Long Island Divorce Attorneys Provide Aggressive Defense to Restraining Orders

defending against orders of protection

Don’t let a spouse use false abuse allegations as a tactic during divorce

Domestic violence is a terrible problem, universally condemned in America. Unfortunately, that makes allegations of domestic abuse a powerful weapon to destroy another person’s reputation. In our divorce practice at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we regularly represent men in divorce proceedings whose wives make false charges to discredit their husbands in court to gain leverage in child custody disputes. We are staunchly opposed to this type of unscrupulous behavior, so we provide vigorous defense not only to our divorce clients, but to men who have been wrongly targeted in Orders of Protection. If your wife has filed a restraining order against you, don’t go to court alone. An experienced family law attorney from our firm is ready, willing and able to fight the order at your side.

Consequences of a Family Protective Order in New York

When one spouse files for a family protective order against the other, the targeted person is subjected to sanctions before he even has an opportunity to respond. Once a temporary order of protection is issued, you could be:

  • Forced to vacate your home
  • Barred from contacting your children
  • Barred from local places of business you’ve frequented in the past
  • Forced to pay temporary child support
  • Forced to surrender your firearms

Plus, your spouse is free to disseminate copies of the order to local businesses, so your reputation is immediately tarnished. Then, if you violate any term of the order, even unintentionally, you are subject to arrest, and a judge can order you jailed or fined.

Of course, all of this could be a precursor to divorce and a nasty child custody battle. When it comes to your right to maintain a loving relationship with your children, you cannot allow your spouse to have this kind of ammunition. The time to fight back is now.

You have due process rights, so you can fight a restraining order!

Fortunately, you do get your day in court. Within three days after the court issues a temporary restraining order, the court must hold a hearing to determine whether a permanent order will be issued. Once you contact Salamone & Associates, you’ll have an experienced family law attorney at your side to help you rebut the allegations against you. When allegations are provably false, it is often possible to get an order thrown out immediately. In other cases, where there is substantial doubt about the allegations, we can get certain restrictions lifted or modified. For example, you may be able to see your children under supervision.

But if you go into court alone, thinking you’ll be able to straighten the matter out with the judge, you’re setting yourself up for a rude disappointment. This is a situation where you are pretty much presumed guilty until you’re proven innocent. When you can get highly qualified and aggressive defense representation at a very reasonable rate, why wouldn’t you call? Preserve your rights and your reputation by contacting Salamone & Associates now!

Don’t lose you rights and reputation to false allegations. Contact our attorneys now!

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