filed in court and did so with patience and grace . A class act !i would highly recommend !! I also must mention that the women at front desk and who answer the phones are professional and kind , neber ever rude or made me to feel like i was a nuisance for calling . All great people ! If i could give 10 stars i would ! - J.T.

Great attorney, great firm. Thank you so much, Mr. Toth, for all of your help. - A.C.

I was referred to Bryan Salamone & Associates, P.C. by a friend. I was greeted with professional and courteous service. Jeffrey Herbst made to feel comfortable. I was assured and actually felt I was receiving very good representation. I am very satisfied with the service I received and I would recommend Bryan Salamone & Associates to anyone wanting great representation. Thank you again for your service. - A.R.

Great firm. Jeffrey Herbst is a knowledgeable attorney and very helpful! - A.N.

Divorce is a personal matter. It is not easy to discuss with family and friends. When I was very stress out about this, I met Mr. Salamone and Mr. Herbst. They are very professional. I used to live in New York but I'm currently living abroad for personal reasons. I couldn't come to NY often due to the the COVID pandemic situation. Mr. Herbst explained everything to me by e-mail and phone, handled it very professionally. Finally everything done very well few weeks ago. Thank you Mr. Herbst and the administration staff. I highly recommend Mr. Herbst and this firm. - J.P.

I worked with E.J Onolfi and he was amazing. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about him. He was very professional and answered all my questions(which I had a lot of). Getting a divorce is a stressful time for anyone and this firm really helps decrease the stress. I would definitely recommend the firm and most importantly I would absolutely recommend E.J. - M.O.

Thank you, Alyssa Regina, Esq, and Doreen Bolognese for leading my case. I use the word “leading” because throughout the process I felt as though the team at Brian L Salamone had a role in advising, supporting, and bringing the best resources forward to conclude my case. Alyssa and Doreen were always available to advise me, working into the late evenings to ensure that a settlement was reached in my case. Alyssa, Doreen, and Brian provided excellent advice both in and out of court. Alyssa and the Brian Salamone team are amazing, and I will always be grateful for their assistance. Preparing for trial, Alyssa Regina and Mr. Brian Salamone were amazing. They are the A-Team that you want by your side. Thank you, Alyssa, Doreen, and Mr. Brian Salamone. You are the best legal team in New York. - D.P.

Divorce can be difficult, do yourself a favor, if you need an attorney, you are doing yourself a disservice by not using TEAM SALAMONE! - S.A.

Very honest and respectful and straight to the answer I was looking for. So happy with the service provide. Highly recommend to use their service if you’re in the need. - R.F.

Heather, I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. I've hired lawyers before, but you are truly the best I've ever worked with. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you are doing on my behalf. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who needs sound legal advice. Thank you so much! - R.A.

My divorce was handled by my incredible attorney, Mr. Ian Toth. From day one, Ian walked me through every step of the process, and made me feel like I was in good hands thoughtout. The best part was that he got my everything I wanted and more (saved me so much $$$ that should have gone to my ex.) As close to "stress-free" as a divorce gets. Highly recommended. - B.W.

I had the pleasure of working with both Brandon Druek and Emil Onolfi for my divorce proceeding. Both were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and empathetic throughout the entire process. Their attention to detail, quality time spent, and meticulous preparation of the documents enabled the process to be seamless from start to finish. They looked out for my best interest and ensured I was protected the entire time. I would highly recommend working with these gentlemen, as you will be in the best hands. - J.T.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lamour when I called to inquire about a potential matter. She answered all my questions to the best of her ability and reassured me that my matter would be in good hands after I retain. Lamour was very knowledgeable and attentive. I highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking to retain a firm for their matter. - V.L.

Great firm. Brandon Druek is a knowledgeable attorney and his paralegal Stacey is very helpful! - J.M.

Janice was very helpful and understanding while we talked. I highly recommend her if you need a divorce attorney. - G.L.

They were understanding. A very good price for the help needed for a uncontested divorce. There was a lovely very helpful young lady by the name of Regina who did the work for me and did it great. Kept up with everything. Thank you. - A.A.

EJ and Doreen did a wonderful job quick and easy - H.S.

I made an appointment for a consultation with Bryan when I came to a very difficult and painful crossroads in my life. He answered all of my questions, discussed my options and offered guidance in a very kind and non-judgmental manner. After a few weeks of internal conflict, I contacted his office to pursue an uncontested divorce. I was partnered with Alyssa Regina and her paralegal Doreen. They handled all of my details with professionalism and respect. They took the time to contact me to keep me updated periodically. My paperwork was prepared efficiently and quickly. They were a pleasure to work with in an unpleasant situation. - K.C.

Very happy with the service. Prompt, Reasonable rates. Helpful with Advice. - T.T.

Great professional experience. Janice was very helpful and understanding. - A.S.

Highly satisfied with my experience, very professional and kind. Showed dedication of time to throughly explain. - J.S.

Fantastic experience all around. After having multiple issues and multiple delays with another mediation service I found Bryan L. Salamone's office and it was smooth sailing from the moment I called. The attorney on my case was EJ and paralegal was Doreen. They were both a pleasure to deal with, got all my paperwork done and filed super fast, answered any questions I had and responded in a timely manner to all communications. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking to make a stressful situation a little easier. - V.P.

I used the firm in 2019 for my divorce and they are pleasant to work with. Recently I needed assistance and a document and Doreen Bolognese assisted me. She was wonderful and very responsive. She worked quickly to help me get the document as well as followed up after. She has wonderful customer service skills and I would recommend! - T.B.

I had worked with Brandon and his assistant Stacey they were wonderful. Very professional and detailed oriented. Kept constant communication with me. Would definitely recommend to family and friends! - A.M.

Divorce is not easy, but I have to say working with Bryan, Doreen and EJ really put me at ease. They were informative, answered all my questions and walked me through the process. I was fortunate to have an uncontested divorce but I knew if we needed to fight I chose the best team to have on my side. I am grateful for their help and knowledge, their professionalism and how they treated me with respect and kindness during this time. Bryan's candor to prepare me for what could happen is something that I needed to hear to be ready. Doreen's kind demeanor in this trying time will always be appreciated. I would readily recommend them and already have. - K.I.

The 2 girls I spoke with initially answered all of my questions via telephone. They really clued me in. This was the deciding factor. Then when I set down with attorney Jeff Herbst, he went over everything with me. The stipulation agreement was drawn up in a couple of days. Everything has gone so efficiently and smoothly. The process was so easy and swift and has really reduced my stress levels. I would highly recommend this firm! - L.C.

I spoke with Brandon on the phone and he was extremely helpful and professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney. - J.V.

I know you are a very busy important man, so I will keep this short. For years Patrick Henry, "The Judge" as we call him, was our close family fried for many years, so we know what you go through and see. My Joshua is a client of Ms. Alyssa Regina Esq's and has been going through an awful divorce for two years or more. She is his third lawyers. I am very sick with cancer and I have been needing this to be over for quite some time. The pain is terrible for all of us. My son tells me now that for the first time he feels in good hands. Ms. Regina is absolutely wonderful and really shows care and attention. Her associate, Ms. Doreen is so nice to my son. I heard them talking to him on speaker when he came to visit me. I don't think you understand the good that your firm is doing. My son even told me that you gave a refund for a motion he filed last year. The estimate was 1000, but he ended up getting 50 dollars back. What law firm does this? What law firm is so honest? You people have no idea what a service you are doing. For the first time I feel hope. He is a good boy and has been Teacher of the Year three times. He has been in Newsday and has all kinds of awards, and has a big heart. His wife cheated on him and beat him in front of the children, so he left after the police did nothing but make reports. She has been torturing him ever since and it has been hell on Earth. I never thought I would see the end of this, or feel hope, or a good Christmas coming. Ms. Regina needs a big hug and so does Ms. Doreen. You have the best people working for you, that is why you are so well known. I know you are busy, so I will stop there. Thank you so much. You are a champion. - L.F.

Janice has been great. Couldn't ask for a better person and lawyer. - M.G.

Worked with Brandon and his paralegal Stacey and the were very helpful and professional. They are an asset to your firm. - S.F.

A friend recommended this law office to me and I was very nervous as I’ve never dealt with the law before. Janice was extremely helpful and took no short cuts when it came to explaining and helping me understand everything we were doing as it pertained to my case. I’m very grateful to her and my friend who recommended this amazing law office. - G.T.

Doreen and Bryan Salamone did a great job with my case. Have nothing but great things to say about the customer service! They mean business and honestly I am so happy with the results of the case, fast and in my favor! - L.O.

Mr. Onolfi was extremely knowlegable in answering all my questions and concerns. Always available for a quick response. I was constantly updated and inform the whole step of the way. It was a seamless and stress free experience. I would highly recommend Mr. Onolfi. - J.C.

My Attorney Alyssa Regina, her Paralegal Doreen, thank you so much to both of you. When my wife told me she was gonna just allow me to see my son for only a few hours a day, I took it personal. I called Bryan L Salamone, I had a meeting scheduled with Attorney Alyssa Regina. From the first day she told me that I will definitely have part of custody of my son. My Attorney Alyssa Regina fought for me for over six months, she understand every single details about my case, she knows that my wife was an angry woman. I called her on many occasions she took her time to explained to me what I can and can’t do at that time. Now my wife and I we both share Residential Custody about that. For all men who are out there if you’re thinking about going to a custody fight you will need a good attorney to fight for you, Alyssa Regina is the one. Thank you again Ms Alyssa. - P.S.

I have been going through such a bizarre custody battle for the past few years, and now I finally feel I have found that tenacious energy I've been looking for in a lawyer. The staff, and the paralegal Ms Doreen Bolognese has been professional, and helpful with all of my inquiries since day one. Ms Alyssa Regina immediately developed a keen understanding of my case, and was able to take the proper approaches- where she was able to get a falsefied order of protection dismissed against me. I feel so much more confident having her as my lawyer, and also very grateful to have the right representation who is competent in helping get the resolution that I need. - S.V.

Being in a custody battle has been one of the most difficult times I have had in my life, but my attorney Alyssa Regina went above and beyond to make sure that my voice and my child’s voice was heard. Alyssa was available for me anytime I needed to consult her about my case and worked diligently to find a solution. Her time,effort, and amazing work resulted in the best outcome for my family. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me. I HIGHLY recommend Alyssa Regina for anyone who is dealing with custody issues. - R.K.

I was referred to Bryan Salamone & Associates, P.C. by a close friend. I was greeted with professional and courteous service. I was made to feel comfortable as I told my "story". I was assured and actually felt I was receiving very good representation. I am very satisfied with the service I received and I would recommend Bryan Salamone & Associates to anyone wanting great representation. Thank you again for your service. - B.J.

I’m very happy I found this practice. Very knowledgeable attorney, always accessible when you have questions or concerns and the whole group makes you feel very comfortable including staff. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for the best resolution of their divorce. - R.R.

Once again, I received excellent service and with a smile which I felt over the phone. Doreen Moore (no relation-smile) was a very big help! - V.M.

Great experience working working with Bryan L. Salamone and Associates. The staff was very helpful and informative whenever I needed any information. I had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey Herbst who was very professional, responsive and made the whole process quick and easy. I highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance or advice. - K.G.

This year has been a very challenging year for myself, and I’m beyond grateful for the work EJ and Doreen have done for me. Very professional, responded to all my emails quickly, and honestly took a lot of my stress away. EJ gave the best advice that benefits me, not only did he work to make sure everything was handled, he gave me all my options that would save me money during the divorce. EJ and Doreen listened and worked for what I needed. Going through a divorce is mentally and physically draining, but i can not say this enough anyone going through a divorce should use Bryan L. Salamone and Associates. If all the lawyers and staff work like EJ and Doreen then you can not go wrong! I’m beyond grateful and really can not say enough good things about using Bryan L. Salamone and Associates. - B.B.

Lawyers don't call back as a rule. These guys do. My atty Janice has an amazing way of always keeping me informed. The most important thing in my life as my kids. I would die for my kids and I know what is right for them. I can’t control myself when I think about what is happening and how they’ve been taken from me for so long based on false accusations and lies. During this time, Ms. Peretzman took the time to explain the ugly process of the law and in the end, I got everything I needed. Not everything I needed. I still would like to tell the kids what their mother did to them but, his parents and said that would be wrong and, they’re going to find out anyway. She was kind compassionate and she really lessons. I sorry I’m more than one occasion for how I treated her. She is not a sounding board she is a wonderful person and a fantastic professional. She also acted as a sounding board for that I am ever grateful. - C.C.

I am legally bound to not discuss the details of my case, but what I can say is that Jeffrey Herbst and the rest of the staff at Salamone & Associates really came through and got rid of a pest infestation that I'd been fighting for nearly a decade. Bravo Zulu!!! - D.V.

It is difficult to write a positive review when going through a divorce however, working with Alyssa Regina was a pleasure. She kept me informed the entire time and basically cut straight to the point throughout the process. I would highly recommend retaining her for any similar situations. Doreen Bolognese was extremely helpful as well. She contacted me often and kept me updated throughout the process. Communication was excellent. No complaints. - R.N.

Jeffrey Herbst is one of the best attorneys. He made the process very smooth and always available for questions. - K.A.

Bryan Salamone’s office is very professional. They helped me out in a quick, timely manner. His associate Jeff was a pleasure to deal with. I’d recommend them to anyone. - J.C.

Alyssa Regina Esq., an attorney at Salamone's firm, has been managing my case for over a year. I highly recommend Alyssa Regina to take care of all of your child custody needs. Alyssa is highly responsive, respectful, detail oriented, honest, and above all professional. She is representing me in a contentious custody case. Alyssa and her paralegal Doreen Bolognese are always available to answer my questions and concerns at any given time. They truly understand what is in the best interests of my children and are there to guide me and fight for me along the way. Alyssa Regina knows every single detail in my case since day 1. She is determined during conferences and trial. Alyssa is highly competent within the custody field and I recommend you give her a call to discuss your case. - G.M.

They were so helpful with my case, answered all my question and direct me through the process. They were very quick in preparing my documents. - M.N.

Service was excellent. Very professional and expedited quickly and worked very well with my situation. - L.B.

Bryan Salamone & Associates, P.C. are very knowledgeable with divorce cases. Bryant and E.J. Onolfi were excellent, they worked very well in my case, as my ex-wife is not the easiest person to deal with, neither was her lawyer. All worked collaborative and civil, and I was very happy with the outcome. Doreen, and Vanessa were very helpful at all times. I felt safe through the entire process. - L.M.

Luis is a hard working lawyer who is always making sure to succeed in all his cases. His passion has always been law and he is determined to outsmart his opponents. -

Excellent...competent and affordable. - E.F.

Highly recommend! I had a complex custody case and it was handled with so much care and with a huge sense of urgency. All correspondence and updates were relayed in a timely manner. Mr. Herbst, my assigned attorney, was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely retain their services again. - E.T.

Bryan and Heather helped me out and was happy with outcome. They are both also great people to talk to in general. - J.L.

I highly recommend Jeffrey D. Herbst. He’s very attentive, understanding and thorough.. perfect performance combination for your legal representation. - L.B.

Samantha Downey was a huge attribute to my legal needs. I will be recommending her to all my family and friends as she is very attentive and responsive. - K.L.

EJ and Doreen are a great combo. EJ is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional. Doreen (his paralegal), was always a great help as well. You will not be disappointed in having EJ represent you. - A.A.

Absolutely fantastic! Very professional, highly recommend!! They get things done! And they finish first!! - T.F.

I’ve spoken to Bryan twice now and he’s given very practical advice. He took the time to discuss my situation in great detail and in the end has essentially said “you have it covered” let me know if something changes and I can help. In a business where its all about billing hours Bryan seems to be a pragmatic voice in a sea of “sure I’ll take your money” attorneys. - J.P.

My experience was very good. My attorney E.J. and his paralegal Doreen were very helpful and very professional. I would recommend his services. - J.D.

Janice was very insightful, and informative. She answered all my questions in a way that was easily digestible for me to comprehend. She was very well poised and we had a great discussion about what my options were and how best to proceed. - B.P.

I highly recommend Brandon as a divorce attorney. He was extremely knowledgeable, took time to explain the process and was also compassionate. He made a very difficult life decision as simple and painless as possible. You will not be disappointed if you choose him to represent you. I can't say enough good things about him. - S.H.

This law firm is overall exceptional. Alyssa and Doreen followed and stayed on top of my case from beginning to end. Although my case took longer than expected, it all worked out well in the end. Thanks to Alyssa and Doreen for their consistency and dedication to their clients. - L.J.

Bryan is a very professional attorney who helped me in getting a divorce from my wife. As she was having extramarital affair with her colleague and I wanted to free myself from this relation. Bryan is a very polite and truly understanding lawyer. He helped me a lot and stood with me throughout! - A.

I am highly impressed with the level of service I received. Bryan and his staff were so professional, friendly and welcoming! Their advice and guidance was priceless and I would highly recommend! - C.

Doreen was great. She helped me with everything. Made my experience much easier! - M.F.

Jeffrey Herbst was an amazing attorney!!! He kept on top of things and asked for and submitted documents extremely fast and accurate settling my case beautifully. Thank you very much Jeffrey. - M.F.

I was represented by Ms. Doreen, and Rebbeccah and they were both extremely professional and very helpful to my case. Highly recommend anyone who’s seeking help with divorce to reach out to this firm. - Y.

Jeffrey Herbst and the front desk receptionist made the process very easy. They were always receptive, easy to reach, knowledgeable, and understanding. They were very transparent with both pricing and the process. - N.J.

I just want to share how professional Rebbeccah F. is. She goes out of the way to make sure her job is done properly, yet also pays attention to those little details that will make her clients comfortable and at ease through the whole process. She was a delight to work with on my case. Her dedication and work ethic goes above and beyond, she truly cares for her clients! - D.O.

First I want to say that this firm had made my process easy and made me feel confident in them. What really had me use this firm was on my first phone call, Byran asked me to explain my situation. He didn't start throwing numbers at me or pressuring me to hire a lawyer. He listened to my situation and presented the best option for me and also said the magic words "if you choose us". Of course I did call a few other firms, but this one was so kind to me, I had to use them! There was no pressure at all! Once my paperwork was started Rebbeccah was excellent to work with. Her professionalism is outstanding and she was able to answer and questions I had and was also able to make any changes I had requested to the stipulation of Settlement. Doreen was also extremely helpful as she was able to notarize my documents for me and I was able to hand them in right away. I know divorce is a hard situation for anyone to go through, but trust me when I say that Bryan L. Salamone & Associates really helped make this process easier for me and I highly recommend them. - P.M.

In April of 2020, I had reached out to your firm and got connected with Brandon, at the time he was the only attorney who took time out to listen and follow up. My own attorney did not want to follow up on our case. It was unique but we needed help and Brandon did exactly what a good counsel should do. He met with me in person, followed through with detailed research, and making sure no store in unturned. In January 2021, we were able to close out and the positive outcome has impacted my family for the rest of our future. At times my wife calls it a miracle, as he was the last attorney we spoke to before giving up and tired of trying to fight a court that did not want to listen to us alone. I am sure you receive enough negative reviews and complaints as we all do in business, this one is to compliment Brandon and your team. Thank you for having such great talent as it was a lifesaver for us. A.N.

I hired Bryan, himself, for a hearing and he completely knocked it out of the park, in fact, I believe his presentation of my case led to the firing of some corrupt court officials. He was prepared and presented my case in such a professional manner that he simply outclassed opposing counsel. His presentation of facts was indisputable and beyond reproach. Unlike many family matter attorneys, he actually knows the laws and the case law to support it. He made sure that I was accurately advised of the cost of his services and remained true to his word with regard to expectations of the total cost. He resolved my matter in my favor expeditiously and thoroughly. He is not an attorney that your opposition will want to see coming with you because Bryan Salamone WINS cases! - F.R.

