How to get a Fast Divorce in New York

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Many businesses subscribe to the triangle rule, where fast, cheap and good are separate sides, and only two can come together at any one time. So, service can be fast and cheap, but the results will not be good. Or, service can be fast, the results will be good, but the cost will not be cheap. Finally, service can be cheap, the results can be good, but the process will not be fast. At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and determination to make these three elements come together, so you can have a low-cost divorce in a short amount of time on terms favorable to you.

What does it take to get a fast New York divorce?

In 2010, New York enacted no-fault divorce, which did a lot to speed up the divorce process and lower the cost of divorce. However, a no-fault divorce is not the same thing as an uncontested divorce. Spouses can agree that the marriage is over, yet still fight about every matter they need to resolve. Your ability to get a fast divorce in New York depends on how far apart you and your spouse are on crucial issues, such as child custody and property division, and how well you and your attorney can work with your spouse and opposing counsel. To improve your chances of achieving an uncontested divorce, you should:

  • Consult with an attorney in advance — When you put an experienced attorney in charge of your case early, you set a professional tone for what’s to follow. You get good advice on how to proceed, and you avoid the kind of mistakes that create animosity.
  • Identify your goals for life after divorce — If you are realistic about what you want to achieve in your divorce, your spouse is more likely to cooperate. Even if your spouse doesn’t like what you’re asking for, the fact that you’re clear about your goals provides a starting point for negotiations.
  • Communicate respectfully with your spouse — Your marital relationship has broken down, but you still need to negotiate a settlement. If you have children, you’re going to have to work cooperatively on their upbringing. If you can’t communicate positively, you’ve got a slim chance of avoiding litigation over one or more issues.
  • Have your attorneys meet and confer — Once your attorney knows what you want, negotiations can begin. Talks can be very stressful for the parties, so let your attorneys do what you’ve hired them to do.
  • Mediate any outstanding issues — Your attorneys may be able to negotiate terms acceptable to both sides. But if there are unresolved issues, you can still achieve an uncontested divorce in mediation. A neutral third party with fresh eyes can often lead deadlocked spouses toward an effective compromise.

Our attorneys help you obtain a fast, low-cost divorce by negotiating a marital settlement agreement to present to the court so that you can avoid litigation. Many factors determine how long an uncontested divorce can take. However, in many cases, we can negotiate a marital settlement agreement before you even file for divorce. Fast, low-cost and excellent results: that’s what you get from Salamone & Associates.

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If you and your spouse are reasonably cooperative, Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. can help you achieve a low-cost, uncontested divorce faster than you would imagine. To learn more about our firm's low-cost divorce services, call 1.631.479.3839 or contact our office online. Your first consultation is free.