Long Island Divorce Lawyers Handle Hague Convention Matters

New York firm provides strong advocacy during international custody cases

Advances in communication and transportation have increased the likelihood that a child will have parents from two different countries. When these parents divorce, there is a possibility that one parent might choose to violate a U.S. custody order by taking their child to another nation or prevent them from returning home to America. The Hague Abduction Convention was established to protect parents and children during international custody disputes but not every divorce attorney has experience employing its provisions. At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. in Melville, we are listed as Hague Convention attorneys and have been handling these issues for more than 25 years. Whatever your circumstances, we are ready to take the legal steps necessary to ensure that custody orders are honored and that your children are safe.

Experienced advocates outline how the Hague Convention assists parents

Even if nothing suspicious has yet occurred, it’s critical to retain a lawyer who is well versed in Hague Convention practices and procedures in the event a problem suddenly arises. Aspects of the treaty and other provisions that could affect your matter relate to:

  • Custody orders — When your child is in a signatory country, Hague Convention rules make it easier to admit U.S. custody orders in the courts of other treaty nations. In non-signatory countries, there is no guarantee that the authorities will honor a U.S. order’s terms.
  • Locating children — Hague Convention nations must have a Central Authority that is responsible for locating abducted children under the age of 16 and communicating with parents who need assistance finding them.
  • Hague applications — If your child was habitually resident here and removed to a Hague Convention country in violation of your custodial rights, an attorney who handles these matters can initiate a special proceeding to help get him or her back.
  • Passport requirements —Both parents usually must authorize the issuance of a U.S. passport. There are some exceptions, such as when there is a court order authorizing the child’s travel or an exigent circumstance that warrants granting the passport quickly when one parent is unable to give consent.

Not every country has signed on to the convention so it’s important to retain a lawyer who knows what rules apply and who has successfully handled other cases involving international custody and relocation.

New York attorneys give clients an advantage in parental abduction disputes

You can count on us to assert your rights effectively because of our:

  • Experience in Hague cases around the world — We have handled cases of parental kidnapping in several countries, including China, Benin, Nigeria, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Hungary, Italy and Middle Eastern nations.
  • Comprehensive advocacy in international custody cases — Our firm fights on behalf of parents who seek the right to relocate with their child as well as those who believe that a move out of this country is not in their son’s or daughter’s best interests.
  • Ability to utilize technology — New technologies create solutions that weren’t in place before. We were one of the first firms to secure orders permitting Skype visitation for fathers in a different countries and to use Facebook Messenger as a method of serving New York divorce papers on a foreign resident.

Our experiencing handling these unique cases gives us a database of knowledge that we draw on to deliver insightful advice to clients.

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