Jeffrey Herbst is very professional and always had my best interest in mind. Whenever there was an update he let me know immediately. I would definitely recommend his services. - D.B.

Mr. Joseph Giametta is what an exceptional lawyer should be; professional, respectful, considerate, helpful, easy to talk to and driven to produce favorable results for his client. He is meticulous in his research and his attention to detail in producing the stipulation and other documents is second to none! I wish I could retain him as my lawyer for everything because he makes you feel like he sincerely has your back! - I.M.

Jeffrey Herbst helped me with my divorce. It was easy and pain free! He walked me through each step and was patient and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone who asks. It truly feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. - E.D.

The team was quick and prompt; got on my case right away. My attorney Jeffrey was great. - R.E.

The experience was so pleasant and fast. My Lawyer Jeffrey H was always there to answer any questions i may have and was just so nice and understanding. Everyone in the office was so very nice and welcoming. Thank you so much for all you did. - A.D.

Honesty is somewhat hard to find with lawyers. Not in this case. They could've charge me more but they didn't. Mr. Jeffrey was very professional and understanding. If in the future anyone I know needs a divorce lawyer, most definitely I will recommend Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. - J.R.

This firm is very professional and well managed. While not a divorce situation, I did have a unique situation that my own law firm and multiple attorneys turned away. Brandon Druek, from this firm took his time out over the phone while meeting in person to understand my concern and the resolution I was looking for. After thoroughly researching, he called me back and we were able to meet on next steps. The research was impressive and they fought hard with us winning in the end. I have seen a few reviews on charges, but billing was very accurate and Brandon was upfront the entire time. Good legal service is hard to find and cost is very minimal compared to the positive results. The hourly rates never changed and I can always discuss with Brandon or his team. I will always reach out to Brandon for legal needs in the future prior to any other legal counsel. - A.N.

I hired Brian Salamone for a no-fault divorce on November 2020. My lawyer is Rebecca Flohr. Rebecca is very professional and courteous towards me. She explained the process to me step by step. So everything was practically done on December 31, 2020. I am waiting for the certification from the job will take 6-9 months. I think the wait is too long. But if the best they can do, that’s it. I would refer some one to Brian Salamone. - J.

Brandon Druek was very professional and attentive to my needs. Especially during times like these where stress & strife can take their toll on an already tense situation. My calls never went unanswered and the entire process went smoothly. - L.L.

I needed a lawyer, and was lost in the direction of the world of divorce. I literally drove to their office and spoke with a lady lawyer named Janice. Met her that day. I handed her a check and said please go make me a fair deal. She told me, "That's what I do best and that's exactly what I am going to do." And let me tell you, that's exactly what she did, and she got it done. I am very happy with Janice and this law firm. Janice, thank you once again. I can not thank you enough. - J.C.

Samantha was a very professional and thorough Attorney. Stacey was very helpful as well. They make an excellent team. If you're looking for a very good attorney, look no further than Samantha. - S.C.

Sam is a great attorney she is the best! Highly recommend her. - L.R.

Very happy with my experience. Samantha especially was very attentive and helpful to my needs. - S.S.

This firm is very professional and the staff is very genuine and kind. My attorney was Alyssa Regina. Alyssa and her paralegal Doreen were very responsive and kept me informed. I am now waiting for my Judgment of Divorce. If you are getting divorced, I highly recommend this firm. They don't mess around or overbill. They get straight to the point. I signed divorce papers within three months. - A.G.

Very professional. Handled my case in a manner that was expected. Highly recommended. - P.R.

Very helpful. Finally almost divorced after 3 1/2 long years, delayed by my ex. - J.G.

Were not only friendly and kind, they worked with me every step of the way, and that’s the kind of professionalism that one would expect, and they definitely were more then I ever could have expected. I’m so glad I went Bryan L. Salamone And Associates, by far the best there is. Thank you all. - M.N.

Ms. McGee and Ms. Eagle were very responsive and answered my many emails. They explained the whole process fully and clearly. - C.C.

My attorney Joseph Giametta from Bryan Salamone's office has proven countless amount of times that he does not give up. If it wasn’t for Joseph I don’t know where I would be in my case. I am so thankful that I contacted Bryan Salamone's office. Joseph Giametta has provided the best guidance and support and has always had my back. He has made me feel so much more confident in my case and for that I am so thankful. THANK YOU. Joseph Giametta, Mr.Bryan Salamone & the amazing staff. I don’t know where I would be without you. - K.K.

Very professional. Alyssa Regina Esq. Is such a professional attorney. All needs met. Doreen the administration of the law firm. Answered all questions. In and out. Uncontested divorce as easy as possible. - O.B.

The 3 women who I mainly have contact with are: Janice: Lawyer, Doria: Paralegal, Vanessa: Receptionist. All 3 women always go above and beyond to make sure your questions and concerns have been answered and that the client is satisfied. I would highly recommend the firm to family & friends. - P.S.

I have been working with Alyssa Regina the last few months. I appreciate her hard work and dedication in the case were fighting for my daughter. She has been patient and strong in my defense and has worked with me diligiently. - M.G.

Not only was Janice caring and attentive, she also handled my case perfectly! Would highly recommend. - K.A.

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer, look no further. I am very happy with the legal services I have received here. Jeffrey Herbst and Doria were very professional and extremely thorough. No detail was missed. I would definitely recommend this business. - S.Z.

The toughest part was convincing the ex wife to agree to an uncontested divorce. After that, working with Jeff was very easy and straightforward. - L.P.

I received great quality professional help. Alyssa Marie Regina was my attorney and I was really impressed how quickly she got back to me when I needed it, how she helped me understand the process and offered advice all along. - S.G.

Had a great experience working with Jeffrey. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and expedited my divorce paperwork very quickly. The office staff and paralegals were also very professional and friendly. Doria was extremely helpful. Highly recommend. - E.T.

Brandon is very knowledgeable and Rebecca wanted to make sure my needs were properly addressed. They both took time to research and explain everything as this was so so foreign to me. - V.M.

It was a very good experience all the way around!!! Would highly recommend!!!! - J.P.

I can certainly give a good reference to Ms. Flohr in handling a divorce case. When she took my own on, I was able to process through it with a lot less fear and confusion. Whatever the specific circumstances, a client (in my case defendant) needs an attorney that is professionally capable of navigating through all legal issues-roadblocks and all. She is that. In my situation, from start to finish I felt like she was in it with me. Both professionally and personally she gave me the support I needed. I should add that her paralegal, Doreen, was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Great teamwork. - J.R.

My mothers friend needed assistance and I recommended Bryan L. Salamone & Associates . She got the support and proper information needed to thrive during the divorce process. I will continue to advise people to see Mr. Salamone or any of the other wonderful lawyers and attorneys. - E.M.

Jeffrey Herbst Esq was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend him. - P.P.

So happy that I chose Salamone & Associates for my divorce. Everyone in the firm is being always helpful in this process. From the front desk staff, the lady, I believe her name is Dianne or Donna.... I'm bad with names...but she is the sweetest and very helpful. Mr. Salamone is a genuine, caring and attentive Attorney. So much wealth of knowledge, any topic! I was never rushed on our initial consultation. Yes, me and my ex went together, why not? After 16 yrs of a happy marriage and 2 kids why not try to be friends. The attorney himself was there telling us the whole process and there was a paralegal also answering our questions. I felt that my questions were very 'silly', but I was never made felt that any of my questions were silly. The whole process been smooth. I'm hoping not to have to hire an Attorney ever again, but if I ever have the need, I will definitely hire Bryan Salamone & Associates. - L.S.

During this past half a year of the pandemic, sadly, quite a few of my friends realized that they were not meant to be with their spouses. Without hesitation, I recommended Salamone and Associates. It was no surprise to me that Mr. Salamone was able to handle the friendly separations. But, I was made out a hero for recommending Mr. Salamone because he knocked the Super Nasty separations out of the park! No regrets at all... - O.S.

They are absolutely the best! All around great folks. They really go to work for you. I am extremely pleased and thankful. - M.P.

ABSOLUTELY the best attorney I've ever had!!! I was hesitant at first but his friendly demeanor made the process a lot easier than expected. He helped me every step of the way and never got angry despite all my questions and lack of knowledge for this process. - E.A.

Bryan was extremely professional, courteous, respectful, and always prompt for our appointments. Highly recommend using his office for any needs!!! - G.M.

I had the pleasure to meet Bryan to discuss my child support case. He made me feel comfortable and gave me useful advice on how to deal with my situation. First time in 10 years I felt that my rights were protected. Thank you Bryan. - W.F.

Bryan Salamone and Associates’ services are top notch. I was represented by Mr. Jeffrey Herbst. Mr. Herbst is respectful, highly knowledgeable, very professional, very personable, very easy to approach and very responsive. I am so happy we have met Mr. Herbst and had him to represent us. His compassion, patience and dedication to the field gave us confidence we would have a positive outcome. In the end we found out that our case didn’t even need to go to Hearing. The Judge dismissed it at the initial Appearance. His expertise not only helped us to win the case but also helped us to save a lot of money. All the secretaries were also very patient and caring. I highly recommend Bryan Salamone and Associates, especially Mr. Jeffery Herbst. - D.G.

Brandon Druek is a fantastic lawyer that I would highly recommend! He is very professional, knowledgeable and his communication skills are exceptional. Brandon listened to my situation and was not only empathetic, but was determined help me get an outcome that was fair. - C.B.

Bryan L Salamone & Associates is a great firm. Brandon Druek in particular is one of the most honest people i have ever dealt with and is an incredibly knowledgeable attorney. I would and have highly recommended them to multiple looking for help and guidance! - J.B.

On July 27 I first went to Mr. Salamone‘s office. He spent time with me. He answered the questions that I had. I was so happy to receive personal attention. It seemed like he was concerned and he even convinced me not to go forward with my case. Even though I’m not going forward, I am 1000% convinced that if I needed a family attorney I would use Bryan Salamone and especially the lawyer Janice. She really helped me with what I was going through. - A.R.

Everyone at the office is very helpful and professional. They made process easy and simple, while listening and understanding what I wanted and needed. I will definitely recommend to anyone. - V.C.

I'm writing this review for my Aunt who does not know how to use a computer, but said it's absolutely imperative that I leave a review for Bryan Salamone on her behalf. Her and my uncle were unfortunately recently divorced, and he was "really trying to get away with murder", in her words. Bryan Salamone sat with her and explained the whole process to her. She said she was "made whole", and she doesn't think she would've ended up with the same results had she used someone else. Bryan was the 3rd person she had sat with, and she ended her search there. Bryan handled her entire divorce, and as she's sitting next to me right now I can tell that things have been better for her, but they could've been a hell of a lot of worse. "If you're going through anything unpleasant involving your family, Bryan Salamone and his associates are the ones to call". Thanks Bryan! - J.S.

I want to thank Alyssa Regina Esq. for all her help in my divorce. She made a very difficult time a lot easier and a lot less stressful. She is a professional at what she does and a credit to your law firm. - R.K.

I was married young, and getting a divorce was nothing something I was looking forward to. I was lucky enough to have known Brian through a friend, and although discussions had been had, I would never have made it through the process the way I did without Bryan. We were able to keep things amicable, and reach a resolution that was fair, which I've been told is not usually possible when attorneys are involved. I was told a long time ago by a mortician that he was someone that I "wanted to know, but I hoped I never had to call". Bryan and his associates are the exact same type of people, although I do still call once in a while just to check up! If you're reading this, I'm sorry for what you have to go through, but you're in good hands! - S.R.

Bryan Salamone & Associates have been so helpful. I worked with Mr. Herbst, who has been so kind. He walked me through the process and quickly got all of the required documents prepared. He was very approachable and answered any questions very quickly. They are also very affordable. - K.B.

I needed an aggressive firm to handle a domestic violence/custody issue for our daughter. We first met with Bryan, who told us what we could realistically expect. I chose his company because it is the largest divorce/child custody practice on Long Island, plus Bryan handles high-profile cases, which I felt spoke well for him. He assigned Ashley Pulito to our case and she was AMAZING. I felt like both Bryan and Ashley listened to our concerns every step of the way. Ashley was always prepared, asked all the right questions, and went into court EVERY SINGLE TIME knowing exactly what to do. We not only won our case, we won more than what we could possibly hope for. Thank you to Bryan, Ashley, Doreen, and the entire team at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates in Melville, NY. It was worth the time, effort, and expense that it takes to properly prepare a case. We will recommend you to everyone we can!! Thank you again! - W.M.

I retained this firm to get more visitation time with my son. It had been a few years since my custody order and I was being withheld time from my child. Attorney Giametta fought for my rights to see my child. I am so thankful for his representation and guidance through a rough time in my life. Today, I now enjoy more summer vacation time with my child and I could not be happier. Thank you. - D.C.

I retained this firm for my uncontested divorce. Attorney Joseph Giametta handled my case with much professionalism and class. He listened to what me and my wife wanted and kept us informed of the process throughout. He answered my questions and taught me a lot about divorce. Mr. Giametta's paralgeal Vanessa was also very nice and caring. I recommend this firm to anyone looking for an uncontested divorce. - M.P.

Attorney Joseph Giametta did a fantastic job with my uncontested divorce. He explained the process to me very clearly and prepare my documents within two weeks time. I recommend Joseph and this firm for anyone looking for an attorney in a divorce. - H.S.

Very professional and quick. I would definitely recommend these guys, especially Jeffrey Herbst. He does tight and efficient work. Thanks Jeff! - B.B.

Mr. Herbst was always on top of his game and made sure my rights as a parent were upheld. - J.Z.

I was married for 20 years and was served with papers on my birthday this year. At one of the lowest points in my life, I retained Bryan Salamone and was represented by one of his associates, Joseph Giametta. Joseph was very attentive from the first meeting - he was very professional, understood what I wanted, and helped me navigate through a tough divorce. I couldn't thank him and his secretary Vanessa enough. A very good firm with some of the best people. - B.R.

I recommend this firm for anyone going through a divorce. My attorney Joseph and his paralegal Vanessa helped me through one of the darkest moments of my life. They were kind and professional every step of the way. Thank you both so much for your services. - M.R.

I retained this firm to get custody of my children and I am so greatful I did. Joseph is a great attorney who fought not only for my interests, but also my son's interest. Not only is he professional, but he cared about my case and contacted me daily with updates, thoughts, and just to check in on me and my boys. I recommend him and this firm for any legal issue you may have. - J.K.

I want to thank the team at Bryan Salamone & Associates, specifically Heather McGee and her assistant Vanessa Eagle. Their service, communications, and reasonable costs allowed me to navigate through an easy divorce, QDRO forms, and transfer of a house deed. I highly recommend them for all legal work. - S.G.

I just want to say thank you to Jeffrey and his staff because they helped me in every step of the way, they took care of everything without me having to do anything really, they were polite from the start and answered every questions I had. I loved how Jeffrey emailed me reminders and made sure everything was ok. I definitely recommend them. - I.C.

Bryan and his company are truly amazing at what they do. I was in need of some business help and he walked me through the process and didn't even charge me. This man is top notch. - E.A.

Katherine M. Saciolo, Esq. and her Paralegal Doreen Bolognese are a great team. I recommend Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. if you have any divorce or Family Court matters. - N.M.

They are excellent lawyers. Worth every penny, knowledgable and work with you. I had hired them and K. Saciolo was excellent. Didn't cave in and got me a result that was fair and just. Thank you Salamone and Associates. - Y.L.

This law firm has a great staff. Katherine Saciolo, Esq. and her Paralegal Doreen are the best! If you need an attorney who is tough on the opposing side than Katherine Saciolo, Esq. is the attorney you want. Katherine and Doreen make a great team. Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. is the place you want to go if you need attorney who knows the Courts on Long Island and the New York Metro area. They are affordable and honest. - G.B.

If I could give 10 stars to my lawyer Brandon I would. He is an excellent attorney and has been a huge help to me. His paralegal Stacy is phenomenal and I highly recommend their services. - N.V.

Brandon Druek and his paralegal Stacey are the greatest. They have been nothing but kind and helpful and I would recommend them specifically if you are seeking a divorce lawyer and paralegal services. - H.T.

If you are looking for an attorney who is going to exceed expectations, seek out Brandon Druek. He is an amazing attorney who will make sure you understand everything happening. - S.D.

I pleased with the services that I have received from my attorney Brandon. He is outstanding and an amazing attorney. He will go above and beyond. He and his paralegal Stacy are excellent at what they do and will make you feel like you have nothing to worry about. Highly recommend. - Y.I.

I have found the best lawyer with the best prices and services around. Brandon is the best attorney they have and he is very accommodating and helpful. Him and his paralegal Stacy are the top dogs there. I would not recommend anyone else but them. - R.B.

This firm is the best! The attorney that I sought out was Brandon he made me feel important. He went above and beyond what you would think. His paralegal Stacy is great and is extremely knowledgeable.
They are the best team there. - M.H.

Brandon makes everything feel and seem so easy. He is an outstanding lawyer and will help and accommodate to your needs. Him and Stacy (his paralegal) are legit the dream team. You can not go wrong seeking divorce services from them - T.S.

I would highly recommend seeking out Brandon for all of you divorce or family law needs. He is an outstanding young lawyer who will treat you as if you are his only client and will make you feel important. His paralegal Stacy is a doll. She is knowledgeable and easy to speak with. If I could give a better rating I would. For any of these services seek out Brandon!! - K.K.

This firm has exceeded my expectations on what a great lawyer and paralegal are. If you are looking for a team that will go above all expectations, then look for attorney Brandon and his paralegal Stacy. Both easy to talk to and work with and they will make your experience a great one! - P.C.

Brandon and Stacey are the most successful pairing there. If you want the best of the best when it comes to attorney and paralegal pairings I would recommend them. They are top notch and are genuine and hard working. I would 100% recommend them. - C.D.

Brandon and Stacey are outstanding they are genuine and hard working I am happy to recommend them to anyone. - J.C.

I was represented by Joseph Giametta. He was very professional and fought for my rights in my divorce. I don't know where I would be if it weren't for this firm. Thank you all so much. - J.D.

Brandon and Stacey are the best! They are the best attorney and paralegal team there! Highly recommend - A.Z.

Very professional and informative, I would highly recommend Jeff in a heartbeat. Doria is very pleasant and helpful. I felt they doing the best they can to handle my concerns. 5 star service! - M.D.

Brandon Druek is higher than a 5! He is hardworking and a dedicated lawyer. Thank you to Stacy, his paralegal, as well. She was kind and supportive. - A.M.

Enjoyable experience dealing with Attorney Joseph Giametta, I highly recommend him for any law related issues pertaining to family matters. - J.B.

I would recommend using Joseph Giametta as your attorney. He is intelligent and has a high level of integrity. Joseph is a great orator and has an empathetic demeanor. I am confident in recommending Joseph Giametta for legal representation and would hire him without reservation. - R.M.

Attorney Alyssa and Paralegal Vanessa were great!! I would definitely recommend this place for anyone going through a divorce or other legal family issues! - C.E.

Had a great experience with Attorney Joseph Giametta. He is very intelligent and meticulous, with a great attitude to go along with it. I can say with strong conviction that I highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal counsel. - R.A.

This is the best law firm I've ever encountered. The staff at this firm was very helpful, sensitive and professional when it came to handling business. Vanessa and Heather are an amazing team and I appreciate their services. Give this firm a try especially Vanessa and Heather and I promise you will not be disappointed. - B.J.

Attorney Giametta represented me and I highly recommend him for any family issues you have. He was a very good attorney and a great person. He listened to all of my problems with my marriage and treated me with respect. I can't thank him enough. - M.M.

