Long Island divorce mediation lawyers offer effective mediation services in Nassau and Suffolk counties

"We have handled thousands of divorces, and we have the experience to help you reach an agreement." — Bryan L. Salamone, Esq.

Sometimes mediation settles a divorce in one day!

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. is well-known for aggressive litigation tactics. But our firm also provides professional, even-handed mediation services to clients who seek divorce, separation and prenuptial agreements. Mediation offers clients the opportunity to settle without going to court. It is cost-effective, faster than a trial and more flexible.

When we handle mediation, clients can expect us to:

  • Give clients personal attention, materials and information
  • Help clients — both the husband and the wife — to reach a satisfactory agreement
  • Draft the final mediated agreement based on the terms agreed upon by the clients
  • Submit the mediated agreement to court for a final divorce or separation decree

Mediation, if done by an experienced attorney, is an excellent option if both parties are agreeable.

Experience makes the difference

Salamone & Associates began offering divorce mediation after we received more than 50 cases in one year involving problematic divorce mediation agreements. These agreements were usually drafted by non-attorneys or paralegals acting as divorce mediators. We assured our clients then, and we promise you today, that only experienced divorce attorneys, who can anticipate problems that arise during the course of negotiations, will act as your mediator. Mr. Salamone has handled thousands of divorces. His leadership and advice have been invaluable in making our firm a leader in Long Island divorce mediation.

Thorough knowledge of divorce mediation issues

As a law firm focused exclusively on divorce and family law, our mediation practice handles:

  • No-fault divorce — Both parties accept the dissolution of their marriage, and are usually looking for a fast divorce. Although there are many sticky issues to overcome on the way to a settlement agreement, it may be possible to achieve an uncontested divorce.
  • Grounds-based divorce — Usually, couples who cooperate well enough for mediation file no-fault to retain their privacy, but if you choose to cite grounds when you file for divorce, we make sure you both get heard.
  • Child custody — Among the most hotly contested issues in any divorce, it takes skill to mediate an agreement that works for everyone.
  • Child and spousal support — Though state guidelines exist, these are still complex financial matters.
  • Equitable distribution of property and finances — This is not an even, 50/50 split, but rather a division based on fairness. What looks fair to one spouse may seem outrageous to the other. We help you see eye-to-eye.

It's easy to see how an inexperienced mediator could quickly get in over his or her head trying to come to a just resolution on these contentious issues. Our advice to prospective clients looking for the best possible divorce mediation is:

  • Do not go to paralegals
  • Do not go to non-attorney mediators
  • Get your mediation done by an experienced divorce litigator

What can you expect from mediation?

We go over the numbers with you, advise you about the law, review the facts and discuss your goals for your children. But most importantly, we get the job done. This means we provide you with the agreement and the judgment of divorce. Other mediators give you an agreement and tell you to file the divorce on your own. We personally take your papers to court (we're there every day anyway), and we get you a certified judgment of divorce based on the terms of your agreement.

For your best results, hire a knowledgeable divorce attorney as your mediator

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