How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost?

Experienced Long Island attorneys provide low-cost options

Any marital dissolution finalized prior to a court hearing is usually referred to as an uncontested divorce, but what happens prior to that settlement can vary greatly. Some couples come into our office with a plan that’s virtually airtight. We just need to formalize the terms of their agreement and address the relevant legal issues. Other couples want to settle, but differences over parenting and financial matters mean that the proposed agreement requires a great deal of refinement. So if you’re wondering, “How much does an uncontested divorce cost?” it’s difficult to provide a definitive answer. However, at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., you’ll find we don’t do more work than you need simply to pad our bills or less than is necessary to deliver optimum results. We tailor our services to your needs and offer low, flat-rate divorce packages that can help you minimize your costs if the right circumstances exist. Even if you need some extra work done, we have very reasonable retainers and hourly rates.

Our lowest price for uncontested divorce: $1,500 plus filing fees

If you’re truly a candidate for a simple divorce, we can you avoid the time, expense and frustration associated with complex breakup. When you and your spouse have worked out your issues and you’re ready to go, we draft your marital settlement agreement so it is clear, enforceable and likely to be by the court. The total cost of $1,900 covers:

  • $1,500 attorney fees
  • $400 filing fees and other court costs

This package is ideal for couples with no children and/or limited assets, who want to be secure in their divorce settlement. You might have heard about do-it-yourself options that you can pull from the internet, but DIY forms don’t come with legal advice and increase the likelihood of beginner’s mistakes that cost you thousands of dollars over time. Our low fees ensure that you have an experienced attorney preparing your proposed settlement to identify any problem areas you and your spouse may have missed and making appropriate corrections if necessary.

Competitive standard fees for not-so-simple uncontested divorces

For couples who require a little more work to get to an uncontested divorce, Salamone & Associates provides excellent legal service at very reasonable rates. This includes retainers starting at $3,450 and an hourly rate of $345. These rates are very competitive with other Long Island law firms offering divorce representation, but we offer an advantage by focusing exclusively on divorce and family law.

Legal fees and billing practices for an uncontested divorce in New York

There are certain fees that are unavoidable, such as the filing fees for the family court. If you are filing for an uncontested divorce, the total court fees will be at least $335. This includes the $210 index number filing fee to get your case on the court calendar, and the $125 Note of Issue fee. If your case requires us to make motions, each filing costs $45. Once your divorce is finalized, you must pay $8 for each certified copy of the judgment.

As for our fees, we are scrupulous about transparency, so you won’t be blindsided by charges. We give you an estimate in advance for any additional work your case requires. Thus, our flat rate reflects the typical cost of an uncontested divorce, but your specific case may require additional billable time.

Calculating total expenses for an uncontested divorce

If only everyone could secure a simple divorce! Unfortunately, complications sometimes arise which can drive up the base cost, such as:

  • Mediation — When parties reach an impasse, they can opt for mediation. This is less expensive than litigation in court, but there are still costs associated with hiring the mediator and paying your attorney to prepare you for sessions and evaluate proposed agreements.
  • Expert witnesses — Certain issues require professional assessment or appraisal. Couples can save money by agreeing to hire one reputable, neutral authority rather than engaging in a “battle of experts.”
  • Objections to settlement agreement — Parties sometimes get cold feet or realize after advice from counsel that they’ve made a bad bargain. This means additional negotiations and perhaps a trial.

There are potential cost-saving measures as well, such as having the parties split the costs of filing fees.

How mediation is used to keep uncontested divorce costs low

Mediation is an extra step and an extra cost for parties seeking an uncontested divorce. But mediation is significantly less expensive than a trial. Accordingly, couples who find themselves at an impasse should consider mediation as a potential cost-cutting measure.

Can spouses save money by sharing an attorney?

Our American court system is adversarial by design. However, parties to divorce often want a cooperative or collaborative process. This can be quicker and less expensive, but it deprives you of an advocate who actively protects your rights. We strongly believe that the value of having your own attorney far exceeds the cost.

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