Katherine Saciolo is the best divorce attorney around. She and her paralegal, Doreen Bolognese made sure all my needs were met. If I could give 10 stars I would. - D.S.

Brandon has made my experience with this firm an amazing one. He truly goes above and beyond. If I could give him a higher rating I would. I really feel like he is the best lawyer you can get from this firm. Also Stacy his paralegal is a sweetheart. She is easy to talk to and she has answers to all my questions. Thank you guys for your hard work! - L.L.

If you want the best of the best, seek out this firm. Brandon has represented me better then I thought he would. Also if you want to speak to a paralegal , speak to Stacy, she's easy to speak to and is extremely knowledgeable. Best firm in the area. - R.A.

Katherine and Doreen are the best! I just settled my divorce and they have been awesome! I was given expertise advice and I was always treated with respect by both of them. This is exactly what someone needs during the most difficult time in their life. I am so happy with my results and I would recommend them to anyone who needs an experienced attorney and an excellent paralegal. - L.L.

My attorney is the best! Her name is Katherine Saciolo at Bryan Salamone & Associates and I am so impressed! Her paralegal, Doreen, is amazing as well. Both of these ladies make sure that my questions are answered and that I know the status of every step of my divorce. I want to give them more than five stars! - C.B.

I came to this law firm about 1 year ago. I had a terrible and complicated divorce proceeding. Katherine Saciolo, Esq. and her Paralegal Doreen Bolognese answered all my questions and I felt I could trust them. They were extremely supportive and kept me informed and updated at all times. They are a great team and I recommend this firm if you have a complicated divorce. Katherine and Doreen are the best! - G.B.

Enjoyable experience working with Attorney Joseph Giametta. I highly recommend him for all law related issues regarding divorce and family matters. - G.T.

If you are looking for someone professional and accommodating, I would specifically seek out the legal advice from Brandon and his paralegal Stacy. I've been working with them for a while and I truly believe that I am getting the best service that I can from them. They are easy to talk to and Brandon has represented me in the best way possible. I'm glad that I found Brandon he is a genuine guy and will go out of his way to make you feel that you are the most important client he has. Thank you for the work you have done for me , you are truly outstanding. - B.R.

Very professional. Helped me tremendously. - M.K.

I can not express my gratitude toward my attorney. Thank you Brandon for all that you have done. You are an outstanding man and you have gone above and beyond what I thought you would. This firm has the best lawyers money could buy, but if I had to recommend just 1 , it would be Brandon. You will not be disappointed with the services that you get. Also he has the sweet and wonderful paralegal named Stacy and she is the easiest person to talk to, for only being a paralegal she is beyond knowledgeable and passionate and I'm surprised she isn't a lawyer. Again I highly recommend seeking out the services that Brandon and Stacy provide. - M.A.

Bryan Salamone was such a delight to work with. Patient, skillful, the right type of aggression to get the job done & all for reasonable pricing. Highly recommend him. - D.F.

Katherine Saciolo is the best attorney at the firm! She is aggressive yet sympathetic to my situation. Her paralegal, Doreen, is so helpful and I can always reach her when i need something. I am very happy with the services I have received and I will continue to give Katherine five stars! - R.D.

Brandon is the best attorney at this law firm !! I would highly recommend seeing him and his wonderful paralegal stacey for any of your law firm needs. You will get top notch service from and and you will work with kind and compassionate people. Highly recommend. - R.T.

If you want to be represented in the best way possible, then i would recommend this firm. The attorney that i dealt with was Brandon and my god did he go above and beyond what i thought he would. He is genuine and hard working and made my divorce process incredibly easy. He is an amazing lawyer and i would say seek him out out of all the others. Also is paralegal is fantastic. Stacy makes everything seem less complicated then it is and will always help me if Brandon is busy. Please consider them for all your divorce needs, you will not regret it. - E.L.

I had a great experience working with Attorney Joseph Giametta and his wonderful paralegal Vanessa. I would highly recommend Mr. Giametta and his firm to anyone in the future. - E.F.

Doreen Bolognese and Katherine Saciolo are top notch professional Paralegal and Attorney. Great team! Doreen is extremely helpful and is a great asset to the firm. I strongly recommend this law firm. - N.M.

I am so happy with the services I received from my attorney Katherine and her paralegal Doreen. I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone seeking a divorce. She has surpassed my expectations! I am so happy with the results! - C.R.

My attorney is fantastic! Katherine Saciolo of Bryan's office is just incredible. I finally found an attorney that understands me and fights for what I deserve. My life would not be the same without Katherine! She is a true blessing! - R.M.

For anyone that is seeking complete and top notch professionalism, compassion and expertise, look no further than Bryan Salamone & Associates. I worked with Mr. Giametta, and he held my hand through out the entire process and was as transparent as one could be. He, along with the rest of the firm made a difficult time that much easier and I cant thank Mr Giametta and the rest of the Salamone & Associates firm enough. You're in great hands with them! - J.B.

Attorney Giametta aggressively fought for me in my divorce and I could not be happier with the results. Highly recommend. 100% winner. - A.S.

It was a pleasure working with such Professionals! I am very satisfied with their outstanding service! - T.M.

There are so many positive things i can say about this firm. Everyone is caring and knowledgeable. I personally had the pleasure to work with Brandon as my lawyer. He is so charming and he knew exactly what to do and say to make me feel like he was doing everything to make me feel like I am worth winning a case for. Thank you Brandon for all that you have done and continue to do. Also his paralegal is wonderful. She knows all the right things to say when Brandon is busy with a different client. - T.D.

I would want to let everyone know how amazing this law firm is. I went to this attorney's office and Brandon was the lawyer I met with. He makes you feel valued and important. His paralegal I think her name was Stacy, was very friendly. This firm goes above and beyond to help meet all your needs and win your case. Huge thank you to Brandon. You re the best. - C.L.

After 2 years with an incompetent divorce attorney I was recommended to the office of Bryan Salamone. After one hour of conversation I was sure I had found the correct attorney, Mr. Jeffery Herbst. My prior attorney had left my divorce in a true shambles but in four short months Mr. Herbst was able to professionally take full control and resolve and finalize my predicament. His communication skills are second to none, he is thoughtful and methodical and is a strong defender without being abrasive. I only wish I had found him two years earlier. I wholeheartedly recommend him without any reservation whatsoever to any person needing the best of the best in a divorce attorney. - E.B.

Heather is an amazing lawyer and I would highly recommend her!!! - M.M.

I was very satisfied with the legal representation I received from this office, especially Jeffrey Herbst. I highly recommend this office for any Family Court issues. - M.H.

Very friendly staff and all my questions were always answered by Jeff and Doria. - J.H.

I recently retained the firm and attorney Barney J. Giannone has already impressed me. He is aggressive with my wife's attorney yet practical with balancing my goals against legal costs. I recommend him to anyone going through or considering a divorce. - J.G.

Mr. Herbst was very helpful and knowledgeable with the law. The staff, especially Doria, was always nice when I called. Highly recommend this office. - A.H.

I would recommend Bryan Salamone's services to anyone going through the rough obstacle of divorce. His compassion and friendliness helped me keep my sanity while his expertise allowed my divorce to work in my favor. His knowledge of family law is unsurpassed and his promptness was very much so appreciated. Everything was handled efficiently and it is no one else that could've represented me better. - L.B.

My experience with Heather was great! She answered all my questions and was available any time I needed her. Thank you! - M.

Brandon is the best attorney there highly recommend using him as your lawyer. Also Stacey is the best she's super helpful and knows her stuff. - S.R.

I highly recommend this attorney office for all of your divorce needs. Brandon is the attorney I consulted with and he was so kind and understanding of all my needs. Also, every time I call and speak to Stacy she is nothing but sweet and she is the best paralegal they have, as a team they go above and beyond. If you need a lawyer go see Brandon and Stacy. - A.L.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the paralegal Vanessa prior to my consultation with the attorney Katherine. Both ladies were polite and patient in listening to my issues and made me feel comfortable with the firm. Vanessa recommended I speak with Katherine and she was right on the money, Katherine was very knowledgeable and answered any questions that I had. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the firm for any family court matters. - N.J.

Stacey and Brandon are a great team. Go see them for all your divorce needs. They will help you and make you feel important. - S.R.

Katherine is the best attorney. She has helped me through the divorce process and has been aggressive yet understanding. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney for a divorce or family court lawyer. She is amazing! - C.B.

My attorney is Katherine Saciolo and her paralegal is Doreen. They are the best! I could not ask for more from a law firm! My attorney has protected my interests from day one and I will use her for all of my future matters. - K.A.

My attorney Katherine Saciolo is professional and achieved what I requested as a client. She knows the law and resolves cases without the need for unnecessary litigation. My matter was resolved and I am more than pleased with how everything turned out. I wish I could give her more than 5 stars!! - R.M.

By far the most helpful, knowledgeable and understanding law office there is ! I wouldn't think twice if I had another legal issue !! Thank you !!! - E.K.

My attorney Katherine and her paralegal, Doreen, are helpful and compassionate. I am very satisfied with the legal services I have received and i would recommend my attorney to anyone seeking a family court attorney. Katherine is great at what she does and I appreciate all of her advice and hard work. - R.D.

Stacy and Brandon are great and super helpful ! 10/10 !!! - B.P.

Great law firm! The Paralegal Doreen is extremely helpful, kind and courteous. This firm is affordable and I highly recommend using Katherine Saciolo and her Paralegal Doreen for any marital or Family Court proceedings. - D.A.

The attorney Brandon is fantastic. Ge cares about the needs of his cases and makes them feel important. Also his paralegal Stacy is so kind and answers my questions with passion and knowledge. - B.C.

This firm represented me in a very contested custody proceeding. Joseph held himself to the highest professional standard and was able to navigate me through the entire course of my case. Joseph was a fantastic attorney and I am glad I had him on my side. I definitely recommend this firm and in particular Attorney Giametta for any custody or family law matter. Thank you all. - D.C.

Barney is the only attorney there worth seeing. Super friendly and extremely helpful. - E.R.

Barney represented me in my divorce. He is professional and upfront about what to expect and about how he is going to proceed. Works with you for what you want. - E.G.

I was skeptical in my first meeting but worked with Barney and he helped put my mind at ease. He was available and helped me feel like I was making the right decision throughout the whole process. - J.W.

Barney Giannone explains everything to me so I understand exactly what's going on with my case, and he never talks down to me. Both he and his paralegal Doreen are always available when I need them and if they can't talk to me when I call, they always get back to me ASAP. Would definitely recommend them to anyone going through this process. - M.G.

Katherine Saciolo and her paralegal Doreen are a great team. They helped me during the most difficult time in my life and they were caring and knowledgeable answering all my questions and concerns. I recommend Bryan Salamone & Associates. This firm is affordable and the entire staff is extremely friendly. - J.L.

Your firm has made this very difficult time in my life bearable. Thank you. - G.D.

I absolutely would recommend Bryan Salamone & Associates. Bryan is a very kind person. Kat and Doreen are wonderful. It was a very difficult time for me and they helped me very much. The entire office staff is very professional and knowledgeable. - D.H.

Joseph has handled all of my work with utmost integrity and respect. He quickly recognized potential problems I would face and immediately offered thoughtful solutions. He understood my needs and professionally addressed them all. I would definitely recommend him to other people. - W.O.

It was a great experience working with Ms. McGee and team. EVERY SINGLE team member went out of their way to make the process very comfortable and stress free. I highly recommend this firm as they all worked very hard and keep the positive atmosphere throughout. Thank you for all your hard work. - S.

Thank you to Heather and Vanessa for all their help during this process. My divorce was finalized in December but I had a blip come up and Heather discussed the process with me of how to deal with the matter and Vanessa was so quick to get me the documents I needed. Thank you so much! - G.

Totally impressed! - I have used multiple law offices on Long Island in the past 20+ years and I have never experienced a team like the team at Bryan Salamone’s office, they just have the right people with the right experience to get the job done as fast as the courts will allow. I was going through a separation for over 2 1/2 years and finally was able to come to common ground because of the efficiency of this firm, Alyssa was very knowledgeable and had no problem doing her own research to get it done! Vanessa made it easy to make or change dates and Bryan was down to earth and treated me like a equal, unlike other experiences I have had. Go here! - V.P.

I am so impressed with the representation that i received from Katherine S. Her paralegal, Doreen, is a valuable asset to the firm as well. I highly recommend Katherine and her team for anyone seeking an aggressive yet compassionate attorney. - R.D.

Janice is my attorney and i am more than satisfied with her representation. She is great and I am so happy with the results of my case. - G.F.

Great, honest firm!. Alyssa actually listened to me and got me everything I wanted. My previous lawyer would never listen and try to convince me to settle for less from ex Husband because he because the majority of his income was off the books. Alyssa was able to get me what I deserve based on my ex's actual income. I would recommend this firm, and only use this firm if I ever get married again. - K.W.

I had 2 others attorneys before I retained this firm. What a difference. Bryan was honest and upfront about my case from day one. Alyssa was on my case and she fought extremely hard for and actually listened. Overall I ended up spending less money with Bryan to finish my case than I had to put down for retainers at the other two firms. Alyssa’s paralegal, Vanessa is hilarious and always got back to me promptly. I lover her. Thank you Bryan! Thank you Alyssa! - M.R.

This is the law office to go to for your divorce needs! They took great care of me in 2016 when my divorce was finalized. Just recently I needed my paperwork which was misplaced for a closing on a new home and they expedited the retrieval of the documents and had them to me in under 24 hours! - N.N.

I had the privilege of working with Heather McGee on a family court matter. She showed the utmost enthusiasm and really payed attention to my story. As I told my story, she was very sincere and understanding. As we discussed the situation further I could tell how deeply moved she was. I felt that she wanted to be apart my problem and truly help me on a personal level. Sometimes you can get the inclination that you seem to be wasting the legal counsels time l, not with Heather. The more and more we talked, the more I felt at home and confident that we could get it done together. - A.S.

Both Barney Giannone and his Paralegal respond to my phone calls and emails in a timely manner. I never feel neglected by them or that I'm just another file. Really glad to have them working for me and for my children. They work hard, fight hard, and always keep me informed. - P.F.

My attorney Katherine and her paralegal Doreen are wonderful! They have helped me through the divorce process and have been sympathetic at the same time. i am so happy with the results and I recommend them fully! - R.D.

I recently retained the firm and Mr. Giannone has been absolutely fantastic with me during this stressful time. Not only am I confident in his ability to fight, but I feel like he truly cares about my case and my future after this. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who want's a lawyer that will listen to them and fight for them. - K.C.

I am so grateful to have found this firm. Heather and Joseph were very efficient and knowledgeable about the entire divorce process. I could not have gotten through my divorce without them. Thank you for all of your help. - J.

Heather is a great lawyer and did and amazing job for my children and I. I’m so grateful a friend recommended her to me! - C.

Katherine Saciolo is an amazing attorney and she is so knowledgable. - S.R.

This firm made a very difficult part of my life much easier. I could not thank Joseph Giametta and Vanessa enough for their professionalism and attention to detail throughout the entire process. Highly recommend this firm for anyone going through any marital difficulties. - G.H.

Brandon Druek and Stacey Gramarosso were both so helpful through this rough time. Thank You! - R.T.

Jeffrey was very helpful, very efficient, I would totally recommend him to and friends or family in need. - E.T.

Alyssa was a pleasure to work with. She was knowledgable, professional and caring. She made this process as painless as possible. Thank you for everything! - R.H.

I am fortunate to have found and worked with Alyssa. She was a wealth of information for me. She taught me so much through my process, and I’m grateful to have someone so understanding and caring on my side. As uncomfortable as the subject matter was, Alyssa made me feel at ease. She has earned my trust and respect, and I can confidently recommend her services to anyone who is going through a divorce, or related circumstance. - D.

Alyssa was very helpful and gave me much more information than another firm I had inquired with earlier in the year. The service was excellent and I could tell that everyone was a team player and worked together to give me a good result, I definitely recommend this firm to anyone, also the paralegal Vanessa was pleasant on the phone and was timely with her call backs. - M.E.

Excellent! I was extremely pleased with the services I received for my uncontested divorce. Jeffrey Herbst explained the process thoroughly, responded immediately to my concerns, and petitioned the court right away. Thank you for making such a painful process, less stressful. - D.B.

I could not be happier with the legal services provided by Jeffrey Herbst. He was an absolute put bull in Court and got me everything I wanted. - P.

Just wanted to let you know about one of your exceptional attorneys. I was represented by Jeffrey Herbst in my divorce. I am not one to write a review, but Jeffrey was a real Pit Bull in the court room. Furthermore he took the time to explain everything to me and put me at ease during this stressful time. Thank you again Jeffrey. - S.C.

Mr Giannone and I met for a consult together when I was getting ready to leave my dead beat husband and he’s the best pit bull you could ask for. Not only is he a total shark in the court room but he’s clever as a fox. He has kept me going back to the firm cause he’s the real bees knees! - S.

Let me just be the first to say it. Mr. Giannone is the BEE’S KNEES!! I came in to the for a consult and couldn’t have been more pleased with the kindness and the professionalism he uses to conduct himself. But under that surface you can tell he is a real shark! I’m so lucky to have found him and to be retaining him for my family court matter and will recommend him to anyone I know who is in a similar situation. Thank you Mr. Giannone!! - K.G.

I highly recommend this law firm with emphasis on Doria, the paralegal. She has helped me with so much going through my divorce, and most recently with paperwork I so desperately needed that I unfortunately misplaced. This firm is attentive, kind, diligent and they do not waste time. - J.W.

I could not be more happy with how Bryan Salamone & Assoc. handled my divorce case from start to finish. Mr. Herbst did a fantastic job! - B.G.

Joseph did a great job with my divorce. Staff is very welcoming. Thank you for all your help. - S.A.

I could not be more pleased with how my divorce case was handled from start to finish. Mr. Herbst did a fantastic job for me. - B.G.

Ms. Katherine Saciolo was very professional and thorough with my spousal support. Her representation was superb! It's because of her work ethics is why I had a positive outcome with my case. - Y.R.

I just want to thank Jeff and everyone at Bryan Salamone and Associates, for guiding me gently through one of the most difficult times in my life. Their patience and concern was evident every time we spoke! I highly recommend them. - T.P.

An attorney who really cares about her clients! Very courteous and professional. Alyssa Regina really helped me through a very difficult time and always answered my questions thoroughly. I would definitely recommend her. - D.C.

I used this firm recently while dealing with a divorce that was being dragged out for over 2 years with another firm, Alyssa Regina and the entire team was professional and caring. Alyssa was able to spend the time necessary and do the correct work to get my case done in a timely manner and with a high level of professionalism. I would recommend this firm to anyone anywhere, i am so happy that my case is done and I can be apart of my children’s life! - M.P.

I needed to expedite divorce papers and this attorney and his team turned it around that same week. Amazing work and I cannot thank them enough for making the process painless and extraordinarily efficient. - M.P.

Jeffrey helped me through a separation agreement and divorce process. He was friendly, to the point , professional, and efficient. Paralegal Doria was very helpful in clarifying any questions I had. - T.

Heather is a true asset to your company. She was amazing. She took over my case and fought hard to get the case resolved. She stood up for me when opposing counsel was putting me. I know it would not have been resolved without her. I can not thank her enough for all she did. Vanessa was helpful as well. She answered all my questions when Heather was not around. - I.L.

Great Staff and service. Joseph and Stacy answered all of my questions and kept me informed during the entire process. I recommend this office for any type of family law matter. - A.

Brandon Druek helped guide me step by step through the most difficult time in my life. He had my best interest in mind and not focused on what hours he could bill me for. He was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Highly recommend !!! - M.G.

