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Defending our clients' rights in CPS actions

At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we handle scores of Child Protective Services (CPS) matters every year. We are well versed in how to obtain evidence from CPS to determine exactly what the investigation was based on. We can ask that reports be removed, marked unfounded, or otherwise determined in favor of our client.

If necessary, we present evidence and represent our clients at fair hearings in Ronkonkoma and at all other state administrative centers. We are very successful in hearings and the vast majority of our cases have a favorable outcome. These are agency hearings, and we have been extremely successful in these matters.

Fighting for fair treatment in CPS investigations and reports

People reporting a situation or certain conduct can call Child Protective Services. There are also individuals who are mandatory reporters, such as principals in schools, teachers, doctors, or therapists. When these people speak with a child, they are mandated to report certain signs of abuse or maltreatment.

CPS investigations and reports matters result in an investigation. Investigations can be founded or unfounded. People may be indicated in a report, and they may be charged with neglect. Often, people are the subject of CPS reports that are founded on evidence. These reports, at times, do not rise to the level of neglect. Nevertheless, no one wants to be in the state's central registry as the subject of an indicated Child Protective Services report.

Such reports are in the registry for 23 years. Reports greatly affect that person's ability to work in certain federal and state agencies, and/or as a teacher or daycare provider. Moreover, many people find it personally offensive and an affront to their obvious abilities as a parent and the love for their child.

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