Mothers’ Rights in New York

Fathers' rights are a hot topic in the media and in the courtroom. Fathers trying to gain custody can download books and join websites to learn techniques to help win custody and visitation or find out 140 violations a father can use against his challenger.

This call to arms is a response to the historic tendency of courts to award primary custody to mothers and allot visitation and payment of child support to fathers. But this combative attitude toward mothers who are primary caregivers—combined with changes in family law—can devastate women dedicated to the well-being of their children.

Even with easy availability of information about the divorce process, women going through divorce are often stunned by the ferocity of the attack on their parenting. This is oftentimes fueled by the anger of their former partner, or his desire to reduce or avoid paying spousal and child support.

Over 80 percent of the divorce cases our family law firm handles each year involve child custody disputes. Therefore, it is not enough to file divorce papers and assume a custody decision will be made in your favor. Make sure your mothers' rights attorney is an aggressive advocate for you—and your children—and is willing to do the following:

  • Understand the legal strategies behind fathers' rights claims
  • Champion your place in providing for the best interests of your children
  • Deliver a convincing point-by-point argument that proves your case to the court

Your children are counting on you. Retain the best legal help you can to get the outcome you need.

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