Great staff Super efficient in all that you guys do I think I spoke to a lady named Stacey the last time I called and she was great to talk to 10/10 guys - A.

Thank you Joseph Giametta for approaching my divorce proceedings with attentiveness and professionalism. Your quick responses to all my questions and detailed explanation of each step made this a more refined process! - A.S.

I called recently and spoke to Stacey, she answered all my questions and was an excellent help. - C.W.

Janice was professional, courteous, she listened intently to my concerns and was empathetic. Her fast response time to calls or emails was appreciated by me and her compassion to our needs made us feel that we made the best choice in attaining her as our counsel. I would recommend her for any of your legal needs, she is honest and upfront and so easy to discuss your individual case with. Thanks for all your help Janice. - D.C.

The absolute best! Bar none! - L.A.

Joseph Giametta handled my uncontested divorce and did a fantastic job. He kept me very informed during the entire processes and was a gentleman throughout. I highly recommend this firm for any divorce or family law matter. - J.G.

Divorce was not something I anticipated being somewhat in the so-called later years of my life. Yet it was the only path I had to regain my sanity and self-esteem. I was unsure of how to approach the situation. Mr. Jeffery Herbst, my attorney, was understanding and took the time to explain the convoluted divorce laws and what was going to happen as these laws applied to my situation. Mr. Herbst was honest and forthright from the start. He guided me through the process. His paralegal Ms. Doria Nappi kept me abreast of all developments and was quite supportive in addressing all of my concerns in a timely and professional manner. While the divorce was not easy, quick, nor without cost…life happens. Many thanks to Mr. Herbst and Ms. Nappi. - J.G.

I came to this firm to for an uncontested divorce. Joseph and Heather helped me from day one until my divorce was finalized. They kept me informed of my options and gave great advice along the way. I could not say enough good things about them and their paralegal, Stacy. A great firm with the best people! - M.S.

Joseph and Heather did a fantastic job with my uncontested divorce! They listened to everything my husband and I wished to include in the agreement and kept us informed every step of the way. Should be your go-to-stop for your uncontested divorce! - N.G.

I came to Bryan for legal advice in regards to my art contracts and ideas being stolen. He gave me excellent advice on how to further my career and how to go about dealing with clients. He didn't even charge me. He's always so helpful and full of wisdom. I advise anyone to use his company. - A.T.A.

Thanks to Bryan Salamone and Heather McGee for coming through on my divorce. I appreciate everyone coming together and working with me. I'd also like to thank Mr. Demeo. It was a pleasure meeting Bryan and working with Heather. - S.M.H.

If you have to go to a lawyer, Mr. Salamone is awesome. He talks to you like a person and tells you the truth. He knows his stuff like nobody else. He gave me a lot of extra advice which he didn't have too. I really appreciate the help that he gave me. Based on my review it goes without question that if I need a lawyer I’m going to him. I’m also recommending him to any of my friends when, they need a lawyer. Awesome guy, thank you again for today. - M.M.

James is an excellent attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I highly recommend James. - A.

James is excellent at dispute resolution and he worked to solve my divorce issues efficiently with the utmost professionalism. I would highly recommend James for persons who are going through a contentious divorce. - A.

James was incredibly professional and helpful attorney. I would never go to anyone else. - J.

I highly recommend James, he is an excellent attorney. - D.

I’ve worked with James for years and have always been impressed by his dedication, zeal, and tenacity. His passion for his clients translates to consistent and dependable results. - P.M.

James was ideal! This kind of stuff is not easy for me, but he was a nice balance of remedial and direct. I appreciate his services and highly recommend! - J.W.

I highly recommend James Smancyk! In my dealings with him he was very knowledgeable, a complete professional and most importantly he was compassionate to my needs during this difficult period of my life. He put me at ease and fought for a great result! Thank you James!!! - J.

I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Brandon Druek. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He was extremely helpful to me and guided me through this whole process. He explained everything, in detail from start to finish. Would highly recommend him to anyone. - T.

I would highly recommend the law firm of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, who provided sound and efficient legal advice in my case. - C.B.T.

Bryan Salamone & Associates was my lawyer 12 years ago for a divorce. The process went smoothly and I was very happy with the results. Last week I had a question about my divorce agreement about college tuition for my daughter... I needed some advice. An appointment was made and he answered all my questions and gave me advice. I'm glad I didn't feel rushed or an inconvenience to him. Bryan Salamone is a knowledgeable lawyer who makes you feel important and is an A+ attorney. - L.L.

What a wonderful team of paralegals and attorneys. As stressful as a time of going through a divorce is, the team of Bryan Salamone’s office made it so much easier. Each visit I made to the office I was greeted with at most respect, and felt not as if I was another statistic, but a person that deserved to be treated with understanding and compassion. Every person I encountered had knowledgeable answers, and advice that was true, never did I feel that I was being deceived. Kind and friendly atmosphere, very professional and respectful. I would recommend Bryan Salamone and Associates to each and every person. - R.

It is tough enough to go through a Divorce without having to worry if your Lawyer will be the right one for you. Katherine Saciolo was professional and handled things expeditiously and kept you informed. I was confident that my Divorce was being handled properly and had nothing to worry about. It was in her hands and I knew she had my back. I would recommend her to anyone going through a Divorce and any Law Firm she works for is very lucky to have such a Lawyer like her. She was excellent! Her Paralegal Doreen was very efficient as well. - M.V.

Great people at this firm. Had a lot of help from Stacey. She's a great asset to your team. - C.Y.

I am so thankful that I went to Bryan Salamone and Associates for my divorce. Bryan and his associate Joseph thoroughly explained the firms approach to divorce cases and outlined my case from start to finish. Joseph kept me informed of my cases status and helped me understand each step I was taking in my case. I am now happily single and living my wonderful life! I cannot Thank you enough Bryan and Joseph!! - M.C.

James is amazing- helpful and responsive, quick on his feet and always one step ahead of the game! He’s relatable but definitely the guy you want on your side! Could not recommend him more! - A.

I have had the pleasure of working with Brandon Druek and he has gone above and beyond during my divorce process. He makes everything go very smooth and is very professional. I would recommend Brandon to anyone who needs a divorce lawyer. - L.B.

You guy's are the best, kind passionate understanding work hard reasonable the list can go on and on I love You Katherine and Doreen. You did what you could and I appreciated that new day's are coming. - R.P.

James Symancyk was an incredible lawyer. He was great with his communication through the whole process and when I had questions or concerns. He was a pleasure to work with. I recommend him to anyone I know that is in need of legal help and will definitely be seeking his advice in the future. - J.A.

I highly recommend James as an attorney, he made sure everything I needed was taken care of. He is kind and the best at what he does! - A.B.

James is professional and extremely helpful. He was quick to answer any questions that I had. - B.A.

Janice and her team were amazing while I was obtaining a divorce. Amazing Firm! - M.Q.

James is an excellent attorney who truly connects with his clients. He is without a doubt someone who I highly recommend. - P.A.

Heather is an amazing attorney. She helped me a lot through a hard time and is very knowledgeable. Working with her was a great experience even during hard times, I would recommend her to anybody looking for legal advice! - A.

Heather has given me legal advice multiple times on a personal family matter. She is nothing but professional and attentive. Truly an asset. - S.D.

I retained this firm for an uncontested divorce and it sure did pay off! Joseph did a great job drafting my divorce agreement and explained every step of the process thoroughly! - G.

Doreen Moore & Katherine Saciolo are always helping me out with dealing with my crazy ex wife. Thank you for all your help & hard work. - M.L.

From day one, I was given the most expert advice from the team! I highly recommend Bryan Salamone and Jeffrey Herbst for your legal needs. - S.M.

Jeffrey was amazing, everything I needed in a divorce attorney and more. Very competent, intelligent, knows what he is doing and how to fight for you so you get what you want in a divorce. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeffrey to anyone looking for a divorce attorney and unsure of where to go. He made me feel very good and reassured throughout the whole process of my divorce. - F.I.

Jeffrey Herbst made this stressful time as painless and as efficient as possible. His guidance and knowledge gave me comfort throughout this ordeal and he made the uncontested divorce process easy and extremely fast. I cannot thank him enough. I highly recommended Jeffrey Herbst. Thank you Jeff! - J.Z.

I have retained Mr. Herbst in the past. He handled my case with professionalism, compassion and efficiency. I always thought my case would drag for years but it was all done in less than 2 years. The process was painful but Mr. Herbst handled smoothly. Mr. Herbst always answered my questions in a timely fashion and always explained every steps of the process so I was never blinded. His assistant Doria is also very nice and friendly. Highly recommended. - S.L.

Bryan and his team did everything i had paid him for at a reasonable rate. I am happy with the outcome of my case. I would recommend to a friend. Janice was always available to answer my questions. Thanks again! - A.C.

I needed an aggressive firm to handle a domestic violence/custody issue for our daughter, Brittany. We first met with Bryan, who told us what we could realistically expect. I chose his company because it is the largest divorce/child custody practice on Long Island, plus Bryan handles high-profile cases, which I felt spoke well for him. He assigned Ashley Pulito to our case and she was AMAZING. I felt like both Bryan and Ashley listened to our concerns every step of the way. Ashley was always prepared, asked all the right questions, and went into court EVERY SINGLE TIME knowing exactly what to do. We not only won our case, we won more than what we could possibly hope for. Thank you to Bryan, Ashley, Doreen, and the entire team at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates in Melville, NY. It was worth the time, effort, and expense that it takes to properly prepare a case. We will recommend you to everyone we can!! Thank you again! - A.J.

I just received my letter from the office and I got divorced. It was very fast and very affordable. In Long Island you can’t find better place. It’s impossible. I’m very satisfied and thankful. I strongly recommend this place to everyone. Honest, fast and very friendly. Thank you. - B.M.

Thank you James and Joesph for all your expert help in keeping me informed and being top notch professionals throughout my entire divorce proceedings. I could not ask for anything more. Thank you and all the best!! - S.P.

Doreen is the best paralegal. Really knows her stuff & is so easy to talk to. I'd recommend Bryan Salamone and Associates for any divorce or Family Court matters. - D.S.

Kathleen is a wonderful attorney, very compassionate and knowledgeable. 5 stars!! - N.

I just want to say that Brandon has been helpful and attentive to my divorce. He has helped me in a professional and timely manner. I would recommend his services to others.- A.

The Bryan Salamone and Associates firm is effective, efficient, and kind. Their integrity is impeccable. It was truly a relief to have expert legal help at a rate I could afford. Ms. Gitlin and her paralegal were patient, thorough and accomodating. I highly recommend this team to everyone who needs a divorce attorney. - V.T.

Ms. Gitlin was very polite curtious and attentive. She was quick to respond to my questions and messages. Ms. Gitlin was easy to talk to and great to work with. - J.S.

Ashley helped me out with my family law matter. I felt at ease with her representation. - J.

I engaged the services of Bryan Salamone in October, 2015. My case was a contested Father’s Rights matter, and I had already fired two other attorneys, including a gratis court-appointed one. I have never had a very high opinion of lawyers, but in having worked with Bryan to help ultimately settle my matter, I can say that I have actually come to truly respect him over the course of the past three years. At all times, I found him to be professional, polite, and courteous. More than this, he was really quite friendly, and I valued that greatly, as it made the onerous work of fighting a brutal legal case that much more bearable. I also sincerely appreciate how he was willing to work with me to help keep costs low, in many ways. He proved to me that my case really mattered to him as a person, and that he was not simply running up hours to bill. In my experience, having been through three attorneys in Nassau County, Long Island, since 2013, he has been the best one by far for my case. Bryan greatly exceeded my expectations. I recommend him to anybody involved in custodial matters in Nassau County, or anywhere for that matter. - B.C.

Joe was helpful throughout the process and answered all of my questions in a clear and concise manner. I am thankful he helped me get through a very challenging period in my life. - S.F.

Finding the phone number of this law firm on the internet Doreen, the paralegal, was informative, helpful, polite and courteous and answered all of my questions. - B.J.

I was very pleased with this firm. James Symancyk was very professional, knowledgeable as well as very nice. He always made me feel comfortable. James also made me feel free to contact him whenever I wanted to ask any questions. I would recommend him to anyone. - G.P.

I needed someone who could get things done quick and Mr. Salamone has the largest Firm so he was always prepared. At $345 per hour he is reasonable. Going to Court with him was an experience he really is well known and I trusted his business smarts when we got to the finalcials. If you need an absolute bulldog with no fear, you need to hire bryan you want regret it. This is his specialty! They are the top of this field. I'm glad I chose him. - A.D.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Bryan L Salamone and associates are the best in the business. Very knowledgeable, thorough and hardworking firm. Jeffrey Herbst is a blessing, he is such a great lawyer and person. Made this experience calming and gave me a sense of ease. Would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Herbst and the law firm to anyone that needs a family attorney. Thank you soo much to this law firm and a special thanks to Mr. Herbst for his determination and drive. - C.S.

Genuine,ethical,responsive and effective.Calm and controlled personality,but tough when necessary.As a Trinidadian women I wasn’t familiar with the laws of New York,But Bryan broke everything down for me.Such an amazing attorney.I recommend Bryan for anyone who doesn’t know the law,Bryan is the attorney for you! - A.S.

Great experience. I recommend him to all friends and family. Very professional. Help me out greatly. - J.E.

Ashley Pulito was very helpful with our family’s legal matters. After making two attempts with different law firms, Ms. Pulito was able to deliver not only on her word but on a heartening professional level. - D.V.

An exceptional law firm with an array of attorneys able to handle any/all legal matters. My experience was with James S. and I honestly couldn't be happier. James was hard-working and thorough through the entire process of a long, arduous estate affair. I'm happy my family and I chose to work with James as it was evident he had our best interest in mind. In the event my family needed legal council at a later date, James and his firm would be my first and only call. - D.M.

I highly recommend this firm. Excellent staff, Brandon Druek is highly competent attorney and is well versed in matrimonial law and a variety of Family Court issues. - J.M.

James Symancyk is the best family attorney there is. I hired him to help me with a difficult relocation case in order to be granted permission to move out-of-state. Right from the start, he was patient and took the time to explain every step of the process. The other party would not consent to the move, and there were a lot of meetings that they rescheduled or canceled last minute. Throughout it all, James kept me updated and tried to help in any way possible. If you're in need of a family law attorney, ask for him! You'll be happy you did. - E.C.

Bryan Salamone’s office is nothing short of outstanding. I trust this office with all of my legal needs. I went through a contentious custody battle and Katherine was able to settle my case with ease. Heather then guided me throughout the divorce process and thoroughly advocated on my behalf. I just received my Judgment of Divorce and went back to Bryan’s office for their help with the post judgment QDRO. I retained only yesterday and Ashley already got my paperwork started and has answered all my questions and concerns. This firm truly cares. I can’t thank them enough. - T.M.

Brandon Druek is very professional and has been very helpful to provide me guidance and advice throughout my divorce process. I truly appreciated my friend's recommendation on retaining this firm and will highly recommend Brandon as well. - J.L.

After 3 other attorneys that gave me the run around, and thousands of wasted dollars, I found Bryan Salamone and Associates. His firm did right by me and took care of my divorce quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them to everyone, in fact they are already representing a few of my friends. - C.J.

Katherine is a very professional no nonsense attorney that gets the job done. I couldn't be happier with her. My case went so much better than I could have ever expected thanks to her efforts and her guidance. I highly recommend her. - T.M.

Ashley was extremely knowledgeable and professional! - A.H.

I had a great experience with your firm Heather Mcgee is a great attorney and was well versed with my case. I was going through a difficult time with my divorce and she answered all my questions. I was glad to have you guys on my side representing me. Thank you Heather for all your hard work and dedication I will recommended everyone I know to you that needs the help. - P.S.

I have had the privilege to work alongside Brandon Druek during my divorce. During our time together, Brandon was honest, patient, and diligent in supporting my needs and wants during this difficult time. He was extremely knowledgable, and demonstrated professional etiquette throughout our conservations/meetings. Brandon made me feel at ease during this time, and I highly recommend you hiring him as your divorce attorney. - J.C.

Very professional office will fight feverishly for what their clients desire. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Bryan and Katherine have been so supportive and wonderful to work with during one of the most difficult times of my life. - S.G.

I recently went to Bryan Salamone for his help as my marriage was in trouble. With Bryan's help I was able to get through this tough situation. He was concerned with my feelings and helped me to understand that it wasn't all my fault. I would tell anyone to seek his help and advice. Thank you Bryan Salamone. - C.C.

Ashley Pulito - an attorney at this firm is the kind of attorney you hope for when you are going through this difficult time. There is nothing easy about going through a divorce or trying to figure out everything with the children. Dealing with Ashley has been nothing but a pleasure. She was attentive, responsive and explained things to me in a way that would make it easy for me to understand. Also, you could tell she cared about the outcome, she wasn’t just another attorney who barely knew the details of my situation. I highly recommend her. - I.U.

My experience with the firm has been exceptional. Beyond reproach. Heather is an awesome attorney. As well as Brandon also. - C.L.

I have known Bryan Salamone personally and professionally for many years. I value the kind of person he is in both business and private. He is a man of his word and has never gone back on anything he said with me. In the courtroom you would much rather have Bryan on your side than against you... he is tough, yet professional in his presentation and he picks up on things very quickly. - S.

If you want the best Mr. Salamone is the person you should hire. They are under $300 dollars an hour and I could not believe that. For everything that I needed there was an answer and a solution. I never felt confused, or that the other side had one up on me. Mr. Salamone has personally attended to me and my case. I am so happy and blessed I found the top dog and reasonable prices! Hire them if you want the best. Experience matters. - C.C.

I could not have settled my divorce without the assistance of Ashley Pulito. She was knowledgeable, persistent and successful. She did the right thing for myself and my family. I couldn't imagine going through this process without her. Her paralegal Vanessa was a doll and kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend! - S.G.

I needed a Divorce lawyer who knew business and money. I have a complex situation with ideas and ambition and I’m in the middle of product launches. I needed a lawyer who is as successful as I am and who understands money and businesses. It’s not really about a divorce because that will happen ... it’s about the money. If you are seeking to protect your money I divorce hire my guy Bryan Salamone he has answers to every question and he knows more than the other side . always. I am very very happy and highly recommend him and his profession paralegal staff. Especially Patti. I am so thankful. - N.C.

I hired Bryan Salamone because he is the top and he had the best google reviews and ... I am completely satisfied. He promised so much and then ... even in spite of the other sides lying and delay tactics .. it was Bryan Salamone who was the voice of reason and his aggressive style is NOT what I expected. He speaks less and waited his turn but when he spoke: boom. Sometimes a surgical strike as better than a kitchen sink and the other side was throwing kitchen sink at me when we just ... knocked them to the ground for the count. Look his promises all came through and I am totally happy and beside myself with gratitude to MR S and his staff. Especially Kimberly; Heather And the paralegals who listen to me and really seemed to care. Thank you to them and to all here, Hire them they are the top for a reason. - H.V.

I just wanted to thank you for your understanding and your willingness to accommodate me and my financial issues over these last 5 years. It has been truly a pleasure working out these details with you and I will miss our little phone conversations every month. Thank you again.

Doreen is one of the most pleasant and very smart and informative on every aspect to all my questions great paralegal andré kathrien a great lawyer they make a very good team everything i was going through they made it so much easier I highly recommend them both. - G.S.

My divorce was really rough. I came to Bryan Salamone's office and they really helped me with my divorce through the whole process. They made such a bad experience a lot easier than I had thought. Truly would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again! - J.T.

I couldn't speak more highly of a lawyer. He's extremely professional and was an amazing asset during my divorce. He helped me and understood my problems and kept me updated every step of the way. I'm so glad to have come to his office. I highly recommend him! - S.C.

