Mediation Is an Alternative Method for Your Divorce

In mediation, parties hire a single mediator to negotiate the terms of the dissolution of their marriage instead of going to court. A trained mediator works to resolve the same issues that must be settled in every divorce. Spousal support, property division, allocation of debt, and child support and visitation must all be addressed. The mediator represents both parties and works to have the couple communicate openly about needs and requirements.

For some couples, mediation can work to effectively and quickly resolve the terms of a divorce decree. After an agreement is reached, both parties bring the agreement to a separate attorney to review the terms and ensure that the issues are covered in a satisfactory fashion.

When choosing an attorney to act as a mediator, look for the following:

  • You need an attorney who has training in mediation. How many mediations has the attorney handled and what results has the attorney had?
  • Find an attorney who makes you feel at ease.
  • Seek out an attorney you can afford.
  • You need a lawyer who can explain things to you in language you understand. If English is not your main language, find someone who speaks your tongue.
  • When children are involved, you need an attorney who will fight to preserve your relationship with them.
  • Find an attorney who will be available after your divorce to handle modifications to the divorce order.

Our skilled divorce attorneys are available to discuss whether mediation may be the appropriate choice for you.

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