I've used Bryan Salamone on multiple occasions and worked with several of the lawyers on staff. First time was due to the incompetence of my previous lawyer which Bryan was able to rectify same day without an issue. They are always there to help and take any of my questions and concerns seriously. Every time I speak to Bryan or anyone at his firm I know and can feel that I am in good hands. 110% Recommend... Only Lawyer I'll ever use.. Period! - A.S.

Best decision I made retaining this lawyer ... helped me with my divorce and custody issues .. got me everything I wanted ... returned all my calls and emails .... im very happy - P.B.

This man is truly blessed and awesome when it comes to his work!!! Hands down . When I say he saved my life twice with two court cases I had I couldn’t thank him enough . I would use him every time . Let’s just say he gets the job done & charges the best prices . Thanks Bryan and the staff members of Bryan Salamone. You Guys Are The Best!!!! - J.K.

This Man saved my life! I thought since my husband cheated that I would get everything. He is a narcissistic and he wanted mediation. Bryan L. Salamone himself said it to me. He said that mediation wouldn’t work. He offered to mediate but my husband wanted to use a Woman in Suffolk County. Mediation was a session of brow beating and pleading. When it comes to playing a victim my husband gets an emmy and an Oscar. He had his papers reviewed by a lawyer and i just know that. Mediation busted I hired hired Bryan L. Salamone, and Associates P.C. BEFORE my husband had the chance. I worked with An attorney named James who was very confident and took time to explain things to me. What I soon realize is that Uncontested Divorces are for people who agree. I THOUGHT I COULD AGGREE and that He would make it easy. It came down to money. He was fighting so that he could have our son in the house and be the residental parent. He wanted custody and Support from ME! Mr salamone was in court with me on 2 occasions in this case and James Symancik and Ashley Pulito were the other lawyers I dealt with. James got the tittle of my house placed in my name abd Ashley was second seat to mr Salamone. At trial I was confident. Mr Salamone was quite the show and we forced a settlement before trial ended. This lasted forever and took $18,410 and it was worth every cent. It was my husbands fault it got so expensive he prolonged every issue. My Son is special needs and he needs structure. He father is the fun parent and it was hard to beat that. I recommend Mr. Salamone’s Firm because they saved my life. I am free from the abuse and the mental torture and I cant believe married him. This divorce did not need yo be complicated but my husband woukd not agree to anything and we had no alternative. My Salamone and jis staff made me feel great. I KNOW I hired the top dog when we arrived in Court. When we were in Court he was amazing. I highly recommend him and I know he cared about my case. I didn’t win everything buT I got the most important thing: My Son. Hire this firm! you wont be sorry. Your case will go faster with a lawyer who has so much years experience and knows how to communicate common sense to my less than impressive husbands attorney ... and to my husband who was like dealing with the devil himself. - V.O.

Extremely satisfied with the way that Ashley Pulito handled my divorce. The amount of time and dedication she put forth into my case made me feel at ease during this stressful time. Highly recommend. - J.R.

I recently referred one of my friends and a client of YCDB to Bryan for consultation on her divorce. When I asked her how the meeting went; she responded with “I’ve never been so happy to spend money retaining a lawyer “ I knew I referred her to the right person. Thanks Bryan - she said you’re exactly what she needed. - D.Z.

During this unimaginable time time in my life this firm has been compassionate, friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. It has made this difficult period in my life a little bit easier to deal with. I am glad that I did not chose another firm and thankful to my lawyer Brandon Druek. Thank You Bryan Salamone and Associates. - S.B.

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Bryan L Salamone & Associates. Working with Bryan L Salamone & Associates extremely professional law firm has been a great experience during the turbulent time. Bryan L Salamone & Associates have won majority of cases, mainly because they extremely thorough in their due diligence and outshines the prosecution. Their talents for the benefit of the clients. I was always out posted from Bryan L Salamone & Associates always felt like my case has been in good hands. Bryan L Salamone & Associates never missed a scheduled meeting and was always took my calls. What I especially liked about Bryan L Salamone & Associates was his ability to remain calm in crisis situation. Bryan L Salamone & Associates is a solid law Firm who practices nothing but the best customer service methods. - R.W.

Katherine Saciolo provides very effective and successful representation. Her work is exemplary. She is smart, well spoken, customer focused and knowledgeable. She partners with the client and executes a strategic course of action. She achieves excellent results. Working with Katherine Saciolo is a pleasure. - A.L.

During a time of such incredible difficulty Brandon Druek displayed the utmost patience, kindness, and understanding, and professionalism . I would absolutely refer him (and this firm) to anyone in need of the services that this office provides. - S.B.

It was a pleasure working with you and everyone in the law firm. I made the right decision when I transferred my case to your office. You and Ms. A. Pulito made me feel comfortable in court and confident about my case. Mr. J. Symancyk also made me feel at ease about my case. You and the office law firm were professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful every time I called or came in. It made the divorce process less stressful. Thank you for the aggressive and efficient work on my case. Thanks everyone for your support during a difficult time. Thank you for listening and achieving the best outcome for me, as well as the best interest of my children. Your accomplishment was life changing the day I signed my divorce settlement! - C.M.

I met Mr. Salamone a few months ago at his office after a friend referred me. I was very impressed by his reputation. I came to him for a personal matter. Since then, he and his Firm have been on top of my matter and I'm confident they have my interests at heart. I have received personal attention and the price is right. Nowhere could I get such a big firm to work at such a low hourly rate. In Court, it was so amazzing to see how well known Mr. Salamone and his attorneys are in Court. Everyone seemed to know them and I felt so well represented each time. Look, I'm a realist and I know cases get expensive and take a long time. It is the way it is and having the largest law firm and the most well-known attorneys as my Advocates .. that is priceless. Trust me, if you want a putbull or a shark who will help you keep what's yours, hire them. Without question, they are the top dogs. Period. -A.M.

Bryan Salamone is an awesome guy who helped me through a lot when no one else seemed to get the job done. He always maintained such a positive attitude and sees the best in life. He's a hard worker with a great sense of humor. I would recommend him to anyone. He's as good as it gets! -S.B.

In my Opinion one of the most well-versed attorneys out there very trustworthy. Knows his stuff and will treat you right. -E.R.

Pleased with my services and work that is being accomplished. -J.S.

Since the first day I walked into Bryan L Salamone’s office, attorney Katheryn Saciolo was very honest with me regarding a better and more affordable way of handling my case. She was very professional and handled everything efficiently. I also worked with her paralegal Doreen Moore who addressed all my concerns. I felt very comfortable working with Katheryn and Doreen. They were very understanding and have made this stressful moment in my life more tolerable. They walk me through every steps of the way and gave me great advice regarding my case. I was very fortunate to have such wonderful people helping me through this difficult process. I highly recommend Katheryn and Doreen to anyone who is looking for an attorney to represent them in their marital matters. -A.C.

Professional and caring. James J. Symancyk, Esq. is on point and efficient. -M.B.

Professional, reliable, open communications. Highly recommended! -G.D.

Went into Bryans Office really worried and concerned and left leaving with a sense of confidence. He has really helped me in a time of need , and would recommend him to anyone. Truly passionate about what he does and seems honestly dedicated to his clients. -C.S.

Since the first day I walked into Bryan L Salamone’s office, attorney Katheryn Saciolo was very honest with me regarding a better and more affordable way of handling my case. She was very professional and handled everything efficiently. I also worked with her paralegal Doreen Moore who addressed all my concerns. I felt very comfortable working with Katheryn and Doreen. They were very understanding and have made this stressful moment in my life more tolerable. They walk me through every steps of the way and gave me great advice regarding my case. I was very fortunate to have such wonderful people helping me through this difficult process. I highly recommend Katheryn and Doreen to anyone who is looking for an attorney to represent them in their marital matters. -A.C.

Pleased with my representation and knowledge of the lawyers. Great place and communication. -J.S.

This is the only place to go when you need legal help. The best divorce Attorney’s around. Jeffrey Herbst is a very important asset to this firm. He went above and beyond for me and I always felt comfortable and confident with him on my side. Highly recommend!! Also without Doria there I don’t know what they would do. She takes care of everything as well as knowing the client as well. She is unreplaceable. Brian she definitely is one of the main reasons as well I would always come back and recommend to everyone. All in all in a tough time in my life they made it a lot more relaxing. Thanks so much!!! -C.D.

Professional and caring. James J. Symancyk, Esq. is on point and efficient. -M.B.

Professional, reliable, open communications. Highly recommended! -G.D.

Katherine Saciolo has been nothing short of a Godsend throughout my relocation and contempt case against my ex husband. She is extremely attentive, caring and respectful. She always answers my questions and concerns and always replies to my emails in a timely manner. She fights hard for me and makes me feel as if I'm the only client she has. I've truly grown to love her! She and Bryan both have guided me through this whole process and I'm very grateful to have them both fighting for me. Katherine's paralegal Doreen is also one that deserves props as she is very personable and accommodating and I've grown quite attached to her as well. As far as some other reviews and complaints about the manners in which they're dealt, there's all types of personalities in the world. Some are warm and fuzzy, some are more in your face. I'm not paying for warm and fuzzy. I'm paying for a bulldog in the court room and I'd much rather have a "winning" "scandal" on my side than a warm and fuzzy pushover. However I've only experienced professionalism and courtesy from this firm. Having to go through the court process is never cheap. If you don't pay the electric bill, your lights get shut off. There's no difference. I do have a rock solid case. Even so, I realize the judge has the final say. Even if I don't get everything I want when this is all said and done, my feelings about this firm will not change! -H.D.

I have known Bryan for many years and over that time I have recommended his services to many of my friends. I am not the type of person that likes to recommend people, especially with attorneys because it usually ends up bad. I must say however that the office of Bryan L. Salamone is the best there is! the feedback I receive from friends and family members is amazing! from the office staff to Bryan himself, ... it is first class all the way! –D.G.S.

Cheapest place to get a divorce; helpful and professional. –F.E.

Bryan Salamone is the most professional, and knowledgeable divorce lawyer in New York. I have recommended Bryan Salamone, and associates to a few of my friends, fellow co workers regarding family court issues, as well as consultation for divorce. I was without a lawyer during my long divorce. My first consultation with one of Bryan's associates gave me a positive outlook on, how my divorce would turn out! I felt confident and foresaw nothing but positive outcomes for my future and the future of my daughter. Bryan Salamone helped me to feel positive about who I am, and what I was worth, and deserved. If you are looking to feel confident, knowing your family court or divorce case will be in your favor, then Bryan Salamone is the lawyer for you! If I could rate Bryan Salamone and Associates with a 10+ I would! He is only a phone call away! Give him a call! You won't be disappointed!! The results for your case whether you are the husband, or wife seeking the best possible attorney and law firm for family court or divorce court, Bryan Salamone is your man, your results will turn out like mine did, " WINNING" Thank you Bryan Salamone for having my best interest, when I had no hope. Your positive energy and commitment, bought light back into my life! –L.M.N.

Highly professional a true asset for any family law issue. Brandon Druek is a helpful and knowledgeable associate. –J.M.

It is not hard to see why Bryan Salamone is the top family lawyer in New York! Right from the start, Bryan made me feel at ease, listening intently to all of the details of my situation and based on the facts and his knowledge of the law assuaging my fears. I was quickly assured that he would do all he could to protect me and my family. Bryan's staff was professional and kind, and Bryan himself was gracious with his time, making himself available for in person consult and phone calls whenever the need arose. When the court date came, Bryan was exceptional. The courtroom can be an intimidating place, regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. But somehow, I was able to relax and even find comfort knowing I had representation with years of experience and considerable expertise who really cared. If I am ever unfortunate enough to be in a situation where I need legal help again, I know I can find solace in the fact that I have great people like Bryan Salamone and his firm in my corner! –A.M.

The attorney's at Bryan Salamone and Associates were outstanding from start to finish. It was a true team effort and they made the process of divorce less stressful and easier to understand. I would really like to thank Stephanie and Jeff for all their efforts and professionalism during this process. A special thanks to Victoria who was the paralegal on my case and who was there for me from start to finish. She worked very hard on my case with the attorneys and is extremely knowledgeable. There is no doubt she will make a fine attorney one day. R.N.

I am completely satisfied with Bryan L. Salamone and Associates. He is successful and I value his opinion because he knows what he is doing. I hired him for his experience and he seems to know everything. My matter was less expensive than I thought because I know how expensive lawyers are (not my first rodeo) trust me on this he is the best and I know he is reasonable. W.M.

I know Brian only three years, but I highly recommend him and his firm. I have even had the privedge of seeing him advocate for a client overseas. When he speaks ...people listen. New York's best!!!! J.W.

I have nothing but commendable things to say about Bryan and his staff. He made an otherwise grueling process not only bearable but tolerable. The staff welcomed me and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Bryan handled my case with care and professionalism and I would recommend him and his team to anyone. It was truly a pleasure working with him. –J.M

Bryan and his staff expedited my case and made it the best experience it possibly could be. Every step of the process I felt secure and confident in Bryan. I knew I was always in the best hands and wouldn't trust anyone else with such a delicate case. I can't give him or his staff enough praise, I'm completely pleased with everything and can't thank him enough. –M.R.

I knew of Bryan Salamone and I was hesitant to call because I know he was on the news for high profile cases. I was so surprised to hear his prices were so low. His hourly rate was under $300 and he personally did my intake. I got my divorce resolved in only a few of his billable hours and his associates and staff were very helpful. I highly recommend him to anyone going through a divorce. It's a tough time but they made things simple and easy. –A.H.

I recently re-retained this firm for my post judgment matter. My first experience was with Melody Maher, Esq. and her paralegal Victoria Sharvin. I was blown away by the both of them. They both worked so hard to make sure I didn't feel like just another client. Melody was always there for me and always had my best interests at hand. Victoria was always quick to make sure my questions were always answered and quick with a joke to put me at ease. Now that I have come back to the firm, I was saddened to hear that Melody was no longer with the firm, but relieved that Victoria was still there and that I would be working with my new attorney Stephen J. DePrima, and that she would be the paralegal on my matter again. Right from my initial meeting with Stephen I felt immediately at ease. He answered all of my questions and he took the time to explain everything to me. If you are looking for a great team I highly recommend Stephen DePrima and his paralegal, Victoria. —P.S.

I hired this firm to represent me in my child support matter. Stephen DePrima, Esq. was aces. I couldn't ask for a better attorney. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an aggressive attorney who really knows what he is doing. —S.D.

Bryan is not only a solid professional but he is able to see a situation from all angles and will personally take charge to make sure the outcome is favorable. He has become a friend. —P.C.

I hired Mr. Salamone to represent me and I can tell you this, he knows his stuff and everyone knows and respects him in the courts. I highly recommend him and his firm if you are seeking a relentless pit bull who will do what it takes to get the job done. I work with lawyers all the time and I can tell which ones are good. Bryan Salamone is the Best —J.M.

I did a fair amount of research looking for representation and everything I heard and read told me that this was the right legal move for me. Whatever doubts I might have had were quickly allayed when I met with Bryan Salamone and the attorney that would handle my case, Kevin Griffiths. I felt immediately that I was in good hands and would be more than adequately represented and my interests and rights protected. Never once did I doubt my choice. Kevin kept me informed every step of the way... communication was excellent. I cannot thank them and their staff for their support and making me feel that I was never alone, that I would get through this...and I did. —M.G.

Excellent attorney and great team. Very knowledgeable, attentive and responsive. Highly recommend his firm. He handled 2 of my cases and I am very happy. Him and his team delivers. —A.M.

Staff was excellent, very personable Felt well represented Katherine Saciolo and Victoria Sharvin were great . Well prepared . –J.A.

Staff was excellent felt well represented at court. –A.

In what was the worst period of my life, I turned to Bryan Salamone for representation. He put me in the hands of attorney Stephen DePrima, and my experience with this firm has been extraordinary. The whole staff, including Stephen's paralegal, Victoria, are always so welcoming and professional, and immediately put me at ease in this most stressful time. Their experience and knowledge has really taken the weight off me and I feel like I'm in totally safe hands. I would recommend this firm to anyone if they find themselves in the position of needing one. –M.B.

Hands down, the best! I felt very comfortable with Bryan and his associates! I consider these guys family. –A.B.

Real lifesavers. Katherine Saciolo, my attorney, was extremely professional and made this horrible situation manageable. –T.L.

Bryan made an otherwise painful process as easy and straightforward as it could've possibly been. Thanks again Bryan! –S.R.

Divorce is one of the hardest ordeals people can go through. Having Katherine Saciolo from Bryan Salamone's office handle my case helped resolve a matter that had dragged out for a very long time prior to her assistance. She was very professional, efficient, knowledgeable and compassionate. If you can avoid divorce do so at all costs but if you can't I highly recommend using Katherine. I had another lawyer prior to her and interviewed many others and Katherine outshined.

It's so hard to be upbeat when talking about divorce, but the one good thing was that I had Bryan Salamone and his team on my side. From the first phone call I felt at ease, I had made many calls to different offices but the vibe I received from the office was positive. Things that were important to me: knowledgeable, return phone calls or e mails, a reasonable fee, and the speed at which my case would be settled. All my expectations just listed were far and away met. Mr. Salamone is a warm caring attorney, after a couple of meetings I felt like a friend not a client. I was very impressed by how well known he was in the courthouse and the respect that he was greeted with, that was very comforting to me. I found him to be a fair person when negotiating with the opposing attorney, he has a great demeanor and has a way with words that helped get me the things that were important to me without arguing with the other side which leads to a stalemate and lengthens the case and increases the fee!!!!! I'm glad I listened to a friend who referred me to Mr. Salamone's office. I'm not a person who ever rates or reviews businesses, but my whole experience with Bryan Salamone and his team was so positive I needed to take some time to express how much they helped me at one of the most difficult times in my life. I hope what I wrote helps someone.

I feel that Kat and I communicated well, and I think she appreciated my input as much as I appreciated hers. I think we together made a good team. –S

It's a great law firm, Bryan and his team worked very closely with us during our chaotic times. He understands the situation and presents appropriate legal strategy to help through the situation. We would recommend working with Bryan and his team as they keep their clients interest as their top priority. -P.B

During this chaotic part of my life, it has been comforting knowing that I made the right decision with the lawyer I chose. Marc continuously has been knowledgeable and diligent with providing me aide with my case. His paralegal Doreen also has been a TREMENDOUS help with keeping me updated. Her kind personality in this stressful time is just a bonus! -M.Z

I have been with Bryan for almost 7 years in 4 matters and he has always treated me well; handles my problems with cases with my children, my pension, child support. He returns my calls and he gave me his personal number I highly recommended this firm! I am still a client. -A

Great law firm, Bryan takes the time to understand and plan out a sound legal strategy to suit your situation, He is very well respected in his field and has his clients best interest at heart!! –F.C.

Jamie Rose Hersh is the most amazing attorney anyone could ask for! –M.M.

Excellent service, they explained everything about my uncontested divorce. I was able to call when I had questions on filling out my paperwork. Very friendly staff. -T.

I was very pleased with this firm, especially because of Jamie Hersh. She is an amazing attorney. Jamie was always prepared, knows her stuff and did not miss a beat when in the courtroom. Worth mentioning, we won EVERYTIME! –D.P.

Bryan and Joe have made one of the hardest most stressful situations in my life easier. They are always a phone call away! Bryan and Joe have truly been compassionate of my feelings and put up a fight to protect myself and my son! I 110% trust them! Thank you Bryan and Joe for always being there for myself and my son! If anyone close to me was going through a hard time like myself, I would definitely refer them To use Bryan and Joe to fight for them! –NS

Bryan Salamone is Long Island's top divorce attorney. I have known him closely for years and his work ethic and zealous advocacy for his clients are second to none. Bryan gets the gamut of divorce cases -- from those representing the rich celebrities and business leaders to those involving more everyday people. His firm, Long Island's largest domestic relations law firm, has the personnel, experience and bandwidth to handle any type of divorce with any kind of client. Bryan is notable in the legal community on Long Island for his creativity in both litigating and settling divorce and other domestic relations cases. He is always being quoted on TV and in newspapers for his deep knowledge of divorce cases. If you know Bryan well, as I do, you would find him to a passionate advocate for his clients who works day and night for them. Accordingly, I have not hesitated to refer my divorce clients to him and let him work his magic on their cases. He is committed to winning for his clients and he delivers the goods. I recommend him highly and without reservation. –S.

I cannot say enough about Bryan Salamone. I met him the first time in 2006, and needed his assistance recently. He is knowledgeable, kind and very patient with people like me, who aren't sure of the law. There isn't a question he can’t answer...and I trust him implicitly. All of the people at his office are very nice as well and they make you feel very comfortable. I am very happy that I chose Bryan Salamone and his associates to help me. -K.G.

I have seen many attorneys at work and Mr. Salamone is the finest at his profession. He was very professional and successful in 2 important cases for myself. Since then I have sent 2 very close friends with challenging cases. He personally handled the cases and I still receive thanks from my friends about him. I am very happy with the work he does and will continue to recommend him and his firm. -C.C.

I was represented by Joseph Gulino, he did a fantastic job. He was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease every time I spoke with him. He really amazed me in court on his knowledge of the law and knew exactly what to say and do in the court room. We won the case the first day he came to court. I highly recommend this law firm! -D.H.

Bryan is second to none! He has helped me with several incidents with each time leaving me 110% satisfied! He has treated me like family since day one which I am very thankful for as it's hard to find genuine people in this line of work these days! Thanks again Bryan!!! -N.

I've known Bryan for a little while now, and when I presented him with my unfortunate situation, he made a pleasant experience out of something that was supposed to be a nightmare. Very straightforward, everything promised was delivered, and I was taken care of through the whole process with any questions I had as if I was their only customer. Highly recommendable! Thanks Bryan. -S.R.

I had a wonderful experience using Bryan L Salamone and Associates. Bryan and his excellent team of attorneys did a great job dealing with my divorce and I was thrilled with the outcome. It was a pleasure to work with such a friendly and professional staff and I would highly recommend using this law firm for all Family Law matters. -A.

Bryan Salamone is the Best. I am very happy with the result I obtained in only one Court appearance. I was lucky to have him and he has made the situation far better than I could have imagined. I appeared with him in Court and he explained the matter to both me and my Father and we were finished in no time. Since then I have sent two close friends to him for very tough cases and I received the best feedback. He is always caring but ready to attack when the need arises. I am glad that to have him on my side and it is amazing that with his experience and his reputation he remains humble and affordable. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a case. –S.M.

My experience was wonderful with Bryan Salamone, and also with his paralegals and his private investigator. My husband and his lawyer were outsmarted and out gunned by Mr. Salamone. My husband owns numerous properties and businesses and my husband hired a lawyer who liked to hear herself speak but had no business sense. Bryan Salamone was the first man I ever met that could outsmart my husband in business and with his own business knowledge ... Ladies the law is on our side but without a lawyer who is an experienced person and a shrewd businessman .. You won't get what you deserve. In the end I got everything I wanted and mr Salamone game my husband what he deserved: a lesson that he can be outsmarted. After 32 years of marriage and raising 4 kids I gave my husband most of my life but thanks to Mr. Salamone and his caring staff ...MY HUSBAND is paying ME for the REST OF HIS LIFE. Experience counts; I'm so happy with the lawyer I chose!! Thank you Bryan Salamone!! -P.B.

Finally an attorney who fought for my sons rights as a father who just wanted to see his kids every weekend ...thanks to Mr. Salamone my grandkids can come see Grandma and Grandpa....for many months my son Josh would have trouble picking up the kids or call them to ask how they were doing little Sofia and Anthony can grow up knowing that their father cares and will be around forever ...Thanks again Mr. Salamone -K

I could not have asked for a more competent and caring law firm. The staff was nothing but superb!!!!!!!!!!! Paralegal Victoria Sharvin was the epitome of professional, not letting one detail go missed and was always willing to answer my questions and make me feel like everything was going to be ok. Attorney James Symancyk is one of the best I have ever dealt with! He was professional and always courteous to my situation, and I couldn't be happier with his work and the result of it! –R.C.

Jamie Hersch represented us in a dispute and I can tell you I am nothing but pleased. Jamie and her assistant Doria treated us like we were their only clients. I never felt rushed or pressured, and they made sure that we made the best decision for the best outcome possible. I truly appreciate their help and support, and hopefully we never have a legal issue in New York again, however if we do, we know who to contact. –P.

Doreen M is a top notch professional paralegal. She was extremely helpful and is a great asset to the firm. I strongly recommend this law firm. –N.

I have been with Bryan L. Salamone in court and I was happy to learn that he is the most well-known attorney. I felt like everybody listened to him and that he commanded the court room. I know his staff, and even the young associates were hungry and aggressive. I can't thank him enough for what he did for me, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to win their case. –E.O.

As I turned 18 I was confronted with a very difficult and complex family law problem. My family broke apart as I was faced with a possible foreclosure and I was also dealing with very positive business opportunities. I took Bryan Salamone as my Counsel and Mr. Salamone gave me fantastic advice in all areas. Always. I COMPLETELY recommend him. It is my experience that an attorney should know more than just one type of law. I was glad that Mr. Salamone had vast business experience and real estate experience and his help has been very valuable. I always felt lucky to get his advice and to be with the sharpest a MOST successful lawyer. If you want to a lawyer who you can trust call, I would recommend him 100% all day! Absolutely top notch service. –A.D.

Marc was fantastic and is a real men's rights attorney. I received shared parenting with my kids and couldn't be happier. Thanks Marc!! –H.P.

Stephanie Cunha represented me. She is an excellent attorney, I have already referred friends to her and will continue to do so. –R.B.

Ms. McGee really took the time to listen to my situation and was very helpful in answering all my questions. –K.E.

After speaking with several different attorney's I chose this firm. Stephanie handled my child support case and the outcome was great. I am truly grateful for all of her hard work and support. –W.L.

Doreen always goes out of her way for me and is always very helpful and warm she always spends her quality time over the phone with me. Katherine is exceptional in the courtroom and over the phone. I am grateful for all she has done. Thank you. –Z.A.

I never thought I had to step foot into a family law office before. I was scared and confused about what to do. I met with Marc Stein who was not only cordial and kept me calm during the initial consultation, but his knowledge of the law and what I was entitled to did away with the confusion. I retained Marc on the spot and throughout the litigation process he kept me calm through the worst part of my life. Thank you Marc for everything. –J.L.

Heather Mcgee was very helpful throughout this difficult process. She does her job very well and is a great listener. –P.S.

Jamie Hersh was the most phenomenal attorney I could ever ask for. –L.D.

Jamie Hersh was so knowledgeable, couldn't ask for a better attorney to help us out! –S.S.

I would absolutely recommend Bryan L. Salamone & Associates in any divorce matter, especially for all the father's out there that have been told that they can never get custody of their children. My case was assigned to Jeffrey Herbst and he was the best. Always professional and dedicated to my case. He was extremely knowledgeable with my case and always available to speak to me at the most difficult time in my life. –M.G.

I have worked with James Symancyk on a number of issues and he has been extremely knowledgeable, thorough and responsive. I would recommend James' service to anyone looking for representation with any related family law issue. –P.E.M

I could not be more pleased with Bryan Salamone & Associates. Mr. Salamone assigned my case to Jeffrey Herbst and he was respectful, knowledgeable with my case and always available to speak to. Most importantly, he achieved the results I hoped for in an expeditious manner. I absolutely would refer him & Bryan L. Salamone & Associates in to all my friends and family. –M.J.

I always felt like I mattered, my questions and concerns were treated foremost. Mrs. Laura Chiques was extremely knowledgeable and professional and helped make my experience easy and personable. It's very hard to find that kind of commitment and dedication these days and I was not disappointed and incredibly pleased with my experience with results I did not believe would be attainable In such a timely fashion. –F.I.

Bryan Salamone has represented my interests for many years and I know that he is tough as nails. I am always impressed when he negotiates and advocates for me. He is very well known in the Long Island area. He is the most well regarded Attorney in his field. I highly recommend him and his firm if you want the best for you and your family. He did right by me in my small matter. –P.V.

I was represented by Kevin Griffiths in my custody matter. He truly made my experience with the Family Court a breeze. I maintained custody of my son and I could not be more thankful. He was an excellent attorney. Everyone knew him and was pleasant to him in Court. My office experience was just as fabulous. His paralegal Laura was so sweet and helpful. Worked closely with me and was a great friend to me during a stressful and trying time. I would highly recommend the firm and couldn't be happier with the service I received. Thank you Kevin and Laura! You guys are truly an amazing team. –L.C.

Thank you Bryan Salamone on behalf of you and your firms gold standard professional service. The attorneys at your firm such as you and James Symancky truly exemplify efficiency, trust and confidence with their clients which is what all should seek in search for an attorney. My case was handled flawlessly and made the process so easy . I will continue to patronize this law firm for all of my legal matters going forward and would recommend this practice to all with the highest regard. –J.J.D.

I could not be happier with Bryan L. Salamone & Associates in getting me the results I wanted for my divorce case. My attorney, Jeffrey Herbst, was always professional, knowledgeable and attentive to my needs throughout my divorce. I came to Bryan Salamone & Associates because my prior attorney was not getting me the results I expected and my case was going nowhere fast. The best decision in my life was hiring Bryan Salamone. His staff was respectful to me at the lowest part of my like. I highly recommend this firm and Jeffrey Herbst for anyone going through a divorce case. –M.G.

Victoria, my husband and I have been very impressed with you and your work. In our experience, you have been very helpful, professional, and reliable with everything. Your compassion and ability to truly understand our case and what we are going through helps us feel better about what is going on as well as feel more confident about our case. Thank you for your patience in educating us about the court system and how these cases usually work. It has been tremendously helpful. Thank you again for all that you have done for us. We greatly appreciate it! –S.T.

Victoria, words cannot express my extreme gratitude to you for your professionalism, knowledge and expertise, time, coordination efforts, efficiency, and for your utmost hard-work handling my custody case. As you know, my case is very complex and I'm so much more at ease knowing that you have been a part of the team. You have been extremely helpful, compassionate and understanding during a most difficult time. Thank you for your ongoing support, dedication, and diligence. –D.S.

Victoria was amazing. She helped me get a focused idea together and helped me put together a rational plan when I couldn't focus on anything except stressing out! Thank you SO much for everything! –B.S.

My husband and I have been friends with Bryan for many years!! Unfortunately during that time many of our friends and family members have become unhappy with their spouse, when asked if we knew a good divorce attorney we said to try Bryan. We normally do NOT like to make recommendations, especially when a couple is enduring such a difficult time in their lives. The feedback with Bryan however has always been outstanding!!! We constantly hear back what a smart and kind attorney he is!! Although we hate to see our family\/friends split up, it is comforting to know that there is such a fantastic attorney available to steer the ship!!! –D.S.

Victoria Sharvin was such a great help! She made me feel like I was making the right choice when I contacted the firm. She is very personable and professional. Great service. –K.W.

Laura Chiques was the best paralegal ever made my divorce easier and helped me get through a very difficult time. S.L.

Having been represented by Bryan Salamone in the past and most recently by Jeffrey Herbst, I can write that they are professional and competent in their representation. Family Court is arbitrary, capricious and without reason. However, my attorneys have always represented me with my best interest in mind and offered their expertise in guiding me through a system that is nonsensical. I highly recommend this firm. –V.

I could not be happier with the legal representation I received from Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, especially Jeffrey Herbst, in my complicated divorce case. He had great knowledge of my case, was always well prepared and got me the results I was promised. Most importantly, I was granted custody of my kids. –M.J.

The professional way of handling the case, as well as to find solution and be ready and well prepared while studying the case. The positive result speaks for itself. And most important, was always updated and discussing the options we have and choose what’s best for us. Grateful and thankful that I am in the hands of Bryan Salamone. Highly recommended and by far unmatched. God Bless. A.B.

Having been represented by Bryan Salamone in the past and most recently by Jeffrey Herbst, I can write that they are professional and competent in their representation. Family Court is arbitrary, capricious and without reason. However, my attorneys have always represented me with my best interest in mind and offered their expertise in guiding me through a system that is nonsensical. I highly recommend this firm. –M.C.

I had seen Mr. Salamone at Court and I was so impressed I asked for his card; fired my lawyer; and hired Mr. Salamone’s firm. After 2 years of fighting my husband I felt like they were always on my side and the secretaries talked to me like we were friends. When Bryan Salamone came to my final Court appearance everyone (even the judge) looked impressed when he spoke. I got what I needed and both James and Jeff Herbst also worked with me after my divorce to enforce the court orders that Mr. Salamone had won. There are a lot of unhappy people in Divorce Court and I was not one of them. I totally trust and recommend this Firm for any woman going through a messy divorce. –R.R.

Bryan Salamone and his staff have been amazing! My case has been one of the most difficult things in my life. I consulted and retained a few lawyers with negative results. Bryan is one the most knowledgeable, professional, confident and from what I've seen in the courtroom, well respected lawyers. He helped me come to an agreement that was fair, considering my circumstances. I only wish I retained him first. I will be forever grateful to Bryan and his staff. Thank you! –M.S.

Great representation at a fair price. I can't speak for all of the lawyers at the firm but Jeffrey Herbst did an outstanding job for me. –J.B.

Jeff did a great job with my recent custody dispute. I honestly wish he was with me from the beginning of my divorce. –M.B.

Melody Maher handled my divorce. She was very knowledgeable about all aspects of my case at all times. Melody was extremely honest and if she felt any pressure during the time I worked with her from the other side she never showed it. Her paralegal Victoria was extremely compassionate towards me. Victoria would let me vent when I needed too and never rushed me off the phone. Victoria made me feel like my concerns mattered, no matter how trival I thought they may have been at the time. I truly felt at ease confiding in Melody and Victoria. Both Melody and Victoria were extremely professional and I would highly recommend Attorney Melody Maher and her paralegal Victoria to anyone going through a divorce. –R

During my divorce Melody Maher was my attorney. Through every battle with my ex and her attorney Melody fought hard for me. Melody never once made me feel like I was just another client . Her paralegal Victoria was the sweetest woman with a heart of gold. Victoria always seemed to know when to chim in with a joke to lighten the mood but also was so compassionate towards my situation. Both Melody and Victoria made going through my divorce a lot easier. – P.S.

Great attorneys got my divorce done in less than a year. Very friendly and helpful staff. –J

I couldn't be more pleased how Mr. Herbst handled my divorce case. He was so patient and understanding with me. At times,when things got heated, he was the only one in the room who kept his cool, and without missing a beat, restored calmness and steered it right back where it needed to be. He made me feel very comfortable, I completely had trust in him, and he worked out an excellent settlement for me and my children in a quick amount of time before my court date. What really impressed me the most, was that he did all of this with such kindness and respect toward me. The woman Doria, who also works in the firm, couldn't have been nicer and helpful also. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help. He is truly a good, decent man and my family and I couldn't be more thankful! –M.S.

At the time when I retained Marc Stein, I had been going through a unjust divorce. I came to him disconcerted and distraught. Within that initial consultation with him, I felt a shred of confidence come through, and I knew he was who I was to retain as my Lawyer. I was immediately impressed not only with his professionalism and law wisdom, but with the way he made me feel comfortable, and secure in the knowledge, that I deserved more than I expected. Mr. Stein explained to me thoroughly what we were going to do, was extremely dedicated, compassionate and was always available. Marc Stein is genuinely concerned and does what is best for his client. He is very persistent and is knowledgeable. I put my trust in him. He made me feel comfortable, and eased all my concerns and worries. Marc Stein has an immense arsenal of knowledge regarding divorce laws. There wasn't a moment when I didn't trust him. My case was extremely successful and I have Marc to thank for that. I was pleased with all he did and continues to do for me. It was a pleasure to have Marc as my attorney, as he was able to provide me with a level of comfort through one of the most trying times of my life. He was able to guide me through the process and took his time in explaining everything that needed to take place. He provided me with a level of contentment, that I never thought I would be able to sustain during my ordeal. Marc Stein is that one power tool to have by your side. He is cohesive and knows the law. He will fight for your rights, and guide you through the process with ease and professionalism. He gave me alternatives on how to proceed, and I was in control of how I wanted my divorce to turn out. In the end, I am content with the outcome of my divorce. Marc Stein is a exceptional and outstanding divorce lawyer! –L.M.

Dealing with Bryan L Salamone's office was great and definitely did a great job with handling my case. My lawyer Jonathan Tatun was great as well. He was very professional and paid 100% attention to my case. I just want to thank Jonathan and the office of Bryan L Salamone for everything they did. -J.T.

Very receptive. Warm and welcoming Quick responses Jamie is fantastic at what she does! –P

My experience has been 10 stars. All communication with the firm's attorneys and support staffs have been very pleasant and supportive. I am extremely relieved that I chose your law firm. Thank you kindly for your assistance and making my experience a great one. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! -Y.

I would like to show my appreciation & thank Bryan Salamone’s office (Jonathan Tatun), for helping me through such a rough time in my life. They guided me in the right direction & made the entire process go so much smoother!! I cannot thank him enough!! I highly recommend this firm!! 5+ stars 🙂 –A.Z.

This is definitely one of the best divorce law firms on the island. They knew all the answers to every question I had, and knew the process inside & out. My x-wife fought me on everything… I don’t know what I would do without this firm…they are eager/aggressive. -C.

Melody Maher is a fantastic lawyer! I would highly recommend her.-V.F.

My attorney, Melody Maher, carefully and patiently walked with me through the landmines of New York divorce proceedings to a fair outcome. She remained calm as I lost my cool and professionally guided me through to the conclusion of my proceedings. -C.W.

Bryan is a good, honest guy. He is also a tough lawyer. I retained him after having a terrible experience with another lawyer. I needed someone to help protect my daughter from an angry drunk father. He told me upfront what to expect, and what not to. Their fees are reasonable, and they worked with me, as I didn't have a lot of money. He has a lot of experience and a good reputation with the court and the judge. He and his staff were always courteous and returned calls promptly. He always made time to see me and personally handle my questions or concerns. I wish I had gone here to begin with. Go see Bryan, he will take care of you. –A.L.

Fantastic firm. I was in dire need of a firm that could provide real aggressive representation, as my divorce could not have been going any worse. This firm delivered. -B.

Melody Maher was an amazing advocate on my behalf. My settlement could not have been better. I wholly recommend her - you won't regret it. Thank you Melody!!! –C.

Stephanie helped make the process as painless as such a difficult situation could be. She helped with all my many questions and assured me that all the documents were completed completely and accurately. Would definitely recommend to anyone going through any kind of marital situation. -M.Z.

I retained James Symancyk of this firm to assist me in a nasty custody matter with my ex. James was able to help me obtain sole custody of my son with the father having no rights for visitation. I can't thank him enough for helping my family and I get through this difficult situation. I would highly recommend James to anyone going through something like this. –M.B.

Definitely the best firm for divorce. These lawyers know the process inside and out. If you want eager/aggressive representation, this is the firm. -H.B.

Everybody knows how successful Mr. Salamone is. I must say that outside the office, as eccentric as he may seem, Bryan is an outstanding person. Always involved in community outreach, fund raising events and supporting local business. I know that my opinion is just another in a sea of positive feedback, but good people deserve good feedback! –R.C.

I am still going through this process so the outcome has yet to be determined. Since this process is new to me I was not interested in my case being handled with a cookie cutter approach along with the mentality that all divorces are the same therefore all clients are the same. I needed an attorney who would be able to see me as an individual and who would understand that my situation is as unique as I am. I needed an attorney who would be able to explain the process, answer my questions and have a sense of compassion knowing that my life is about to be forever changed. I found exactly what I needed in attorney Marc Stein. He is extremely knowledgeable and well versed when it comes to the specifics of the law and this process. He responds to e-mails and his voicemail messages promptly and will make himself available for a meeting if there are any issues that need to be further addressed. My future has been placed in the hands of Marc Stein. I have enough faith in Marc to know that he will do whatever he can to make sure that the outcome of my case is just and fair and once this process has been completed I can start over with peace of mind. -K.D.

Jeff is a highly competent attorney who cares about his clients and makes every effort to deliver for them. After experiencing other attorneys, who were previously involved on both sides of my case, it was comforting to know that Jeff has the knowledge, skills, and dedication to get great results. He is highly recommended. –A.

Throughout the whole process I felt confident that I chose the right attorney. Jonathan and his paralegal Laura's professionalism and expertise were of invaluable help and support to me during my divorce process. My intention was to pursue an amicable divorce and both Jonathan and Laura were clear in their respect and support of that intent. During the entire process, his office staff was welcoming and responsive to my calls and questions in a positive and supportive way. When my emotions were running high, they brought a calm and measured approach that made me feel supported and understood. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for making my divorce process as stress free as possible. What mattered the most to me is that Jonathan understood the need for my family to come out of this divorce with the least amount of damage possible for the sake of my children, with that being said I would not hesitate to refer a client to Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. –S.

From the very first phone call, with then going forward to speaking to an attorney. I am very well pleased with the professionalism that I have received. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is seeking a divorce –V.F.

Bryan L. Salamone has to be one of the most responsive people I know. He is always constantly trying to keep in contact and makes sure you are getting taken care of. When seeing Bryan in action I saw that not only was he dedicated in resolving my problems but that he actually has a real passion for the Law and helping his clients. Passion is not something you can imitate or replicate. It needs to come from somewhere very true and pure. –S.M.

Katherine has made herself available whenever I have needed her. She always has a smile and deals with me with respect. Though I get upset with my situation at times and sometimes take it out on her, she is understanding and thoughtful. Everyone in the office is courteous. Bryan, I appreciate that you work with me on the bills. It has so far cost me in excess of 115k dollars, so every bit helps. –D.C.

It’s really an Honor to deal with the company I feel so proud that I have been given excellent professional support by the company and in particular Mr. Jeffery Herbst, with my ongoing situation not only him but the entire company have been just like a home to me, may God Bless you all. –A.B.

From day number one, this firm and my attorney Marc Stein in particular have been extremely supportive and have walked me through every step of my complicated divorce and custody battle. Mr. Stein listened patiently to my situation and answered all my questions from the start. He quickly attends to all my urgent matters and takes them seriously. He is a phenomenal litigator and trial attorney as well. He is sharp, and determined to get me what I deserve. Mr. Stein is a very talented attorney. I feel confident in recommending this firm. –K.P.

So far so good ... Brian met with me personally along with my attorney handling the case. They made me feel confident and answered all my questions upon retaining. My divorce is still in the works, but I'm sure Salamone will expedite the outcome and make sure I get a fair settlement. Thank you. –K.H.

Marc was good at keeping me updated and informed. He did his job well. –D.E.

I recommend this law firm, they are very honest they do not take advantage of your money. I am very pleased with the outcome it really worked out in favor for my child –L. , mom of a precious little boy with special needs.

This firm treated me like a person and took the time to answer all of my questions. I felt the amount of lawyers at the firm translated into a "database" and that combined I had a team behind me. I was also very happy with the paralegals. On my "Big Day" Mr. Salamone showed up and my case settled. I think my husband’s attorney was afraid to go to trial. I recommend them! –V.C.

Kathrine is an excellent lawyer. Her knowledge of family court and her knowledge of the details of my case are certainly paying off in the court room. She is pleasant to work with and always available to answer any questions I may have. I have never been so pleased working with anyone. Clearly she is a valuable asset to your law firm. Her readiness and all the prep she has done has been obvious! On top of everything else Kathrine is under unusual circumstances fighting with me against three lawyer who can’t hold up against her! No one comes close to her expertise! It has been a pleasure working with her. I would and will highly recommend her to anyone who needs a lawyer with her expertise. I am very grateful for all her hard work and am feeling quite blessed to have her working on my case. –D

My situation was handled professionally and with understanding. –C.

I had a few consultations before I found this office. Once I came here I knew I was retaining. I was always greeted with a smile, and my attorney Jame Symancyk was very knowledgeable and aggressive. They were always willing to work with me concerning my payments and I was always able to get through to someone when I needed to. From the attorneys to the paralegals there is nothing I can say bad about this office. Highly recommend! –P.

Melody was wonderful. I would highly recommend her. –L.N.

Top notch attorney, great result in Supreme Court with my divorce settlement. –A.M.

Mr. Salamone is exceptional. –R

I had the delight of having Melody as my attorney. She was always very punctual with court appearances, kept me abreast of the happenings of my case, and maintained professionalism throughout. She is a great attorney and I would recommend her. –L.B.

Overall I am very satisfied with the firm. Both Marc Stein and Mr. Salamone made good on their word at the initial interview and put to rest a very difficult, trying case. They were attentive to my needs in this case. In addition they put up with me, which can be difficult at times, I know. LOL. In addition the staff was professional and courteous at all times. Should I have anyone that needs divorce services in the future I shall be sure to recommend your firm highly. Thank you. Sincerely, Dr. P. L.

I would definitely recommend Salamone and Associates to anyone needing legal advice/representation on divorce. I have the utmost respect for them. They made a difficult time manageable for me. They were always very professional and answered all my questions and phone calls in a timely manner. They were very knowledgeable on all aspects of my case and I always felt like I was in good hands. If you have to go through something like this definitely call Salamone and Associates. – J.

Professional and compassionate service from every level of the Company.- Mr. S.

Jamie Hersh is the best! –P

Jonathan is a great attorney. I honestly felt that he cared about my case as if it were his own! He got me the results I needed and I couldn't be more pleased. I would recommend him to anyone. -J

I have found, all of the Attorneys (especially Mr. Salamone) at Bryan L. Salamone and Associates to be exceptional in their knowledge of all Marital and Family Court matters. The attorneys and the staff are always courteous, friendly and willing to help out no matter what the circumstances. I would trust any Matrimonial/Family matter to them and highly recommend them to all. -D

If there's one lawyer who will fight for you in court and win your case, it's Bryan Salamone. -T.VR

Both in and out of the office Bryan is a man of his word and one classy guy! -S

Jamie is great! She explained everything to us and was very patient. She is also very responsive. -M

Courteous, professional, honest, and highly recommend Bryan Salamone for any family law matter. - S.C.

My daughter and my two year old grand-daughter was thrown out of her apartment by her husband. I went with my daughter to see Bryan Salamone because a friend told me he was the best. I didn’t think that I could afford it. I heard that he had been on television and I saw pictures of him with expensive cars. It turned out his rates were lower than anyone else and he was there by himself giving us a free consultation at 7:30 pm at night. He ended up not doing the case himself, he assigned it to a female attorney and she later left the firm. When I complained he resumed the case and made my daughter feel wonderful. In fact, it was like being with a family friend when the case was over. I can’t say enough about him and his firm and his services. I thank him for what he did with my daughter’s case. If we would have gone to a different lawyer first, and that lawyer refused to allow me to be in the same room as my daughter when she discussed this case. We are a close knit Italian family and I didn’t want anything to do with a lawyer who wouldn’t let me be in the same room as my daughter, especially when I was paying for it. Turned out Bryan L. Salamone & Associates was cheaper anyway. There were under $300.00 an hour when everyone else was $350.00 to $450.00. – J. F.

Bryan L. Salamone is a great lawyer and did right by me and my kids. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Family Law attorney. I most definitely will be using him in the near future. – A. F.

I applaud my attorneys for what they did for me. They did what I wanted and they fought to get the truth out!– J. L.

Bryan L. Salamone is a great lawyer and did right by me and my kids. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Family Law attorney. I most definitely will be using him in the near future. – A. F.

I am writing this letter to you to commend Marc Stein, Esq., and Nirvana Singh (Paralegal). Nirvana was always professional when I called to speak to my lawyer, Mr. Stein. She would take my message if he wasn’t in and let me know when he would return my call. Marc Stein was very personable and always put me at ease when the anxiety of my case would become overwhelming. He assured me that we would get what we needed, we were fully prepared and we prevail in Court. Thank you – J. L.

I haven't had the opportunity to speak to you since the last time. Both and D and I are very appreciative for the fine work you and your Associates have performed in regards to the divorce litigation. A lot of effort has been given to accomplish the desired results thus far and I sincerely understand and appreciate these efforts. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.– D & JI

I paid only $600.00 for this firm to review my case before they accepted the case and in the two hours I spent with them they blew me away. Mr. Salamone spoke to me like nobody has ever spoken to me with honesty and clear and frank manner. I have been lied to and had gotten the run around by three different firms during this three year divorce and even though Mr. Salamone could not help me, I wished I would have hired him in the beginning and things wouldn’t have been this bad. I came to Mr. Salamone because of his reputation as being an absolute shark and aggressive yet he convinced me not to proceed and to live with the settlement that I felt was forced upon me. I appreciate that he didn’t lie and promise me things like every other lawyer I had seen. – C.A.

I consulted with Bryan Salamone and Associates to be my third attorney. I was nervous about changing attorneys and how the Court would look at me. I had a unique case and my wife was crazy. She was also negligent. I hadn’t been able to prove this until I met Bryan Salamone & Associates. On the day of trial Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. On the day of trial Mr. Salamone and Marc Stein, Esq., appeared. We settled the case and my wife got custody. It was only three weeks later that there was an incident and Bryan Salamone & Associates immediately got me full and complete custody even though I had given my rights up three weeks earlier. They were able to put my case before everyone and get what I needed immediately. They reacted in one day's time. Nobody could have done that. I had other law firms never returned my calls and never listened to me. I can’t say enough about them as a law firm. They may have saved my daughter’s life and they have gotten me everything I wanted. - R.D.

When I came to the firm, I had been thrown out of my own house and I had bought my house long before I got married. I had cases going on in Family Court, District Court and Supreme Court. The story was so incredible, I thought no one would believe me. My wife had convinced everybody that I was an alcoholic and violent. In fact, my first appearance in criminal case in District Court, I was sent to alcohol evaluations and anger management. It was after this that I contacted Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. and they agreed to take all three cases. I couldn’t believe the rate I was given, since the cases were involving the same people and the same factual circumstances, they agreed to do the three cases for the price of one. One by one the cases were resolved. I only have a few open ended issues, but I am back in the home, I am seeing my child each and everyday; and they have exposed my wife’s lies for what they truly were. Incredibly, it is the System that is not allowing my wife to drop the Order of Protection at this point, but we are working towards it, and I am sure they will be able to get this for me. I am happy to make this review and recommend this firm. - C.T.

My divorce has been going on three years and I have boxes full of paper work; motions and delays. My attorney was from a Garden City Law Firm and he was in Florida more than he was in New York. My friend told me about his divorce with Bryan Salamone, Esq. I contacted the firm and met with Mr. Salamone personally. He offered to review some of my papers for free if I retained him for a small amount. He explained things to me in a manner that no one else ever did. If was if I finally understood the process and what was going on. He printed out the court’s database and showed the case had been postponed about twenty times and I had no idea that my lawyer was postponing it. Within five months of hiring Mr. Salamone my three year divorce resolved in my favor. I have joint shared parenting and I am involved in every part of my children’s life. I recommend the firm to anyone and the transfer of attorney was simple and easy as well as cost effective. My old attorney was over $450.00 an hour and he never even returned my calls. Mr. Salamone was under $300.00 an hour and returned my call even on the weekends. - A.M.

Thank you for appearing today and I really appreciate your help and you did a great job. I'm more than satisfied with your work, you're very professional at what you do and you have a very good attitude doing it and that is hard to come by these days. - T.L.

Bryan, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me in less than a week. You and your firm have been amazing! - T.S.

I am writing this letter to you to commend Nirvana Singh. I know from growing up with my Parents having a business that the first interaction with a client is the most important. A simple phone call could make it or break it. Nirvana always had such spirit & dedication when I would call & would try her best to see if my lawyer was in & either let me leave a voice mail or take a message. She would inform me if they were in Court so I would have an idea if I would be hearing from them. Her personality & work ethics are great. She is definitely an outstanding employee. Thank you. - M.V.

I am writing this to you to commend Patti Robbins. In all my dealings with Patti she was not only professional she dealt with a number of items for me. I am sure you know that Patti wears many hats in your office. She was always considerate & a pleasure to deal with. Everything she did for me was always done correctly & expeditiously, even after Donny was gone she was still there for me. She is an asset in your law fim1. Thank you. - M.V.

I am writing this letter to you to commend Katherine M. Saciolo. When she took over my case after Donny Secas was gone she did more than he did in a very short amount of time. She is truly a professional & I hope you realize what a valued lawyer & employee she is. Divorce is not an easy process but when you have the right person representing you - you know they have your back & are doing everything in their power to expedite the process & make it as easy as possible. Katherine has done this & more. Besides being a great lawyer she was also a very caring person when I was going through my surgery for Ovarian Cancer and there were complications. Knowing my case was in her hands I did not have to worry or think about anything while going through the above. You would be lucky to have more lawyers in your firm like Katherine. Thank You. - M.V.

Bryan Salamone did right by me. I waited seven years with everybody telling me to divorce my husband including my therapist and my own children. After meeting with Bryan Salamone paired me with a female attorney named Stephanie. At first I was hesitant, but she listened to me and Mr. Salamone was more than happy to put his second opinion at all times. Throughout this case me husband kept telling me that I would be penniless; that he would take the children away from me; and that nobody else would want me. I brought my family, my father and my brother to Mr. Salamone’s office on several occasions when I was having doubts and I thought it wasn’t going my way. I’m happy to say everything went my way and I am completely different and in a much better space than when I first met Mr. Salamone. His firm became like family to me and I must have recommended him about fifteen times. Writing this testimonial is the least that I can do.- J.M.R.

I had two attorneys before I hired Bryan Salamone’s office. I was afraid that a Judge would look down on me for having switched attorneys three times. My wife had filed CPS allegations against me; attempted to get an Order of Protection; an even took half of our bank account leaving me to pay all the expenses out of the remaining half. Incredibly she even asked for attorney’s fees.

The attorneys I had, both law firms, never returned my calls and made me feel like I was bothering them. You promised me that you would return my calls and you did. This is the only time, in my life, that a lawyer delivered what he promised.

Even though my case settled, I was so happy to know that you had my back. In fact you had my interest at heart. I’m more than happy with the settlement and I understand that you were thinking about me and my children throughout the settlement negotiations. The case settled for exactly what I wanted and I believe the settlement only occurred because you were prepared for trial. The other lawyers never were prepared; always had a reason to postpone or adjourn. When I came to you, you printed out the court system database to show me my case has been adjourned thirty something times. I had no idea. I had been paying for lawyers to go to Court unprepared and adjourn cases. It was only through your firm that we showed up with nine boxes of documents in perfect order and a trial memorandum ready to go on the date of trial. With that showing of strength that prompted the settlement instead of a trial.

Settlement negotiations are worth nothing if someone is not prepared to go to war. Thank you for being there for me.— S.F.

I am a teacher and my husband called CPS on me. I had a back surgery and was prescribed medication. My husband used this against me. I cannot have a record with CPS. Mr. Salamone’s Associate, Kris, was able to resolve my case so that it didn’t affect my job or my rights as a mother. My daughter’s is the most important thing in my life. My husband would have said anything to take her from me.— A.

I saw Mr. Salamone on News 12 and I upon researching him, I found out that he has been quoted and has done noteworthy cases. My case was unique as my wife is a public figure/celebrity. The case has been litigated for over six years and I changed attorneys to Mr. Salamone’s firm. Within two months of changing to Mr. Salamone’s firm I had more results than I received in six years. Finally my answers to my questions were answered and I kept asking myself why did I wait so long. I can’t thank them enough for making the most complex matter simple and resolving my case to my satisfaction.— J.K.

I contacted Mr. Salamone two years ago. Back then I did not think that I could afford his services. I had assumed that he only dealt with expensive matters or rich people. To the contrary, his rates were far below any attorney that I have consulted. I don’t know why I waited so long but after two years I received my second free consult. I have now retained his services and couldn’t be happier.— C.T.

Thank you for your wonderful service James provided for me during a difficult time in my life. James was always very professional, also, courteous during the process of filing for divorce. Thank you again for such a wonderful team, all the assistants (Laura) were great to work with.— A.C.

Bryan L. Salamone and Associates was a pleasure to work with. My divorce was easy and everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend them.— S.R.

Marc handled my case with professionalism, honesty and kept my best interest in mind at all times. The lines of communication were always open which helped me understand the litigation proceedings as they went on as well as next steps. Marc was efficient, knowledgeable and always remained honest with me regardless if it was something I wanted to hear.— J.K.

I have been in contact with Bryan Salamone and received exceptional service from him and his associates from more than ten years. The handling of my case by another associate Jeff Herbst continues the type of service I am used to by Bryan Salamone. I will continue to refer other clients to Mr. Salamone's office, when appropriate.F.N.C.

I wanted to share my good news with you as you were an integral part in making it happen. On Wednesday I was awarded Sole Legal and Primary Physical Custody of my two children. I wanted to thank you and Ms. Hersh for all of your hard work in helping me get the kids back to Maryland. I know we had a tough fight and it took another 16 months here in Maryland to finally get justice. I couldn't have done it without your help. Please let Mr. Salamone and staff know the good news. A coworker of mine was asking me about how a divorce would work if the wife moved out of State. I told him it would be very difficult but he would need to find a good local lawyer. When I asked where his ex had moved, he told me Nassau County, New York. I immediately gave him Mr. Salamone's name and number. I hope that he contacted your office. You guys all did great work for me.J. K.

James, I just wanted to thank you so much for getting me through these dark times. I am so happy you were able to fight for me and get it so I keep the house. I just refinanced it and am going to be able to afford the mortgage on my own. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do you will certainly be my attorney again.A.C.

I hired Mr. Salamone to appear in both district court in a bogus order of protection and in family court regarding the same order of protection. When he appeared in family court my wife was present. She appeared without a lawyer. One of the court officers took her aside and told her she better get a lawyer because Bryan Salamone would bury her. I took great pleasure in knowing that she was scared after what she had done to me. She’s trying to take my home & my daughter & I'm glad I hired someone who could put some fear into her. It’s nice to know that the court is not always on the mother’s side and fathers have some rights. Bryan Salamone’s reputation precedes him and my wife treated me much differently after she was told that my lawyer would bury her. We are still in the same house and the divorce is still ongoing but I am writing this review because I feel I have the very best.C.T.

It's been a year since my divorce was finalized and I am so happy. It's tough financially being a single dad with two teenage girls but I wouldn't trade it for all the luxuries in the world. My daughters and I look forward to our first new year's together, on a budget, and very happy. Thank you.T.K.

When clients contact the experienced lawyers at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., they are looking for professional legal help with more often than not a very difficult and emotional matter such as divorce, child support, custody or orders of protection. In each case, the law firm of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. aggressively represents each client to obtain the best results in their favor.

Thank you all for your support during this most difficult time in my life you give me and women like me another chance at life.M.A.

I went to court with Mr. Salamone today. I have been following his success on relocation cases for more than a year. I am currently a law student and Mr. Salamone is assisting me in relocating with my daughter. I could not be happier in the results I received. I foolishly attempted to try part of the case myself. When he showed up, I was given a completely different level of respect. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his form as well as his associate Tracy Clary, ESQ., & Jaime Hersh, ESQ.M.P.

I came in for a consultation and after I left I felt better than I had in a long time. From A to Z they are the best. Just great.S.S.

Bryan L. Salamone and Associates helped me during my divorce. My neighbor had a problem with their fiancé and although it wasn’t a divorce case I referred them to Bryan L. Salamone & Associates who was able to separate the property and force the sale. I felt conformable throughout my divorce that they were experts in both business, real estate, and other matters affecting couples in relationship.A.S.

Thank you for all your assistance in this uncontested divorce. We heard nightmares of how uncontested divorces can balloon into other things. I am glad that didn’t happen. It was a pleasure to meet you and get these services of your firm. I can’t believe how quickly our divorce came through and we will recommend you to all our friends. H.U.

I would like to take a moment to thank you for all your support in Court. When you arrived I felt confident and secure that with your experience I was in great hands. As per my conversation with Mr. Salamone I look forward to you representing me. I continue to thank you and look forward to working with you in the future.M.A.

I came to Mr. Salamone years ago. After the divorce I was unable to buy my wife out of the house. I was happy that Mr. Salamone and his staff were able to negotiate a different deal that was in my means. I am unable to remain in my house and we avoided cost and litigation. I called them to thank them and I am writing this review to show my appreciation. E.F.

It was a pleasure to be in Court with Katherine. She was a seasoned lawyer. I felt safe and comfortable with Katherine fighting against my husband and domestic abuse.M.A.

I would like to thank Bryan L. Salamone and his entire staff. I am very happy with all of the good work they have done and I am very happy with the results of my divorce. I told them that I was going to refer clients and I intend to.J.S.

First I would like to thank you so much for the professional job that your firm and you personally did by winning and obtaining my son Derrick. D.O.

I hired Bryan L. Salamone & Associates because my husband wasn’t paying child support and he was working off the books; and telling me he had no money. I received three times what I expected from Mr. Salamone. He blew my husband out of the water and I am getting the support I need. I thank him and so do my children. Client

I was divorced using Bryan L. Salamone and Associates. My calls were returned every single day without questions. My attorney was always responsive and I always felt I was well represented. It is with great pleasure that I referred by new boyfriend (the most important person in my life) to Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. His attorney had not been returning his calls, nothing was going on with his case, and he needed an attorney who would get the job done. Bryan Salamone & Associates got me divorced in a matter of 2 months. I couldn’t be happier. — CO

I am ever so grateful for the expert representation given to me by Marc Stein, Esq. & Bryan Salamone, Esq. from Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. The excellent counsel of both Marc and Bryan resulted in my gaining custody of my two boys, while best protecting my assets. My divorce was highly contentious and without their skills, would certainly not have had such a favorable outcome. — GM

I hired Bryan L. Salamone in 2007 for him to handle my divorce. I don't know what I was thinking when I discharged the firm and hired someone else at a recommendation. My divorce resolved and I settled for far less than I ever wanted and I gave away most of the time with my children. I am a good mother and my husband has 60 days of visitation over the year where kids do nothing but watch TV and get ignored. I was embarrassed to go back to Mr. Salamone and I candidly stated that I wished that I never had discharged their firm for someone that was recommended. After over six years Mr. Salamone remembered me; greeted me and returned me to the firm with open arms. He still had my file and was able to re-construct the original deal I was looking for six years before. I feel like I wasted time for over these years I was sorry that I ever let Mr. Salamone go. This firm for over six years I have been regretting it and I am happy to finally have them on my side. My next court date is in three weeks and I couldn't be happier. I am confident and we are prepared. — RC

After two attorneys and over a year and a half of battling my husband in Court I felt nobody was sticking up for me. I called Bryan Salamone and MI'. Salamone took my case. His hourly rate was less than the other lawyers and so was his retainer. I was hesitant at first. My husband doesn't work and he was trying to take my children. I was being punished for being successful and the bread winner. Mr. Salamone turned things around. After a trial we received the best possible decision from the Judge. I was finally vindicated and everything I wanted seems to have been given to me. I cannot recommend this firm enough. I had two separate law firms (well-known expensive firms) prior to hiring Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. I am thrilled with the results I received. — AC

I contacted Bryan L. Salamone when I was facing jail for over $100,000.00 worth of child support arrears spanning through the time when the children came in and out of my home; reconciliation and times when I had paid direct. Mr. Salamone didn't make any specific promises but I was able and comfortable with his experience. I highly recommend the firm. I ended up getting my driver's license intact; a passport; and a payment plan I can live with respect to child support arrears. I couldn't be happier. I never wanted to be a dead beat dad and I want to pay for my children and I couldn't do so from jail. — LB

As a second wife I did all of the research and I found your firm. I am pleased that my husband used you. There was nothing worse than watching my family suffer while he spent his hard earned money paying alimony to his first wife. I took the risk of selecting your firm and asking him to retain you and I could not be happier. I thank you for what you have done and as a result of your good work my family is living much better and we are able to meet our expenses now that he is not paying wife number one. You have helped my husband to finally move on from his first wife and his second wife and my entire family thanks you. — AS

I hired Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. because I wanted an attorney who would fight for my rights as a father. There was no reason I should have been visiting my son when I work from home and have my own business. This is a classic reversal of roles and Mr. Salamone made sure the Judge realized that for all purposes: I was the housewife and I was the best suited for custody because I had nothing but time for our son.
Mr. Salamone pursued my rights as a father; he took my case and gave it the importance it deserved and got me custody of my son. I highly recommend this firm.
— BA

They said attorney Jamie Hirsh was absolutely instrumental in resolving all of my divorce issues with extreme clarity and definition. Her actions were concise, honest, and intelligent. Having her represent me was a tremendous asset and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone requiring these legal services. — Client

Thank you so much! You have helped me and my son so much I cannot thank you enough. Joan B

I hired Mr. Salamone because he had done divorces for at least two people that I know. I have two businesses, together with various assets. I had a pre-nuptial agreement that was not worth the paper it was written on. My wife hadn't worked in 15 years and I had two kids. Mr. Salamone is the best lawyer on Long Island. I can't say enough about how he saved me from losing everything in my divorce. He is a successful and aggressive attorney and as a result of that, he was able to get a better deal for me than anyone else could. I am confident and forever in his debt. Client

I just completed my trial with Mr. Salamone. He was effective and aggressive. He cross examined the forensics, my wife, and I have no reason to believe I won’t get custody. Mr. Salamone has been my attorney in connection with the custody matter for more than six years and countless court cases. As a result of his aggressive nature and his talent, I have custody of my daughter. FC

When I came to Bryan L. Salamone’s office, I was in a terrible mess with child support past due, back alimony due with a judgment of $251,000 against me from my ex-wife. Thanks to Bryan’s firm and Marc Stein, Esq., who handled my case, my judgment is now gone and I have a judgment against my ex for $75,000. Also, I no longer am paying any monies to my ex for any child support past and future. Client

I was referred by Bryan L. Salamone & Associates from my work friend. He used Marc Stein, Esq. as his attorney. He said very good things about Marc. I went for a free consultation and Marc spent at least 45 minutes with me. I am not ready for a divorce now but I certainly know what I can expect if it happens. I was also given good information. Marc is knowledgeable, friendly, and I will use him when the time comes. BD

Making the decision to get divorced wasn't easy for me; choosing an attorney was. Marc Stein and the whole staff at Bryan Salamone’s office truly took care of me and walked me through each step with kid gloves. I always went into court knowing that Marc was by my side and would take the time that my case needed. With full confidence I would refer Marc Stein and the office of Bryan Salamone to anyone that was in need of a great attorney. -KELLIANN M.

I like the way Mr. Salamone handled the other side. He is aggressive and I needed that against my wife and her attorney. VICTOR T.

I have relocated outside of the United States with my daughters as a direct result of Mr. Salamone’s firm, which is well-known throughout New York for obtaining relocation. I was hesitant to contact them because they had many reported cases whereby they have stopped relocation. They work both sides. In any relocation matter they are effective. They were well-known in the court. My wife had no specific problems; except for her ability to be reasonable and to provide me with relocation when it was in the best interest of our daughter, economically and socially. I have obtained relocation by a court order and without it I would have been stuck in a dead end life. I cannot thank the firm of Bryan L. Salamone enough. DVT

I contacted Mr. Salamone’s firm after they did my divorce numerous years ago. There has been a change in circumstance. The same attorney was there (an associate) and Mr. Salamone personally met with me and remembered all the details of my case. I have obtained the modification of custody I was seeking and it is my pleasure to recommend this firm to anyone who is having a problem after a divorce. AM

Thank you so much for all you do. I have my son and that’s all I ever wanted. Brian G


I hired Bryan L. Salamone & Associates in connection with a long-term marriage. Although we have been separated for many years, Mr. Salamone explained to me the dangers of remaining married to someone with whom you are not living with. My husband has ruined my credit, was interfering with my ability to move on life, and would be next of kin if anything happened to me, rather than my son, who has always been with me and is the love of my life.

Mr. Salamone was able to navigate through the laws of various jurisdictions. He served my husband out of state, he dealt with publishing notices in newspapers out of state and attempting to serve my husband as my husband evaded service, is sneaky and purposefully unresponsive.

During the course of the divorce, the judge that was handling the matter retired and the second judge that was handling my matter passed away. Mr. Salamone's firm and his associates are in court everyday and were able to react to these changes instantly and to host my case through the court system to the point where it is now. I am now divorced. I have retained all of my retirement accounts; I have retained all of the property; and I am still living in the same household with my son. I am free from my husband; I am free from any debts that he is incurring; I am able to move on with my life. In comparison to what I have heard, this divorce has been very inexpensive. They were delays due to the death of one judge and retirement of another, but the entire divorce only took a few months and the cost is reasonable compared to my friends' horrors stories. I was able to get my calls returned daily, I was treated very well and everything was always explained to me.

I had interviewed and called other law firms. I understand that it can be difficult to divorce someone who lives in another state and is hiding or evading service. Every time I spoke to Mr. Salamone or any of his associates, I was fully confident that I had a winning team who would get the job done. I should have done this years ago. I whole heartedly recommend this firm. Davina D. L. C.

We came for mediation and the process was easy, everything was explained in simple easy to understand terms, and everything under our divorce was done efficiently and to our satisfaction. I highly recommend this law office for their services. Marlene & Julio L.

I can't say enough about the professionalism and compassion that was shown to me throughout my divorce. It was evident that Ms. Hersch truly cared about seeing me through this difficult time as quickly and easily as possible. Harold L.

I have used Bryan L. Salamone for many years as my attorney and he has fought hard for me. He is a great attorney. Hugo M.

I hired Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. because I wanted aggressive attorneys. At the time I retained Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, my home was in foreclosure. The firm immediately made a motion to the court to appoint a receiver to preserve whatever equity I had in my home at the doing of my wife who I thought was paying our mortgage. We got a receiver appointed and the house was sold. When the house was sold, Bryan L. Salamone & Associates took immediate action to get custody of my three children. They were very diligent and efficient and, as a father, to achieve getting custody of my three young children, I was extremely happy. I receive child support through the Child Support Collections Unit. I was able to receive $20,000 in equity in my home. The children are attending school and are happy in their lives. I cannot thank Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. enough for all their hard work and diligent efforts in achieving my goals. They were attentive to my needs and swift in their litigation efforts. I recommend them highly to whoever is in the same or worse predicament. Dan R.

I thank you for the attention to detail and the great job you have done for me in both this agreement and the last. You have listened to my concerns, addressed them, and provided the documents that give me the parental rights I have been seeking. Doug S.

Jamie, I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for seeing us through this process in court on Thursday. I feel very good about the outcome and appreciate all you did to make it happen. Client

Thank you to Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. for all you've done. With your help I have a new life and am a different person. Klara L.

Bryan L. Salamone has just won me custody of my daughter and I am permitted to stay in our home after the divorce. I hired Bryan L. Salamone to get me a divorce but what I was most concerned about was custody of my daughter. Not only did I get custody of my daughter, but now I have the right to stay in my home and my daughter’s life will not be disrupted. My wife's attorney had only three lawyers working in his firm and they were completely outgunned and unprepared for what happened at trial. Bryan L. Salamone comes with my highest recommendation from the day I met him through the day I won at trial. He handled my case and got me everything I needed. I could not be happier. He is aggressive, professional and effective.

I contacted Bryan L. Salamone & Associates because I met Mr. Salamone at a charity event and I was impressed with his business knowledge and expertise. I have run marketing and internet companies and wanted a matrimonial lawyer who had knowledge of business, business evaluation, start -up companies, and could handle my assets and protect my businesses I built during the divorce. My husband is a blue collar worker and we have no children.

It was my opinion that since I was the one who formed the businesses and worked up to eighteen hours a day, my husband should not get half. I was the principal of all my businesses and none of them would run without me.

I could not tell you how pleased I was dealing with Bryan Salamone and his associates. Both Mr. Salamone and his associates have incredible knowledge of business evaluation, experts, and impressed me with their knowledge and representation of me as a business owner. Other lawyers told me I could lose fifty percent to my husband because the businesses were started during the marriage. Mr. Salamone was confident that I would not have to give him fifty percent. Although, my case did not go to trial, Mr. Salamone secured a fantastic settlement after nine months of fighting. My husband only got eighteen percent of the value of my business and the businesses were evaluated by experts selected by Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. I couldn’t be happier. I certainly didn’t want my husband profiting from all my hard work while he did nothing throughout our marriage. When hiring a law firm, I looked at the size of the firm and the success of the firms and whether or not the firms were successful. I was shocked at the appearance and mannerism of the prior attorneys that I interviewed. It was rare that I met an attorney that had a business sense. I am pleased to have met Mr. Salamone and his Associates. They run a tight ship and made sure that what I built remains, for the most part, mine after the divorce. If you are looking for a law firm to represent you in divorce who knows business, I recommend Bryan L. Salamone & Associates. Alison L.

I contacted Bryan L. Salamone & Associates after I was served with divorce papers. I was residing in the State of Nevada and I have not been back to Long Island for more than eight years. I do not miss Long Island and I have been separated from my wife and two children for more than two years.

I made the decision to hire Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. over the phone without ever meeting them. My case was handled by a young female Associate and my calls were returned each day and I never had to appear in court. All our communications have been through fax, email, phone and even Skype. My case was relatively easy but it was difficult for me to select a lawyer without meeting them. I feel that I was well taken care of and since I met my lawyer through the internet, I am writing this review, sight unseen. Thank you to Bryan Salamone, to his secretaries and staff. I feel like I know you all through your small pictures on the internet and you made my divorce much easier than I could have imagined. I have been procrastinating for many years and I feel that I found the right firm. Client

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates went above and beyond throughout my entire case. As one can expect, going through a divorce is one of the hardest fights of your life. Without this firm I am not sure that I would have won my fight; at least not with the settlement that I did. My husband swore he would leave me with nothing, Bryan and his associates made sure that did not happen. Because of them I am able to maintain the lifestyle that my children and I were accustomed to and we did not have to move out of our home. I cannot thank them enough.

Bryan is a dedicated lawyer who will aggressively represent you as a client. He is passionate about his practice and there is no better divorce attorney.

This firm is the biggest/best divorce firm in Suffolk...they really do provide "aggressive representation", which is definitely what you want from your lawyer(s). I wouldn't pay much attention to the other negative reviews...after thousands of cases, people are sure to be upset about something they're not knowledgeable in...after all, divorces are usually not a fun/happy event to go through.

This firm has done so much for me. I'm very private so I won't go into much detail, but I do believe they deserve a few minutes of my time to spread the word! They made the best out of what I thought would be an uphill battle. They are aggressive in the courtroom but patient and caring where it counts. Do yourself a favor, do your family a favor use these guys. Blake

I met with Bryan concerning a complicated divorce. Bryan and his associates were tough and worked hard to get me the best settlement possible. They are very knowledgeable in family law, but more importantly they always return my phone calls the same day unlike other attorneys' offices. All my concerns were completely addressed, and everyone at the firm treated me with respect. Client

Bryan delivered what he promised, proving that not all lawyers are liars. He was very aggressive in court as he promised and it felt good to have him on my side. I don't want to air my family's dirty laundry but let's just say my wife didn't deserve the kids or the house and she got neither! Paul

Thank you Bryan L. Salamone & Associates for everything!!! I can't stress enough how glad I am that I used the Bryan L. Salamone & Associates law firm for my custody case. They were the best and I owe them the biggest THANK YOU ever! momof3li

Wonderful people, great attorneys....I received everything I wanted in my divorce including comfort and compassion from my attorney! Thank you Bryan L. Salamone!! 🙂 Jen 6/23/09

Every time I met with any of the attorneys at this firm, I was highly impressed by their professional attitude, and their immense knowledge in the field of matrimonial law. This firm represented me in a highly aggressive way, which is what you want in legal representation. Brent

This is the guy you want on your side if you are getting divorced or in a child custody battle. He is aggressive and passionate no one better in the field. Richard B.

I can honestly say that Bryan Salamone's office helped me during the most terrible time of my life. I received everything I needed and more to move on with my be happy again!! 🙂 From the very first phone call to the signing of the final divorce paperwork, I was completely satisfied with the firm's services. I also thought that the associates of the firm, young or not, were absolutely fabulous and more knowledgeable than most of the older attorneys I had dealt with in the past. I switched attorneys from another firm when I was getting walked all over and hit with ridiculous fees and Bryan and his associates turned everything around for me!! Client

When I think of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., I think of politeness, professionalism and honesty. I trusted this firm for many important decisions I had to make in my life. They took the time to explain everything every step of the way. They always returned my telephone calls promptly and the atmosphere in the office, from everyone, was always friendly. They always have a smile to share. I would recommend this office to everyone I know for any problem needed to solved. You can trust this office to do their very best. D.M.

I'm not a person who shops around for rates, especially for things of importance such as this. With that said, Bryan L Salamone's firm has amongst the most reasonable rates on the island. Now here is why that doesn't even matter: this firm has to be one of the most organized, well-informed, and up to date on everything they do. They are always prompt on the phone and in the office. That said, this firm has fought hard for me when I thought that there was no one left in the world on my side. I will save the details of the heartbreak I have been through, but these guys did the best they could for me and fought like it was their own children. This is not something I could repay them for even in money. Client

I am a stay-at-home mother of three children who recently went through an extremely painful divorce. My previous attorney was doing nothing to help my case. I met Mr. Salamone and knew instantaneously that I would be represented zealously and aggressively. The staff and the associates were always extremely helpful and compassionate to my situation at all times. Mr. Salamone not only settled my case, but it is because of him that myself and my children are protected and provided for. I highly recommend this firm to anyone going through divorce. Client

Meeting and having Mr. Salamone and his team of lawyers represent me during my divorce was the best decision I have made after meeting various lawyers. They have advised me every step of the way, and actually saved me from making decisions that would hurt me in the end. I can't recommend this attorney enough. Aggressive.... YES! Client

I am writing to express my gratitude to the attorneys at Bryan Salamone's office. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and the attorneys at Mr. Salamone's office made a difficult situation a lot easier for me. They truly cared about me and about my case. I was impressed with the attention I received as a client. My phone calls were always returned and I was completely satisfied with the outcome of my case. Overall, my experience with Mr. Salamone's office was great. I would definitely recommend this office to my family and friends. Client